Food At Kuchai Lama

Feeling adventurous to try new food over the weekend? Head over to Kuchai Lama for food as an alternative to your go-to places.

There is a satisfying variety of famous food in Kuchai Lama. Like pasta, kopitiam fare, Thai food, etc.

Without further ado, we present the best of them in this post!

11 Best Food In Kuchai Lama

1. AM Town Kopitiam

AM Town Kopitiam is not your usual kopitiam. Here, you’ll find comfort food that appeals to different races and walks of life.

There is a heavenly mix of Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisine.

The favorite dishes of all three races are all under one roof.

Chilli Pan Mee is a star attraction here. And it includes a runny egg, spicy sambal, fried anchovies, and minced pork on a bed of hand-teared noodles.

Local Breakfast Favorites At AM Town Kopitiam
Local Breakfast Favorites At AM Town Kopitiam – Photo credits to steveling28 (Instagram)

The Bentong Curry Fish Head dish is large enough to be a shared meal between 3 pax.

You could also start your day with hearty Indian dishes like banana leaf curry and roti canai. For lighter bites, munch on toast with a generous spread of aromatic kaya and thick butter chunks.


For affordable and tasty Japanese food, Yoshi Yoshi Robata is the place to be.

This Japanese restaurant is well-sectioned. There is a spacious outdoor seating area encircling the sushi belt. Plus, there are 2 private rooms for group events.

Place your orders here via the QR menu.

Their sashimi is first-grade and super fresh considering the price you pay:

The Salmon and Maguro (tuna) sushi, in particular, flies off the belt at lightning speed. It’s not unlikely if your favorite picks are not available on crowded days. 

Sashimi And Ramen At Yoshi Yoshi Robata
Sashimi And Ramen At Yoshi Yoshi Robata – Photo credits to ben.chin (left) and eat.liao (right) (Instagram)

If you must have a bowl of rice, the Unagi Don has savory marinade and the Chicken Karage’s crispy skin is heaven-sent.

With speedy service and generous servings:

It is clear that this Japanese restaurant is one of the best food venues in Kuchai Lama.

3. Basil Pasta House

Basil Pasta House stands out from among other food spots in Kuchai Lama. As these serve classic Chinese food while Basil Pasta House offers Italian cuisine.

They have an excellent selection of pasta, risotto, and tasty soups.

And for starters, the wild mushroom soup is a good bet. It has tiny mushroom bits and rich, truffle-like undertones.

Dining Environment And Some Of The Menu Items At Basil Pasta House
Dining Environment And Some Of The Menu Items At Basil Pasta House – Photo credits to foodie.crush_addict (left) and jo_foood (right) (Instagram)

Any of their pasta on the menu like the carbonara pasta and pasta vongoleare sheer delights. Find comfort in their flavorful pork bacon risotto. And soft-shell crab pumpkin risotto too.

If you still have room in your tummy, their Cheese Fondue makes a tantalizing side dip. Or you can settle for a slice of tiramisu as your dessert.

The shop is quite small and is usually full during peak hours. So, you might want to head over here during off-peak hours instead when parking is not as nightmarish.

4. Papasan Canteen Kuchai

Papasan Canteen offers a casual dining experience that never disappoints. It even looks somewhat like a canteen. And they serve unique Japanese and Asian fusion comfort food.

Exterior of Papasan Canteen Kuchai
Exterior of Papasan Canteen Kuchai – Photo credits to nghuixuan (Instagram)

Their signature dish, Japanese curry rice is a must-try.

The Omu Rice in a crimson crepe egg has pieces of golden fried chicken in thick brown sauce.  The generous portions make it adequate for 2 diners with a smallish appetite.

Variety Of Dishes At Papasan Canteen Kuchai
Variety Of Dishes At Papasan Canteen Kuchai – Photo credits to papasan.canteen (Instagram)

Salmon Bomb is another crowd favorite as is the Papasan Sushi and Salmon with Foie Gras. The latter is worth every penny.

Service is prompt and food comes anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Restoran De Hunan

Established in July 2007:

This restaurant serves authentic Hunan dishes originating from the Western Hunan mountains. As well as the riverbanks of XiangJiang, and DongTing Lake.

Restoran De Hunan is hard to miss since the entire building is in red.

Inside is classy with teak furniture and cubicles with gold draping. For intimate events, private rooms are available for booking too.

Food-wise, the spicy chicken (laziji) is the signature dish. It has well-marinaded chicken popcorn and dried chilies. This dish has a tolerable spice level.

Hunan Cuisine At Restoran De Hunan
Hunan Cuisine At Restoran De Hunan – Photo credits to bfoodie5103 (Instagram)

Beijing Stir Fried Cabbage is another best-seller in Restoran De Hunan. This humble dish boasts a savory taste that’s hard to recreate.

Don’t walk out without tasting other Hunan dishes like the pumpkin with salted egg, or their mapo tofu!

6. Chong Qing Noodles 李大姐重庆小面

On your hunt for what to eat in Kuchai Lama:

Make a pitstop at this restaurant for oodles of noodles and a feast to the senses.

The thoughtful interior features era-inspired wooden tables and chairs. As well as painted face masks synonymous with Chinese culture.

Their wonderful Mala Noodle has a spicy aftertaste, hand-pulled noodles, and flavorsome gravy.

