Homestays In Sekinchan

Finding decent homestays in Sekinchan is a lot easier than it was many years ago.

Because the tourism industry in Sekinchan has blossomed at warp speed. As a result, you’ll find amazing homestays from budget to mid-range options occupying this paddy-rich land.

From container hotels, rustic homestays, to upscale homes with a private pool, we’ve lined up the best homestays in Sekinchan!

Top 7 Homestays in Sekinchan 2023

1. d’sawah Bendang Homestay Sekinchan

Escape from the glaring city lights and hectic pace for a peaceful retreat at d’sawah Bendang homestay.

d'sawah Bendang Homestay Sekinchan
d’sawah Bendang Homestay Sekinchan – Photo from their facebook

True to its name, this traditional village-styled homestay offers a breathtaking view of sunset fronting the magnificent paddy fields.

Rent a bike from the front desk and explore the narrow paths along the fields. Or traverse along road trails to other attractions in Sekinchan.

They have single seater bicycles and tandem bicycles for a pair or quadruple riders.These will fill your days with lots of fun and allow you to get some leg work in.

Order in your breakfast and dinner of local cuisine from the host if you would rather stay in.

And while the fittings and furnishings of d’sawah Bendang Homestay Sekinchan are modest, this is the place to rediscover the beauty in simple things.

What you’ll like:

  • Rustic lifestyle
  • Bicycles of various shapes and sizes are available for rent
  • Great location to observe how the paddy farmers work – you might see large rice harvesting tractors from afar

Good to know:

  • Friendly and accommodating host
  • Starting Price Per Night: Given upon request
  • Address: Jalan Parit 6½ Timur, 45300 Sungai Besar, Selangor
  • Contact: +6011-5251 7879

2. Sekinchan SeaView Homestay L14 High View

Sekinchan SeaView Homestay is a cozy 3-bedroom and 2-bathroom apartment with homey vibes on the 14th floor with ocean views.

Sekinchan SeaView Homestay L14 High View
Sekinchan SeaView Homestay L14 High View – Photo credits to

Capture a panoramic vista at the balcony overlooking the main town. Or catch the glorious evening sunset from afar.

At the top of the apartment, you’ll find a children’s playground along with a sun terrace.

This Sekinchan homestay comes with free Wi-Fi, a full-fledged kitchen, and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. So it’s the perfect place to unwind after a day of sightseeing.

Along with hotel-standard bedding and spotless rooms, this homestay makes for a very comfortable base to explore the top attractions that Sekinchan has to offer. Including the beach!

What you’ll like:

  • 12-minute walk to the beach
  • Amazing balcony view fronting the beach and main town
  • Superb cleanliness
  • Can fit group of 8 pax

Good to know:

  • Responsive and personable host
  • Starting Price Per Night: RM456 (8 Pax)
  • Address: Unit 3-13A-B One Residence Sekinchan Perdana, 45400 Sekinchan, Malaysia
  • Contact:
  • Booking:;

3. D’palong Homestay Sekinchan

Depending on the season, D’palong Homestay offers an unobstructed view of swaying greens or golden carpets of ripening paddy grains.

D’palong Homestay Sekinchan
D’palong Homestay Sekinchan – Photo credits to dpalonghomestay (Instagram)

The homestay is surrounded by expansive fields against a backdrop of clear skies – an ideal landscape for photo shoots! The night scene is even more captivating with bright stars illuminating the skies.

However, these are quaint wooden houses on low stilts, so you can expect that the amenities here are very basic.

Bedrooms At D’palong Homestay Sekinchan
Bedrooms At D’palong Homestay Sekinchan – Photo credits to dpalonghomestay (Instagram)

For city dwellers who have never stayed in a rural kampung (village) setting, this homestay is an interesting experience.

What you’ll like:

  • Cheap bicycle rental fee of RM10 per hour;
  • Beautiful location
  • Clean homestay
  • Quaint setting
  • Good service

Good to know:

  • Non-halal food and pets are prohibited from this premise
  • Non-air-conditioned units with upgrades in the works
  • Can be cool at night
  • RM10 fee for rental of fishing rod and hook, and RM30 for rental of portable BBQ pit and coal
  • Starting Price Per Night: RM150 (2 pax)
  • Address: Tali Air 7 Cross Ban 1 Sungai Leman, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor
  • Contact: +6019-248 1976
  • Links: Instagram; Facebook

4. Sekinchan Happiness Homestay

Set within a modern condominium, Sekinchan Happiness Homestay has amenities to rival a 5-star hotel!

Sekinchan Happiness Homestay
Sekinchan Happiness Homestay – Photo credits to

It’s fully air-conditioned with complimentary Wi-Fi and an equipped kitchen, so it certainly lives up to its namesake with top-notch facilities to boot.

Some notable facilities include an outdoor swimming pool, BBQ facilities and a fitness center too.

Plus, this Sekinchan homestay is strategically located adjacent to eateries and tourist hotspots. Most of all, you’ll appreciate the excellent ambiance and warm service from the host.

