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Tours Start From Ipoh And Other Places In Perak But These Are The Most Popular Tours!

Ipoh Historical Tour

Ipoh Tour

A classic favorite that features the best of our hometown! Ipoh food, cave temples and Ipoh Old Town! Plus a few added places that tourists don’t normally go on their own!

Cameron Highlands Tour

Cameron Highlands Tour

See the best of Cameron Highlands with a private guide to drive you around and give you local insight and history of the tea plantations, farms, gardens and more!

Taiping Tour

Taiping Tour

Just an hour away, Taiping is an easy day trip from Ipoh with a completely different atmosphere, a good deal of history and natural beauty including the Taiping Lake Gardens!

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Ipoh, Malaysia

These are all the places in Ipoh that we have visited. Feel free to browse and read more about local eateries, cafes, and other attractions in Ipoh. If you’ve only got a short time to explore Ipoh, you should read our guide on how best to visit Ipoh too.

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

With just a 2-hour drive between Ipoh and Cameron Highlands, we have been to Cameron Highlands countless times. Below are all the places we have visited and what we think of them. Read our guide for Cameron Highlands if you want suggestions on how best to plan your trip!

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Travelswithsun is not just a personal diary of travel experiences. It is a travel and food blog run by two Ipoh locals who like traveling and food hunting.

Because we are from Ipoh, we frequently travel to neighboring states to visit Cameron Highlands, Penang, Langkawi, Kuala Lumpur, and other places in Selangor.

We aim to help other travelers (including fellow Malaysians) make the most of their trips by sharing travel tips through our own experiences.

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