Shopping Malls In Shah Alam

Shopping malls in Shah Alam are plentiful. There are as many food opportunities, massage centers, and tourist hot spots.

This lesser-known shopping hub has swanky shopping centers. And a host of family-run shops under one roof.

Check out these top 9 shopping malls in Shah Alam. For some retail therapy or good food in an air-conditioned space.

9 Best Shopping Malls in Shah Alam, Selangor

1. Plaza Shah Alam

A favorite go-to mall among the local community:

Plaza Shah Alam is neither too big nor too small to make a decent outing location with families and friends.

Plaza Shah Alam From Outside
Plaza Shah Alam From Outside – Photo credits to NIRAN NOOR

The main concourse follows a theme of the latest festivity. Be it Hari Raya, Christmas, or other festivities. Its smallish setup packs all the essential merchants to make patrons happy.

Multiple Levels At Plaza Shah Alam
Multiple Levels At Plaza Shah Alam – Photo credits to 5rusXJ6

Pharmacies, food courts, eateries, and a Mr. DIY outlet are available here. There is even a novel mini croissant store. Which has affordable and decent delicacies.

Even though it’s popular among families, this mall in Shah Alam is not very crowded. And offers sheer convenience under one roof.

2. AEON MALL Shah Alam

Spacious, modern, and the pride and joy of the Shah Alam community:

AEON MALL Shah Alam is the best shopping mall in Shah Alam for one-stop shopping.

Inside AEON MALL In Shah Alam
Inside AEON MALL In Shah Alam – Photo credits to Mohd Zafren Ibrahim

AEON is the anchor tenant. So you’ll find a wide selection of cheap to mid-range items like clothes. As well as, household goods, and endless aisles of groceries too.

The food court packs affordable, varied yet delish eats. There is sushi and other Asian delights. Plus, Western food.

This shopping haven has reputable retail brands. Such as Uniqlo, Hush Puppies, Molly Fantasy, and other dining favorites.

Moreover, there is ample parking space. AEON Mall Shah Alam always pulls in large crowds over weekends and public holidays.

3. Setia City Mall

Setia City Mall is the perfect place for shopaholics. It has a myriad of first-class retailers across all shopping categories.

Inside Setia City Mall In Shah Alam
Inside Setia City Mall In Shah Alam – Photo credits to Dr Reviews

If you tire out during your shopping, there are seating spaces along the walkways.

Furthermore, this mall in Shah Alam hosts not one, but two supermarkets. These areLulu’s and Urban Fresh. This means you can get fresh produce any day of the week!

During the festive seasons, the concourse of this shopping mall is impressive.

You’ll also get free parking for the first 3 hours during weekdays.

4. Central i-City

In i-City Shah Alam, Central i-City is the go-to watering hole for visitors of the i-City theme park. Or anyone itching for some nearby retail action.

Inside Central i-City
Inside Central i-City – Photo credits to Hamster Low

Giant electronics brands are under this roof. Like Machines, Huawei, Samsung, and many other well-known brands.

Other crowd-pullers include TGV Cinemas and fashion boutiques.

Fish Eye View Inside Central i-City
Fish Eye View Inside Central i-City – Photo credits to nazif JT

For affordable shopping, look to the anchor tenant, SOGO department store. They have aisles of clothing, other designer goods, and home furnishing too.

This shopping mall in Shah Alam is a foodie haven too. It houses many leading restaurants that are halal and super tasty.

5. Plaza Alam Sentral

Plaza Alam Sentral is a non-descript and humble mall in Shah Alam but it has a handful of reputable stores.

Different Levels At Plaza Alam Sentral In Shah Alam
Different Levels At Plaza Alam Sentral In Shah Alam – Photo credits to BrYan LeE

In fact, some of the star attractions here include The Store, Grocery Store, and a Nagoya Textile store.

There is a dollar store outlet, MR.DIY for affordable household items. As well as the new market area at level 1 with its own slew of cheap products.

And if you’re looking for gadgets and mobile phones, head up to level 3 which has many IT shops.

These offer original electronic goods below market prices. And thus, is a hunting ground for computers and smart gadgets on a budget.

Food-wise, KFC is a popular pick at this mall in Shah Alam. Alongside a Malay restaurant (Syed Bistro) and several Thai food restaurants too.

6. Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam

As the oldest shopping mall in Shah Alam:

Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam is still a shopping paradise for traditional Malay costumes. And Muslimah apparel.

Inside Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam
Inside Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam – Photo credits to Hendra Gunawan

You’ll find a wide collection of baju melayu, baju kurung, kebaya, and head scarfs at affordable prices.

It fronts the Shah Alam Lake Garden. And the all-year-round bazaar-like atmosphere is its most significant appeal. There are especially plenty of stores lining the walkways during the fasting month.

On weekends, look forward to a sweeping selection of Malay hawker food. Along with live band performances.

Parking can be a little bit pricey but this does deter some of the crowd at least.

7. SACC Mall

Another amazing place to shop for baju melayu and baju kurung is SACC Mall. It is in the heart of Shah Alam’s town center.

Exterior Of SACC Mall In Shah Alam
Exterior Of SACC Mall In Shah Alam – Photo credits to Mohd Tamizi Bin Mohd Rusdin

The center court has many pop-up stores selling affordable traditional Muslim apparel.

Several leading merchants occupy the shop lots as well. Like Baskin Robbins, Secret Recipe, a Maxis center, Watsons, and Bata to name a few.

On some weekends, there may be celebrities taking center stage.

But with the opening of AEON Shah Alam, SACC Mall has somewhat lost its luster.

But this mall in Shah Alam makes a decent alternative to shop and mooch around. It is less crowded unlike the other malls in Shah Alam.

8. Ole Ole Shopping Centre

Ole Ole Shopping Center is a modest 3-story building occupying several shop lots. The old-school shopping mall serves the local community in Seksyen 18.

Exterior Of Ole Ole Shopping Centre In Shah Alam
Exterior Of Ole Ole Shopping Centre In Shah Alam – Photo credits to Razis Abdull Razak

Its main attraction is the bowling alley. There are several kids’ gaming machines nearby too.

Most of its retail merchants are home-grown brands. Including Secret Recipe, Mr. DIY, and Pak Li Kopitiam. There are a few watch, phone, and accessories shops in the mix too.

Because of the limited shopping categories. this shopping mall in Shah Alam is not a one-stop shopping center.

But it makes a great hangout spot for anyone looking to flex or practice their bowling skills in Shah Alam.

9. Gamuda Walk Mall

About 5 years old:

Gamuda Walk Mall is a smallish community mall serving the Kota Kemuning Township. It has a decent array of brands to meet all your basic needs.

Christmas Decor On Display Inside Gamuda Walk Mall In Shah Alam
Christmas Decor On Display Inside Gamuda Walk Mall In Shah Alam – Photo credits to chai ty

There is fashion and footwear, pets and hobbies, books, and restaurants. Plus, other lifestyle categories.

And this one-stop shopping mall in Shah Alam has wide aisles and enough parking space.

Popular tenants include Restock Supermarket, Mr. DIY, Pet Lovers Center, and Chatime.

With leading property developer, Gamuda managing this mall, it only needs time.


These 9 best shopping malls in Shah Alam have their unique points. Some are quieter than others but you will still find the basics.

While you’re here, the best massage spas in Shah Alam could be what you need. There’s nothing like a massage to soothe tired feet after a shopping frenzy.

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