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Cactus Valley is not a new attraction. In fact, it has been open to visitor for many years. But many tend to skip it in favor of other places.

We’re here to tell you that it’s a quaint place even though it’s old. Although there are some things you should know before you come here.

Read on for more information.

Entrance Fees

It costs RM8 per adult to enter the park. They don’t charge any fees if you park in front.

Note: There is more parking higher up the hill but these are more convenient if you are also planning to visit the hilltop strawberry farm (Big Red Strawberry Farm). The two places are not connected directly.

Front Of Cactus Valley
Front Of Cactus Valley

What To See Here

The layout of the park appears messy at first. The main pathway branches out to smaller ones. Some of these paths are dead ends.

Inside Cactus Valley
Inside Cactus Valley

To make things simpler, we recommend checking out the top part of the park first, and then working your way down.

Main Cactus Display At Cactus Valley
Main Cactus Display

Our favorite part of the park is the central cacti display area. There are so many different cacti to see here. And the way they have arranged them is very appealing if you’re into photography.

Top View Of Central Display Area At Cactus Valley
Top View Of Central Display Area

We saw giant cacti – some are more than 80 years old. And other types that we’ve never come across before.

Cacti Labelled According To Their Age At Cactus Valley
Cacti Labelled According To Their Age

You might be tempted to, but a lot of the old cacti are not for sale.

Besides cacti, there are other flower bushes and even a section for grapes and apple trees.

Fenced Off Section For Apple Trees At Cactus Valley
Fenced Off Section For Apple Trees

When you get to the exit of the park (which makes a loop back to the entrance), there is a koi pond and a shop where you can buy potted plants.

Cactus Nursery Section Inside Cactus Valley
Cactus Nursery Section


They don’t have an on-site café here, but they do have modern sit-down toilets.

Assorted Cacti On Display At Cactus Valley
Assorted Cacti On Display



  • Impressive collection of cacti and succulents
  • Beautiful desert-scaping
  • You can see flowers and fruit trees here too
  • Many seats throughout the park
  • Not crowded


  • Not wheelchair friendly (i.e., many stairs)
  • Some parts are not as well maintained
  • No animal exploitation (e.g., mini zoo)
  • Limited parking
Rows Of Golden Barrel Cacti At Cactus Valley
Rows Of Golden Barrel Cacti
Giant Snake Plant Like Specimen At Cactus Valley
Giant Snake Plant Like Specimen

How To Get Here

Don’t have your own car? No problem, you can join a private day tour that starts with pick up in Ipoh.

Ipoh And Cameron Highlands Tour - Travelswithsun

The tours are led by experienced local tour guides/ drivers who can advise you on how best to spend a day in Cameron Highlands.

Find out more about the tours on WhatsApp.


Cactus Valley is worth a visit in our opinion. You’ll get to learn some different cactus types and get in some exercise with all the climbing.

If you’re expecting to see a lot more than cacti, you might be disappointed though. The best part about the park is their cacti.

Cactus Point

Don’t want to pay any entry fees? Cactus Point is an alternative place you can visit. They have some old cacti too though not as many. And you can buy reasonably priced plants and garden supplies here too.

Big Red Strawberry Farm

Many families find Big Red Strawberry Farm more accessible than its neighbour, Cactus Valley. There are no entrance fees, more visitor parking, and fewer steps to climb. This place has a spacious on-site café too.

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