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The new OldTown Heritage Centre (home to the first Earthcare Café branch in Ipoh) stands out from its older neighbors.

This multi-story building houses a gallery, gift shop, and cafe. And you don’t have to pay any entry fees if you just want to check out the gallery upstairs.

What do we think of this place? Find out below.

What To See Here

Earthcare Café

Narrow but elegant and stylish, Earthcare Café is a very comfortable place to sit down with a beverage and enjoy the air-conditioning.

Front Section Of Earthcare Cafe At OldTown Heritage Centre
Front Section Of Earthcare Cafe

There is more seating upstairs, but we didn’t see anyone sitting there since the lower floor was not yet full.

The front of the café is more suitable for smaller groups. While the back of the café feels more private and has bigger tables.

There’s a visitor toilet and the staircase leading to the gallery in between the two dining sections on the ground floor.

Interesting Stairwell At OldTown Heritage Centre
Interesting Stairwell At OldTown Heritage Centre
At The Upstairs Gallery Of OldTown Heritage Centre
At The Upstairs Gallery

Heritage Gallery

Most of the exhibits in the gallery are on the wall. There’s a framed poster detailing the history and background of the large traditional paper lanterns on the lower floor (these are at the front of Earthcare Café).

Timeline Of Ipoh White Coffee At OldTown Heritage Centre
Timeline Of Ipoh White Coffee

And most of the gallery has material dedicated to the coffee-making process.

Interactive Wall At OldTown Heritage Centre
Interactive Wall

Other information that is available at this gallery is about the aims and current sustainable actions that Earthcare Café applies to their business model.

There’s also a life-sized replica of a traditional coffee making set up including the stove.

Antique Cups At OldTown Heritage Centre
Antique Cups
Traditional Coffee Making Setup At OldTown Heritage Centre
Traditional Coffee Making Setup

As well as miniature displays of typical local dishes, and a traditional kopitiam set up by the talented self-learned miniature artist, Lim Pui Wan (picoworm on her social media accounts).

Miniature Kopitiam Scene At OldTown Heritage Centre
Miniature Kopitiam Scene

Gift Shop

The gift shop is upstairs, on the same floor as the heritage gallery. We saw signature products under the OldTown label.

Gift Shop Inside OldTown Heritage Centre
Gift Shop Inside OldTown Heritage Centre

These include 3-in-1 instant coffee of different flavours and sugar levels.

As well as some traditional steel tiffin carriers and tote bags that are custom designed for OldTown.

Airy Corridor At OldTown Heritage Centre
Airy Corridor

Hydroponic Farm

This isn’t a full-sized farm in any way, but if you are exploring the upper terrace of the building, you’ll find a wall that has a hydroponic set up against it.

Vertical Farm At OldTown Heritage Centre
Vertical Farm

Apparently, the staff from Earthcare Café harvests the vegetables grown here for salads.



  • Staff is polite and friendly
  • Attractive building that is walking distance from Concubine Lane
  • Educational gallery (free entry) with some interactive elements
  • Beautiful interior design throughout the building
  • Café is air conditioned


  • Coffee is quite pricey (everything on the menu costs more than the average OldTown café)
  • Gift shop is not very big – they sell 3-in-1 coffee and tote bags
  • No visitor parking
View Of The Street From OldTown Heritage Centre
View Of The Street From OldTown Heritage Centre


It won’t take you long to explore OldTown Heritage Centre and the Earthcare Café. It’s a comfortable place to sample some OldTown signature beverages and to get a snack.

The gallery upstairs is small but worth a look since there are no entry fees.

We think you should check out this place if you’re already exploring Concubine Lane but if you hate stairs, you can skip this place since stairs are unavoidable if you want to see the gallery.

Concubine Lane

See wall murals, browse trinket stalls, get a refreshing drink, or try different street snacks at Concubine Lane. Neighbouring lanes, Market Lane and Hale Lane are less crowded and within walking distance from here too.

Where To Go For Ipoh White Coffee

Besides OldTown’s signature coffee, there are a lot of local traditional coffee shops (or kopitiams) that make a great cup of Ipoh white coffee. When ordering this drink at such eateries, it is enough to ask for hot coffee (kopi panas), or iced coffee (kopi ais). Locals don’t call it white coffee.

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