Other popular dishes include sour and spicy glass noodles. Along with spicy Chongqing pea noodles, and beef noodle soup with tender beef cubes.

Noodle Mains At Chong Qing Noodles
Noodle Mains At Chong Qing Noodles – Photo credits to followjiongtoeat (Instagram)

Supplement your meals with irresistible side dishes like meat dumplings with lean pork. The flavors of Southwest China may be an acquired taste as some may find the noodles salty. Yet, that doesn’t stop customers from coming even when parking is difficult to secure.

7. Baan Thai 2 Seafood & Thai Cuisine

Baan Thai 2 Seafood & Thai Cuisine first opened its doors 6 years back. And has been serving authentic Thai food ever since.

It’s one of the largest indoor Thai Restaurants in Malaysia.

There is even a majestic water feature running down the center of the restaurant. It is an arresting sight teeming with colorful koi fishes.

Apart from the environment which is casual yet comfy:

Good food and trusty service encourage diners to linger longer.

Stick to Thai staples and you’re good to go. You’ll definitely not regret ordering the tom yum soup and fluffy fried egg.

Different Thai Dishes At Baan Thai 2 Seafood & Thai Cuisine
Different Thai Dishes At Baan Thai 2 Seafood & Thai Cuisine – Photo belongs to their Facebook

Meanwhile, the kangkung cooked with prawn paste (belacan) has an irresistable smoky aftertaste.

Moreover, the steamed lime sauce fish is fresh, with tangy lime accents. The dish comes with an extra bowl of gravy for patrons to pair with rice.

8. Restaurant Sin Chua Kee 新蔡记海鲜饭店

Established 40 years ago:

Restaurant Sin Chua Kee is a typical traditional Chinese restaurant with red tablecloths. And matching red plastic chairs.

Either dine in the open-air area. Or indoors with air-conditioning at Restaurant Sin Chua Kee.

You’ll find many delectable Chinese dishes here but it is their crab dishes that steal the limelight.

Some Signature Dishes At Restaurant Sin Chua Kee
Some Signature Dishes At Restaurant Sin Chua Kee – Photo credits to levychong (Instagram)

Sweet and sour chili crab is no doubt, a best-seller with its balanced taste. Their buttermilk crab is delicious too. This dish has a milky and creamy sauce that pairs well with man tou buns.

Made with soft yam, the yam basket is another exciting entrée. As is the Nyonya Steamed Fish with decent heat and spicy accents.

Note: Finding an available parking bay during peak hours is a challenge.

9. Goon Wah Restaurant

Goon Wah Restaurant is famous for its clay pot fish head noodle braised with XO.

Piping hot clay pot noodle is a treasure trove. It has a chunky fried fish head, yam slices, tomatoes, bean curd cubes, and salted vegetables.

Front Of And Dishes At Goon Wah Restaurant
Front Of And Dishes At Goon Wah Restaurant – Photo credits to rwong120 (left) and tastebeautiful (right) (Instagram)

The soup is not too milky, with a good balance of tangy, sweet, and sour undertones.

Yam Braised Pork scores full marks for its authentic, meaty flavors in a thick, tasty gravy.

Another great choice is the Clay Pot Lou Shi Fun (silver needle noodle). This has a heavenly blend of smoky and savory aftertaste.

To cap your meal, there is an array of traditional Chinese Tong Sui (desserts). Like barley with bean curd sheets or dried fungus with red bean dessert too.

10. Yap Hup Kee Palace

While some prefer the Pudu outlet over this branch in Kuchai Lama:

Yap Hup Kee Palace serves both a stellar yong tau foo and chee cheong fun. The curry rendition of chee cheong fun here is bold with creamy coconut milk.

Yong Tau Fu And Other Local Eats At Yap Hup Kee Palace
Yong Tau Fu And Other Local Eats At Yap Hup Kee Palace – Photo credits to hungrypammy (Instagram)

Their sweet sauce with fried dried shrimp and curry chee cheong fun draws in a loyal crowd. The crowd consists of the local community and office workers.

Note: The serving size of the Chee Cheong Fun is small

As for the yong tau foo, the tasty squid balls have a bouncy texture. Try them along with the soup.

11. Fishball Noodles House Happy Garden

Despite the no-frills and unpretentious kopitiam dining environment:

This noodle house is popular for its namesake dish.

They make their fish balls and fish cakes from scratch using quality herring fish. This has a springy texture.

Made fresh, opt for either soup noodles or dry noodles in brown sauce.

Fishball Noodles At Fishball Noodles House Happy Garden
Fishball Noodles At Fishball Noodles House Happy Garden – Photo belongs to their Facebook

You can add on a plate of fried dumplings with toothsome fish paste and crispy pastry.

Down them all with a buttery blend of iced coffee, or a refreshing barley drink.

As a side note, we would prefer if there were more fish cakes in each bowl.

Expect a lack of parking at Fishball Noodles House Happy Garden in Kuchai Lama.


We’ve put our taste buds to the test to serve up this unrivaled list of nice food in Kuchai Lama that’s worth trying in 2023.

Because finding parking is not easy, aim to beat the crowd. Or brace through the sea of cars and people.

Or you can consider some of these cozy Kuchai Lama cafes. They offer awesome gourmet brews and respite from urban madness.


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