Pokok KL Cafe

Pokok KL Cafe is a visual delight – it looks like a gorgeous lit glasshouse from afar. It is outside the University of Malaya and within the compounds of Mahsa University.

But does Pokok KL Cafe live up to all the hype for the delicious food and courteous service?

Read on to learn more about our actual dining experience here!

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About Pokok KL Cafe

Pokok KL Cafe is another brainchild of the Brick House Group. And like the others, it doubles as a cozy café and event venue.

The cafe is famous for its chic and clean aesthetics with a touch of industrial allure. Here, they serve western food with hints of fusion food.

Industrial Design Of Pokok KL Cafe
Industrial Design Of Pokok KL Cafe

Pokok KL Cafe looks much larger than it actually is due to its lighting and high ceiling. But the smallish space can fit up to 50 people depending on seating arrangements.

You can book the cafe for special occasions (e.g., birthday celebrations, bridal showers, etc).

The best time to visit Pokok KL Cafe is at night when the cafe’s lights are more obvious in the dark. Ideal for a romantic and serene atmosphere.

Beautiful Lighting Of Pokok KL Cafe
Beautiful Lighting Of Pokok KL Cafe

Ease Of Parking

You can park at the bottom of the hill in the open-air car park using a Touch N Go Card. The outdoor car park is huge with ample parking bays.

As an alternative, you can opt for valet parking at RM15 if you want to be closer to the café up on the hill.

Some diners park along the narrow road lining the open-air car park. But those who do so are at risk of getting fined by the authorities (for illegal parking).

Mahsa Avenue Where Pokok KL Cafe Is
Mahsa Avenue Where Pokok KL Cafe Is


Pokok KL Cafe’s ambiance is unique and one of its main draws. There’s an indoor as well as an alfresco seating area.

Trees In Front Of Pokok KL Cafe
Trees In Front Of Pokok KL Cafe

The outdoor dining space is under the shade of trees. Indeed, natural foliage provides partial coverage over the glasshouse café.

Outdoor Seating At Pokok KL Cafe
Outdoor Seating At Pokok KL Cafe

But on sunny days, the sun’s rays penetrate through the glasshouse, and it can feel a bit warm inside.

Do brace yourself for a large crowd if you plan to come here on a Saturday. Sundays are better for a more relaxed dining pace.

Seating Inside Pokok KL Cafe
Seating Inside Pokok KL Cafe

PS: Pokok KL Cafe does not accept phone reservations; They limit diners are to an hour per table.

Service At Pokok KL Cafe

The service here is prompt and the staff is polite. Yet, waiting times are crazy. During peak periods, you might be waiting for a seat for 30 to 40 minutes on average.

Counter At Pokok KL Cafe
Counter At Pokok KL Cafe

To order, scan the QR code and place your order. Our drinks were served not long after successful online payment.


Pokok KL Cafe’s wide menu has a good variety of popular local cuisine and western dishes:

The pan-seared salmon is a top pick with premium quality salmon that’s still moist on the insides. The fish comes on a bed of Australian asparagus and poached vegetables on the sides.

Roasted Chicken and Big Breakfast At Pokok KL Cafe
Roasted Chicken and Big Breakfast At Pokok KL Cafe

Nasi Lemak Berempah is another winner at Pokok KL Cafe. This dish has santan-rich rice, a sizable portion of spiced chicken, one hard-boiled egg, and condiments on the side.

Another dish that’s worth ordering is the Roasted Chicken with Rosemary. The chicken comes with a peppery black sauce, creamy mashed potatoes, and vegetables.

Pokok KL Cafe’s Big Breakfast is of generous sizing too. And it includes a gourmet sausage, ham, hash brown, poached eggs, bread, and portobello mushrooms in tasty black sauce. The bread crust is a bit hard and difficult to bite through.

Other choice dishes that you can order are Seafood Pasta which has fresh prawns, clams, and squid.  Or the Cili Padi Pesto Pasta which has a spicy kick, and some bitter nuances.

Overall, we must say that Pokok KL Cafe is not stingy on portions.

Pokok KL Cafe Is Muslim Friendly
Pokok KL Cafe Is Muslim Friendly


Expect food prices to be on the higher side at Pokok KL Cafe. The starting price of each main is RM20.

But this feels justified since servings are larger than average. It’s common to see couples ordering a main meal to share.

Generally, a meal for 3 pax with drinks will come up to above RM100.

  • Address: MAHSA Avenue (Jalan Universiti Campus), Block B, Level 1 Jalan Ilmu, off, Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Location: Google Maps
  • Opening Hours: 10am–9pm
  • Contact: +603-84081811


Pokok KL Cafe is an Instagram-worthy café in the daytime or nighttime. The ambiance is lovely and memorable, the service is good, and the food is above average.

And hence, it’s worth visiting Pokok KL Cafe with friends or family when you can find the time to do so!

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