Ipoh Transport Service And Getting Around Ipoh

Ipoh transport services are not as complex as in KL. Even as the third most populated city in Malaysia, there are surprisingly not many Ipoh transport and tour services!

The locals prefer to rely on driving their own cars or motorcycles. For tourists, getting around Ipoh means taking a bus, taxi or tour service. Or renting a car. You can walk or cycle in Old Town too.

Which option is for you? Find out in this post as we compare the available transportation in Ipoh!

Table Of Contents:

  1. Bus
  2. Hop-On Hop-Off Bus
  3. Grab Or Taxi
  4. Car Rental Service
  5. Bicycle
  6. Ipoh On Foot
  7. Transport And Tour Service

1. Getting Around Ipoh With Ipoh Public Transport – Bus

Starting with the public bus system in Ipoh! Known as myBAS by Perak Transit.

There are 2 bus terminals in Ipoh. And 20 minutes’ drive apart.

Ipoh Public Bus At Medan Kidd Station - Local Buses In Ipoh
Local Buses In Ipoh – photo credits to Bakeling (Flickr)

Bus Terminal:

  1. Terminal Amanjaya – Main terminal for inter-city buses (e.g. Penang or Kuala Lumpur)
  2. Medan Kidd Station (Ipoh Old Town) – Main terminal for the local routes

The local buses are not known for their punctuality or reliability. Do prepare yourself for some waiting!

1.1. Getting From Ipoh Airport To Ipoh Town

Flying to Ipoh? There is a bus route that stops at the airport:

Sultan Azlan Shah Airport at Ipoh
Sultan Azlan Shah Airport at Ipoh – photo by Travelswithsun

But versus the driving time of 10 minutes, taking local bus is inefficient. As the total duration via bus is ~1 hour, 20 minutes!

And Bus T37 doesn’t come often either! However, it’s only ~RM3 for a one-way trip!

Bus T37:


SJKC Bandar Seri Botani – Symphony Suites Hotel – Sam Poh Tong Temple – Gunung Rapat Market – Medan Gopeng Station – Carsem M Site – Sultan Azlan Shah Airport – Quest International University Perak – Tow Boo Keong Temple – Mural Art’s Lane (Near Jalan Sultan Iskandar – Ipoh New Town) – Railway Station Ipoh (Ipoh Old Town) – Medan Kidd Station

Frequency: 60 minutes

Operating Hours: 5:40 am – 7:00 pm

1.2. Bus From Amanjaya To Ipoh Town

Buses from all over West Malaysia stop at Amanjaya Terminal. This residential area doesn’t have much except a mall and an international school.

AmanJaya Bus Terminal
AmanJaya Bus Terminal at Ipoh – photo credits to thestar.com.my

Naturally, visitors will want to head to the main town instead!

And they can get there via the 30-minute bus journey from Amanjaya Terminal to Medan Kidd Station in Ipoh Old Town!

Bus 30a & 30b:


Amanjaya Terminal – Carsem S Site – Church Of Our Lady Of Lourdes – Medan Kidd Station

Frequency: 60 minutes

Operating Hours: 6:00 am – 9:00 pm

1.3. Getting Around Ipoh

Tourists will want to look out for Bus F100 which makes a loop around Ipoh Old town and other busy areas in the city!

Bus F100 conveniently makes a stop at Ipoh Railway Station too. Another common arrival point for visitors from Penang or Kuala Lumpur!

Ipoh Railway Station
Ipoh Railway Station – photo credits to reikotherainbowgirl (Instagram)

The one-way fare can range from RM1 to RM3+.

Bus F100:


Medan Kidd Station – Railway Station Ipoh (Ipoh Old Town) – St. Michael’s Institution – UTC Ipoh – Gerbang Malam Ipoh – Ipoh Parade – Greentown – Angsana Mall – Ipoh General Hospital – Railway Station Ipoh (Ipoh Old Town) – Medan Kidd Station

Frequency: 20 – 30 minutes

Operating Hours:

  • Monday to Friday, 6:30 am – 8:10 pm
  • Saturday to Sunday, 6:30 am – 8:00 pm

Stops To Look Out For:

  1. Ipoh Railway Station – 8-10-min walk from Concubine Lane, passing by Ipoh High Court, Birch Memorial Clock Tower and a bunch of Ipoh cafes
Birch Memorial Clocktower in Ipoh
Birch Memorial Clocktower in Ipoh – photo credits to fazrul_aizat27 (Instagram)
  1. Gerbang Malam Ipoh – Close to Ipoh souvenir, Ipoh salted chicken and peanut candy shops! 2 –min walk from Octagon apartment; 4-min walk from The Majestic condominium; 7-min walk from Panglima Kinta Mosque.
  2. Ipoh Parade – one of Ipoh’s most well-loved malls; it is linked to Weil Hotel
Note: if you wanted to see Ipoh’s Little India, it’s a 7-minute walk from the Medan Kidd Station or Concubine Lane.