What you’ll like:

  • Spacious 1200m2 condominium unit
  • 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom and a fully-equipped kitchen
  • Free on-site parking (reservation required)
  • Strong and stable Wi-Fi reception

Good to know:

  • Suitable for families with kids or a group of travelers
  • Starting Price Per Night: RM390 (10 pax)
  • Address: One Residence Sekinchan (Level 11) NO5-11-A Jalan Perdana 1, Sekinchan Perdana, 45400 Sekincan, Malaysia
  • Contact:
  • Booking:;

5. Countryside Homestay

Traveling with an entourage of up to 23 pax? Fret not as this spacious homestay gives everyone enough personal space.

Countryside Homestay At Sekinchan
Countryside Homestay At Sekinchan – Photo credits to

Many double decker beds, sofa beds and king size beds fill this space to create ample sleeping space.

In fact, the well-kept double story link house has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a kitchen and driveway on top of all the facilities that mirror home. In addition to extras like a BBQ pit!

And it is close to the Sekinchan fishing village. Which means you have a good chance of catching the early morning activities of the fishermen!

What you’ll like:

  • Roomy 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom link house
  • Has a game room and BBQ pit
  • Spic and span cleanliness
  • Not far from the best tourist attractions in Sekinchan

Good to know:

  • Designated smoking area
  • Within walking distance to the eateries, food stalls, Mr. DIY, Family Mart, and 7-Eleven
  • Laundry service upon request
  • Starting Price Per Night: RM523 (23 Pax)
  • Address: 5, Jalan Indah 2/5, Taman Indah 2, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor
  • Contact:

6. Anjung Pool Villa

Spacious, fully-equipped, and located right in the middle of a paddy field:

Anjung Pool Villa transports you to an idyllic realm with all the necessary comforts.

Anjung Pool Villa Homestay At Sekinchan
Anjung Pool Villa Homestay At Sekinchan – Photo credits to agoda

Comprising of 2 wooden villas in striking yellow and blue, there is a complete kitchenette and silverware for home chefs to showcase their gourmet skills.

However, the swimming pool is the crowd puller and a sure favorite among the children, leaving the adults more time for banter while keeping a watchful eye.

Since it can accommodate up to 6 guests, this air-conditioned homestay in Sekinchan attracts couples on a honeymoon as well as large families with kids.

Just be sure to stock up on some food before calling it a night as Anjung Pool Villa is quite a distance away from restaurants and amenities. Alternatively, cook up a storm within its premise.

What you’ll like:

  • Delicious local breakfast comprising of nasi lemak, local kuih (such as curry puff or glutinous rice delicacies) and coffee. Additional charges apply.
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • The pool
  • Scenic views

Good to know:

  • Limited parking space sufficient for 2 cars only
  • No air-conditioning at the living hall
  • Many insects enter the villa at night, but there are no mosquitoes.
  • Situated far away from the town center and shops
  • Starting Price Per Night: RM504 (4 Pax)
  • Address: Ban 2, Lot 13402, Jalan Tali Air 11, Kampung Tengah Pasir Panjang, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor
  • Contact: +6012-235 2024
  • Booking:

7. Padibox Homes & Café

Fancy staying in a freight container that’s budget friendly and comfy?

Padibox Homestay In Sekinchan
Padibox Homestay In Sekinchan – Photo credits to @freyhun & @yenlee85 (Instagram)

Unmistakable with its colorful exterior, the Padibox Home & Café ranks high on novelty with a picturesque paddy field scenery to boot.

It offers 7 different rooms with a starting price of RM118. The interiors are rather small but decent enough for a short stay.

For ultimate privacy, opt for the rooms with attached bathrooms. For dormitory set ups, shared bathrooms are available.

The container hotel can get a bit hot under the intense afternoon sun. But temperatures cool down as dusk draws closer. And you can always get refreshments (and breakfast) at the nearby N16 Bus Cafe too.

What you’ll like:

  • Good Wi-Fi reception
  • Guests can rent bikes from the reception
  • Cyclist-friendly as bikes can be parked outside the containers
  • Right in the paddy fields (all rooms have windows)
  • Very Instagram-friendly

Good to know:

  • Many small insects hover outside at night. Stay in if in doubt
  • The bus café does not operate at night
  • Make bookings as early as possible
  • Starting Price Per Night: RM118 (2 Pax)
  • Address: Jalan Tali Air 4, Kampung Parit Empat, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor
  • Contact: +6019-3205688
  • Booking: Website


Throw out the mindset of urban living and embrace the tranquility of humble homestays in Sekinchan.

Be it a countryside village, comfy home in a condominium, or housing estate, this list of homestays at Sekinchan helps you zero down to the best Sekinchan has to offer.

Plan your itinerary along with these top attractions in Sekinchan for a getaway that’s breathtakingly scenic and delish all in one!

And in case you’d rather stay in one of the best hotels in Sekinchan, we have more recommendations!

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