A Little Bud Florist Cafe, TTDI

If you want a quiet and comfortable place to do some work or spend your free time, there is A Little Bud Florist Café.

Besides their attractive interior, they do have some amazing cakes. Do prepare yourself for the prices though as dining here is not cheap.

See what else is in store for you if you visit A Little Bud.

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About A Little Bud

The founder of A Little Bud is Eireen, a florist who has a penchant for dried flower arrangements.

Dried Flower Arrangements Are Part Of The Bohemian Decor At A Little Bud Cafe
Dried Flower Arrangements Are Part Of The Bohemian Decor At A Little Bud Cafe

You can see many different bouquet arrangements on their Instagram or Facebook. As well as gift sets for all occasions. A Little Bud has been in operation since March 2021.

But the café construction began in mid-2022. It is on the first floor of an old shophouse row. Because of this, it’s not wheelchair accessible.

The coffee here is of single origin (from Cerrado Brazil). Iced Americano with coconut water and gula melaka latte are their signature drinks.

Besides coffee, there are cakes and butter croissants on the menu. They are famous for their Russian honey cakes and yuzu cheesecake.

In fact, they make the cakes themselves rather than outsourcing from suppliers.

There are mains as well (roast chicken is popular) and so you can have lunch here. The café opens from 10am to 6pm on most days. It is only open for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays.

Ease Of Parking At A Little Bud

Peak times at A Little Bud are usually at lunch between 12pm to 1pm. This area (TTDI or Taman Tun Dr Ismail) has many other cafes.

Because of this, you may want to make your visit outside of peak hours if possible. Either way, expect to go a few rounds around the whole block before you find a vacant parking spot.

Ambiance At A Little Bud

Many come for the environment at A Little Bud and rightly so. A Little Bud shines in the décor department with strong Bohemian vibes.

You can buy some of the flowers and pots you see in this café.

Graceful arches and raw concrete flooring are part of the architecture.

Stunning Ambiance At A Little Bud Florist Cafe
Stunning Ambiance At A Little Bud Florist Cafe – photo credits to a.little.bud

The seating layout is generous. And the café feels luxurious with its cohesive color scheme. Moreover, there is strategic ambient lighting throughout the air-conditioned space.

There is a long single-pane window at one end of the café. This offers privacy for customers and a view of the outside too.

Service At A Little Bud

A Little Bud has a great crew running it. The staff is amicable, attentive, and helpful. Their service makes you feel welcome. They are particularly generous with compliments.

Plus, they take requests for latte art. Feel free to ask them for suggestions on what to order.

Don’t hesitate to approach the friendly owner, Eileen if you want to know more about dried flowers.

PS: This café does not accept cash payments; Only electronic payments.

Food At A Little Bud

The drinks are good (we did not order the signature beverages). But, in our opinion, there are better lattes elsewhere.

Iced Matcha Latte (Niko Neko) At A Little Bud Florist Cafe
Iced Matcha Latte (Niko Neko) At A Little Bud Florist Cafe

Cakes are by far, our favorite from our order. Russian honey cake and Madeleine are both delicious and worth ordering!  Roast chicken is tasty.

Madeleine At A Little Bud Florist Cafe
Madeleine At A Little Bud Florist Cafe
Roast Chicken At A Little Bud Florist Cafe
Roast Chicken At A Little Bud Florist Cafe

Pricing At A Little Bud

This is about the only con for A Little Bud. Besides the lack of street parking.

Prices are higher than average. Even for KL café standards. The prices of beverages are shocking. It can cost close to RM20 for one of their specialty drinks. Or drinks that are from their Niko Neko series.

But there is more affordable coffee for ~RM10 to RM15. There is refillable hot tea (excluding their dried fruit tea) for RM15 as well.

Half of a roast chicken costs ~RM30. It is RM40 if you include a coffee. A slice of cake can cost RM26.


A Little Bud has everything for a great café experience. It’s beautiful, quiet, and comfortable. They have unique items on the menu.

Their food and drinks are good too, with lovely presentation. Commendable service from the staff stands out but so do their prices.

So, keep this in mind when you make a visit to A Little Bud. Along with the difficulty of finding parking.

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