Other Bus Routes You Might Want To Take Note Of:

The public bus system has routes that go past than Ipoh Old Town, even stopping at cave temples and close to Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village!

清心嶺休闲文化村 Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village
清心嶺休闲文化村 Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village – photo credits to alexnck2104 (Instagram)

Mind you, you’re much better off taking a taxi or Grab when travelling further than Ipoh Old Town!

Bus 35Perak Cave Temple (~1 hour, 40 minutes from Ipoh Old Town)

Bus 66/ T37 – Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village (~1 hour from Ipoh Old Town)

Bus T33a, T33b, F101a, F101b – Lost World Of Tambun (~3 hours from Ipoh Old Town)

Tips For Taking The Public Bus Around Ipoh

Communication may be an issue as there’s a good chance the driver doesn’t speak fluent English.

But you can try your luck!


  • Have loose change so you can prepare the exact change
  • Let the driver know where you intend to get off
  • Dress appropriately – locals are not accustomed to seeing a lot of bare skin. You may get uncomfortable glances.

Pros Of Taking The Public Bus Around Ipoh

Cons Of Taking The Public Bus Around Ipoh

  • Buses are quite old
  • Language barrier
  • No bus after 8pm
  • Not always on time

2. Getting Around Ipoh With Hop-On Hop-Off Bus (Weekends Only)

A fairly new initiative by Tourism Ministry of Ipoh:

The colorful Hop-on, Hop-off bus makes 2 circuits around Ipoh’s most popular attractions on the weekends! Including the majestic Kellie’s Castle!

Kellie's Castle
Kellie’s Castle at Batu Gajah – photo by Travelswithsun

2.1. In – Circuit Route

Operating Hours: 8:30 am – 9:30 pm

  1. Meru Terminal (Amanjaya)
  2. Ipoh High Court
  3. Little India
  4. Ipoh Old Town
  5. Telekom Malaysia
  6. Brewster Road
  7. Weil Hotel / Ipoh Parade
  8. Gerbang Malam (Night Market)
  9. Octagon
  10. The Majestic
  11. Panglima Kinta Mosque
The Perak Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Is Only Available On Weekends In Ipoh
The Perak Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Is Only Available On Weekends In Ipoh – photo credits to travelcolour-blogspot

2.2. Out – Circuit Route

Operating Hours: 9:00 am – 8:30 pm

  1. Meru Terminal
  2. Ipoh Town Hall
  3. Ipoh Old Town
  4. Ipoh Parade
  5. Lost World Of Tambun
  6. Pomelo Orchard Farm
  7. Sam Poh Tong
  8. Gopeng Town
  9. Kellie’s Castle
  10. Silveritage Medan Gopeng
  11. Panglima Kinta Mosque

2.3. Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Ticket Price

Once you have the pass, you can have countless rides (i.e. unlimited times) on this bus until it ends its service in the late evening.

Type Adults Children/Disabled/Senior
1-Day Pass With MyKad RM12 RM10
Without MyKad RM35 RM20
2-Day Pass With MyKad RM20 RM20
Without MyKad RM60 RM35

3. Getting Around Ipoh With Grab Or Taxi

We would only recommend taking the bus if you’re trying to make your money stretch. And if you have lots of time to spare in your Ipoh trip itinerary!

Because taking a taxi of Grab in Ipoh can usually get you where you want to go in half the time!

Taxis In Queue At Ipoh
Taxis In Queue At Ipoh – photo credits to Bakeling (Flickr)

You’ll find it easier to hail a Grab car or taxi closer to the shopping malls in Ipoh. As well as the airport!

