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If you’re desperately in need of a rejuvenating massage, head over to these top 7 massage shops in Shah Alam that promise pure bliss!

Stiff joints, knotted shoulders, and weary bodies are part and parcel of today’s hectic lifestyle.

But a good pampering massage session will loosen up the knots and set you in the right mind to take on fresh challenges in no time!

Top 7 Massage & Spas To Relax At Shah Alam, Selangor

1. Bamboo Emira Reflexology

From foot reflexology, cupping, body massage, hot stone therapy, to gua sha (scraping), Bamboo Emira Reflexology offers an extensive range of massage techniques to relieve most body aches.

Warm And Modern Interior Of Bamboo Emira Reflexology At Shah Alam, Selangor
Warm And Modern Interior Of Bamboo Emira Reflexology – Photo belongs to Bamboo Emira Reflexology

This Shah Alam massage parlor lets you customize your treatments with pampering add-ons for a fraction of the price too.

For example, an additional RM10 means you can enjoy a relaxing ice or ginger foot bath before your foot massage.

Or you can get a pampering face mask with 7 Korean variants to choose from at only RM7 extra!

Moreover, they have certified masseurs with strong hands and an acute understanding of pressure points.

Their professionalism is top-notch as well. And this reflexology shop specializes in treating Sciatica nerve discomfort associated with shooting pains in the lower back.

A 30-minute massage here is affordable at RM35 so walk away with a spring in your step after an invigorating session here!

2. Thai Care Family Wellness Centre

Sprawling across two shop lots, Thai Care Family Wellness Centre boasts a decadent ambiance reminiscent of reputable massage parlors in Bangkok.

Facilities At Thai Care Family Wellness Centre, Shah Alam
Facilities At Thai Care Family Wellness Centre – Photo belongs to Thai Care Family Wellness Centre

It’s decorated with gold curtains and there is a couple’s massage room that exudes Zen vibes.

Plus, the therapists are communicative and constantly seek feedback to deliver appropriate pressure at the right spots.

Some of the best masseurs here hail from Sarawak, with a knack for delivering on-point pressure at ailing spots.

Above all, the promotional prices are irresistibly cheap – It costs RM49 for a 60-minute foot and shoulder massage!

3. Ayu Borneo @ Kota Kemuning

Laid back, slightly non-descript but impeccably clean sums up the exterior and interior of Ayu Borneo @ Kota Kemuning.

Serene Environment At Ayu Borneo @ Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam
Serene Environment At Ayu Borneo @ Kota Kemuning – Photo credits to Ayu Borneo @ Kota Kemuning (Facebook)

This massage shop offers 4 types of therapies such as the Malaysian signature massage (with or without oil), deep tissue massage, royal Thai massage, and foot and shoulder massage.

While the environment may not be as swanky as other chain outlets:

Massage Room At Ayu Borneo (Kota Kemuning) At Shah Alam
Massage Room At Ayu Borneo (Kota Kemuning) At Shah Alam – Photo credits to Ayu Borneo @ Kota Kemuning (Facebook)

You’ll get the most bang for your buck during their Happy Hour Deal from 11am to 5pm. Alternatively, upgrade from a one-hour massage to two hours for only RM10 extra!

4. Musclemen Spa

As a leading gentlemen’s spa in Malaysia, Musclemen Spa offers a holistic range of wellness and massage packages exclusively for men.

Reception And Lounge At Musclemen Spa, Shah Alam
Reception And Lounge At Musclemen Spa – Photo belongs to Musclemen Spa

Apart from sports-related massages:

They have a full suite of other therapies including Balinese massage, traditional massage, and aromatherapy massage to dispel excessive wind and improve blood circulation.

Besides these, they have cupping treatments, milk and herbal baths, facials, and ice baths here too.

Interestingly, they also provide heat therapy services where gents can have an invigorating session at either the in-house sauna room, steam room, or water therapy at the Jacuzzi too.

5. D’ Wana Spa Beauty And Health

Spruce from head to toe at this Shah Alam spa!

Whether you’re prepping your skin for your wedding or an event or seeking acne treatments, this spa offers complete treatments to transform you into a princess.

Apart from facials, enjoy artsy manicures, pedicures, scalp care, dandruff treatments, and haircut sessions all under one roof.

But this massage spa is also particularly known for their lumbar spine massage to help improve patient mobility.

As such, this Muslim-friendly spa is highly popular and warrants a booking before you drop by.

6. Cendana Spa

If you’re in dire need to restore your inner balance, place full faith in the good hands of the friendly and professional team at Cendana Spa.

Massage Tables At Cendana Spa At Shah Alam, Selangor
Massage Tables At Cendana Spa At Shah Alam, Selangor – Photo credits to Cendana Spa (Facebook)

Exuding homely vibes with hints of Balinese décor, Cendana Spa offers bridal spas, head massages, shoulder massages, and body massages too.

While they don’t have a huge selection of treatments, most customers opt for their highly popular 6-hour package which covers a facial, body, and hair treatments.

They have packages with body scrubs too. Unfortunately, they don’t have manicures or pedicures available.

In addition to the reasonable price points, this Shah Alam massage center is often fully booked. And you should definitely make a reservation before swinging by.

7. Dlayla Spa

Indulge and discover an extensive range of therapeutic services steep in professionalism and yet affordably priced too at Dlayla Spa.

Inside Dlayla Spa At Shah Alam, Selangor
Inside Dlayla Spa At Shah Alam – Photo belongs to Dlayla Spa

The menu includes Swedish massage, traditional massage, hot stone, and more.

With experienced masseurs that will focus on precise pressure points to relieve the tension on knotted areas – They are skilled at locating trigger points!

Their soothing massage therapies will literally ease the weight off your shoulders.

Furthermore, they take place in a spacious and private spa just for women. Just be sure to make a booking before heading to this Shah Alam massage center.


Shah Alam is packed with first-class massage parlors that have curated spa menus to soothe away body aches.

There are private massage parlors to suit any budget and many also offer facials and other beauty treatments besides massages.

And after a healing session, you can skip over to some of these top cafes in Shah Alam to treat your tummy to tantalizing good food!

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