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Brinchang Night Market is the most well-known pasar malam in Cameron Highlands.Its other name is Golden Hill Night Market.

Its original location used to be close to the Star Regency Hotel And Apartment. Now the market is in a different area amid new apartments and housing.

The move has not affected its popularity at all. Every weekend at sundown, the market is still as busy as ever!

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Opening Hours

This night market is open on Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 11 pm. Some stalls may already be set up as early as 4:30pm.

Brinchang Night Market In The Early Evening
Brinchang Night Market In The Early Evening

The market may also open if a public holiday falls on a Sunday! Or if it is currently school holidays in Malaysia.

If you don’t want to avoid the worst of the crowds, go before 5pm.

Stalls Line Both Sides Of The Brinchang Night Market
Stalls Line Both Sides Of The Brinchang Night Market – Photo by Travelswithsun

What To Buy

You’ll find the same type of snacks and fresh produce that you can see selling at Kea Farm which is the popular day market between Brinchang and Tanah Rata.

Grapes At Brinchang Night Market

But besides this, there are hawker stalls selling all sorts of grilled meatsvegetables, Malay dishes, and other deep-fried treats!

Deep Fried Snacks At Brinchang Night Market
Deep Fried Snacks

There are also a couple of drink stalls to choose from. We saw one stall with many customers because it had interesting flavors like a blend of lemon, lychee and strawberry juice.

Drinks Stall At Brinchang Night Market
Drinks Stall

Even at a leisurely pace, it might take you 15 minutes to walk from one end of the market to the other.

And you’ll notice that most of the stalls tend to sell about the same products for similar prices. We advise going around the market a few times to survey all the stalls before you buy anything!

Vendors may expect you to bargain too.

Strawberries And Dipping Chocolate At Brinchang Night Market
Strawberries And Dipping Chocolate

Here are some of the things you can expect to find at this market:

  • Strawberries (surprise, surprise!) – we did see white strawberries too
  • Satay and grilled squid
  • Different local beverages
  • Burgers
  • Economy rice (pick your own sides to go with your rice) or pre-packed rice sets
  • Keychains and other souvenirs like fridge magnets (and strawberry-shaped items).
  • Ornamental plants, fresh flower bouquets, and succulents
Succulents For Sale At Brinchang Night Market
Succulents For Sale
  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Honey (and honeycombs) and other bee-related products
Honey Stall At Brinchang Night Market
Honey Stall
Honeycomb For Sale At Brinchang Night Market
Honeycomb For Sale At Brinchang Night Market
  • Fresh vegetables like baby kai lan, tomatoes, sweet potato, corn, or eggplants (i.e. brinjal) – there are some unusual things like black corn
Assorted Tomatoes At Brinchang Night Market
Assorted Tomatoes
Corn For Sale At Brinchang Night Market
Corn For Sale
Steamed Corn And Potatoes At Brinchang Night Market
Steamed Corn And Potatoes
  • Snacks like fried mushrooms, strawberries dipped in chocolate, pancakes (apam balik is a local sweet cake with bits of corn and walnut that you can try), steamed corn, deep fried sweet potato balls, barbecued corn, etc
  • Strawberry jam and other homemade fruit jams

Tip: If you’re looking for the Cameron Valley tea brand, be careful of counterfeit brands sold here. You can also buy these from the original shop in Tanah Rata.

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Where To Park

There is a large car park that’s less than a minutes’ walk away from the market. The fees for this car park are RM3 per vehicle. Many avoid this parking fee by coming early and parking along the residential street nearby.

Traffic Regulator In Front Of Brinchang Night Market
Traffic Regulator In Front Of Brinchang Night Market

Or along the main road on the way to the market. You have to go before 5pm if you hope to find a vacant slot though.

During the weekends and public holidays, it’s not uncommon to see police officers directing the traffic. Try to go before 5 pm – as that is when the crowds are thickest!

Dinner Crowd At Brinchang Night Market
Dinner Crowd At Brinchang Night Market

Getting To Brinchang Night Market

If your hotel is in Tanah Rata, expect it to be a 10-minutes’ drive with no heavy traffic. But as dinner time approaches, the traffic in Brinchang will slow down a lot.

Cameron Highlands Golden Hills Weekend Night Market On A Rainy Day
Cameron Highlands Golden Hills Weekend Night Market On A Rainy Day – Photo by Travelswithsun

There are plenty of tour buses that will stop close to the market too.

Not planning to drive or stay close in Brinchang?

With RayTheTour private tour service from Ipoh, you can get transport and a guide to show you around the best spots in Cameron Highlands! That includes places like the Brinchang Night Market.

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Hotels Nearby

It’d be wise to stay somewhere close to the market. Especially if you have you are set on going on a long weekend with a public holiday!

And aside from avoiding the inevitable traffic, you save the trouble of having to find an available parking slot!

Here are some options for homestays close to the market.

1. Zetter Suites

As the name implies, these are apartment-style suites!

Zetter Suites Hotel Apartment Close To Brinchang Night Market
Zetter Suites Hotel Apartment Close To Brinchang Night Market

Each unit is packed with tons of amenities to ensure that you have a comfortable stay! They are great if you’re travelling with your whole family!

What you’ll like:

  • Free parking and Wi-Fi
  • Seating area in the suite
  • TV (Flat screen with satellite channels)
  • Equipped kitchen includes a fridge, stove top, kettle, and microwave!
  • Private bathroom (plus toiletries)
  • Breakfast every morning!
  • Friendly staff
  • Gorgeous suite with French-style furnishings and clean rooms
  • Daily room service
Zetter Suites At Cameron Highlands

Good to know:

  • Eateries and convenience store close by
  • The night market is right in front of the hotel
  • No air-conditioning

2. Golden Hill Apt At Night Market

Right next to the night market, you can stay at a spacious apartment here that is fully furnished.

Living Room Golden Hill Apartment At Night Market

What you’ll like:

  • Apartment comes with a living room, kitchen and dining room
  • Towels are provided
  • There is a lift up to the apartment
  • Free parking close by
  • Enough space to accommodate a small family
  • Comfortable and clean
  • Security available
  • Friendly receptionist
Golden Hill Apartment At Night Market

Good to know:

  • Convenience store on-site

3. Hotel Casa Dela Rosa

Casa De La Rosa stands out from the rest of the apartments in this list!

Living Rooms At Casadela Rosa

The spacious rooms have beautiful wooden country-style furniture that give a homey feel!

What you’ll like:

  • Good views of the golf course and garden
  • Cable TV
  • Minibar
  • Personal safe
  • Some rooms have a private balcony
  • Toiletries and hairdryer available
  • Lovely jogging trail perfect for a quick morning run
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Delicious breakfast
  • Warm service
Rooms At Casadela Rosa

Good to know:

  • Own cafe with local and international cuisine
  • Hotel offers babysitting and laundry services
  • Not suitable for elders – too many staircases!
  • No nearby eateries
  • 2-minute drive from the market

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Or you can check out more homestay options here.


Brinchang Night Market is must-see attraction in Cameron Highlands. We like the cool evening breeze that makes browsing the market more enjoyable.

Just be prepared for the crowds who also come to experience the market and look for dinner options.

If you aren’t staying long in Cameron Highlands, the closest alternative to this market is over at Kea Farm Market. Kea Farm Market is day market that is open until 7pm daily. And its central location means that it is close to other attractions too.

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