Typical Costs (Based on the Grab app in April 2020):

  • Amanjaya to Ipoh Railway Station (Ipoh Old Town) – ~RM14
  • Amanjaya to Lost World Of Tambun – ~RM18
  • Ipoh Sultan Azlan Shah Airport to Ipoh Railway Station (Ipoh Old Town) – ~RM9
  • Ipoh Sultan Azlan Shah Airport to Lost World Of Tambun – ~RM13
  • Ipoh Old Town to Perak Cave Temple – ~RM9
  • Ipoh Old Town to Kellie’s Castle – ~RM30

Tips For Taking A Taxi In Ipoh

  • It’s polite (and expected) to take the first taxi in the queue
  • Check that they use a meter first
  • If they quote you more than RM20 for within the city, that’s too much!

Pros Of Taking Grab Around Ipoh

  • Not too expensive
  • Go anywhere you want in Ipoh
  • Fixed prices through the app

Cons Of Taking Grab Around Ipoh

  • Usually just a small car
  • Arranging return trips with the driver is an additional hassle but necessity for places that are further
  • Grab is not as common as in Penang or Kuala Lumpur
  • Don’t assume that you can find one easily after dark

4. Getting Around Ipoh With A Car Rental Service

Not your first time driving in Malaysia? Renting a car is another option you may want to look into!

Notable Rental Car Companies In Ipoh:

  • Asia Car Rental – main office is in Ipoh Garden South
  • Wahdah
  • Farego

Price average around RM150 per day for 5pax for a small car. Or ~RM200 per day for an imported sedan.

Pros Of Renting A Car In Ipoh

  • Keeps your schedule flexible
  • Travel together in a private group

Cons Of Renting A Car In Ipoh

  • Have to pay parking fees
  • Pricey for more than a day
  • It’s not easy to find car park slot in Ipoh Old Town

5. Getting Around Ipoh By Bicycle

Bicycle rental in Ipoh is definitely not as established as in Penang:

For the moment, there’s currently only one company offering such a service in Ipoh!

Bicycle Rental Is One Way To Get Around Ipoh
Bicycle Rental Is One Way To Get Around Ipoh – photo is from the official facebook CycleDios

CycleDios Smart Bike Rental

Regular bicycles for adults cost RM5 every 30 minutes, with a RM20 deposit. They have family bicycles too where a kid can sit with an adult. These cost RM10 every 30 minutes.

And other than their bicycle rental service, they offer heritage rickshaw tours (~RM100/hour) too.


  • You’ll see cyclists neglecting to wear their helmets as they are not enforced as a mandatory requirement
  • And there may be cyclists on the sidewalk even though it’s not allowed

Pros Of Renting A Bicycle In Ipoh

  • Go at your own pace
  • Family-friendly activity
  • Not too expensive
  • Bikes and stations all around Ipoh Old Town

Cons Of Renting A Bicycle In Ipoh

  • Only available around Ipoh Old Town
  • Need to register on the app first
  • You can return the bicycle at any of the parking stations around town!

Staying in a hotel in Ipoh Old Town?

Then walking is an ideal way of sight-seeing at a leisurely pace! With more chances of spotting Ipoh street art!

Mural Arts Lane In Ipoh New Town
Mural Arts Lane In Ipoh New Town – photo by Travelswithsun

You can get a map from the Ipoh Tourist Information Centre by Ipoh Padang. To decide which Ipoh walking trail you want to take!

Tips On Walking In Ipoh

  • Snatch thieves exist in Ipoh! Always keep your bag close to you!

Pros Of Walking In Ipoh

  • No time limit
  • Free
  • Don’t have to worry about parking or catching the bus

Cons Of Walking In Ipoh

  • Very hot with limited shade

7. Getting Around Ipoh With Ipoh Transport And Tour Service

Finally, there’re Ipoh private tour services that you can take for better part of the day!

RayTheTour offers flexible private tours to Ipoh and even up to Cameron Highlands!

Penang Tour - RayTheTour & Travelswithsun

Other benefits of booking a tour with RayTheTour include:

  • Friendly local tour guide (English or Chinese-speaking)
  • Pick up from your hotel
  • Drop off at your hotel after the tour
  • MPV or van transport
  • All transport costs covered
  • No limit to the number of places to visit!


To choose the most suitable Ipoh transport service for your trip:

Factor in your arrival point in Ipoh, your budget, Ipoh hotel, and the places you want to see!

It may be the local bus, taxi, Grab or your own two feet! And don’t forget, bicycle rental, car rental or a private tour service!

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