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Many dim sum eateries are closed in the middle of the week. But not Dimsum Paradise! This is the first of two branches in Ipoh. And business is going well.

What are their notable dishes, and what is it like to dine here?

Find out in this post.


Aside from how noisy it can get here during full house, it is very comfortable to dine here thanks to the air conditioning.

At Dimsum Paradise In Canning, Ipoh

The interior of Dimsum Pradise is clean and modern in appealing cream tones too. And it is well-lit and spacious – the shop spans over two lots. Most of the seating is indoors although they have a small deck outside to put tables.

Dining Environment At Dimsum Paradise

There are tables to suit smaller and bigger groups. And plenty of walking room between the tables.

More Indoor Seats Inside Dimsum Paradise
More Indoor Seats

Food At Dimsum Paradise (Ipoh Garden)

Based on their menu, we went for many of their chef recommendations. These included siew mai, har guen, egg tarts, char siew pao, and salted egg custard buns.

Siew Mai At Dimsum Paradise
Siew Mai
Har Gao At Dimsum Paradise
Har Gao
Mini Egg Tarts At Dimsum Paradise
Mini Egg Tarts

We also tried their fried radish cake and har gao.

The ones that stood out the most to us were the har guen, char siew and salted egg custard buns. While small, the har guen is thick. It’s a bit oily but very crispy and the prawn filling has a good bite to it.

Fried Har Guen At Dimsum Paradise
Fried Har Guen

Both char siew and salted egg custard buns were delicious. We were surprised that they used more meat than fat for the char siew buns.

Salted Egg Custard Bun At Dimsum Paradise
Salted Egg Custard Bun
Char Siew Bun At Dimsum Paradise
Char Siew Bun

Note: If you don’t like your char siew buns with parsley, you might not like the ones here.

Siew mai and har gao were fine – not outstanding but they taste good even if the fillings are not very generous with meat.

The radish cake had a hint of dried prawns, but not very much flavor other than being salty. It was crispy though and evenly fried.

Fried Radish Cake At Dimsum Paradise
Fried Radish Cake


Orders are taken a little differently at Dimsum Paradise. They don’t rely on paper chits or the traditional way of bringing large trays around.

Instead, you use water-based markers to mark the dim sum (and quantity) you want on a laminated printout which has the names and prices of their dim sum.

Fried Dim Sum And Pastries In A Display Case At The Front Of Dimsum Paradise
Fried Dim Sum And Pastries In A Display Case

The photos of each dim sum is on another laminated sheet.

When you’re done marking your order, the waiter will key in your order into their electronic system and print out your order list. They will leave this list on your table and tick off the items as they serve them.

They have a lot of staff at Dimsum Paradise and we found them to be polite.

Serving times are quick and there is only a little waiting time between dishes. We did notice that one dish was late. We decided to cancel it since we were already approaching our maximum capacity.

Hot Coffee At Dimsum Paradise
Hot Coffee

Coffee (hot and less sweet) was decent. The chrysanthemum drink was a bit too sweet for our liking. Like the packet versions even though it was served in a tall glass.

Menu Of Steamed And Fried Dimsum At Dimsum Paradise
Menu Of Steamed And Fried Dimsum
Menu With Photos At Dimsum Paradise
Menu With Photos


There were only 2 of us, and we spent about RM60 for 7 dishes and a drink each. And thus, we find the pricing here to be on the high side.

Most dishes cost RM7. The portions are not tiny but not generous either.


This area is busy but not as crowded as places like Ipoh Old Town or Ipoh Garden South.

You can usually find vacant parking here if you just drive a bit further from the restaurant. Don’t forget to pay your parking fees here!

Front Of At Dimsum Paradise


Dimsum Paradise doesn’t make it to our go-to list. But it’s a good enough option if your favorite dimsum place happens to be closed.

Highlights of dining here are the efficient service and comfortable and attractive dining environment. The food is not bad either but it’s pricey for what you get.

See other options for dim sum restaurants to try in Ipoh.

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