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Rose Valley in Kampung Tringkap, Cameron Highlands is one of the older attractions in Cameron Highlands.

Their entrance fees are lower than at other places. But does that mean there is less to see and do? What can you expect from a visit here?

Here are the details in case you plan on visiting this place for yourself.

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About This Place

If you’re a fan of roses or flowers in general, there are many species of roses to see. The garden is true to its name in this regard.

Entrance Of Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands

But aside from roses, there are also other plants (flowering and otherwise). These are often grouped in attractive arrangements. Complete with garden statues and benches.

The garden spreads out on a slope so climbing stairs is necessary if you want to explore the whole garden. We recommend starting from the top and moving down slowly to conserve energy.

Rainbow Stairs At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Rainbow Stairs

There is no signage around. So, you never know what’s around the next corner.


What we like:

  • Low entry fees
  • Beautiful garden with nice landscaping
  • Many different flowers to see
  • Covered from rain
  • Many places to sit down
  • They have many different rose species

What we don’t like:

  • Higher parts of the garden are in disrepair
  • Animals in mini zoo section are not free to roam
  • Unimpressive views from the top of the garden
  • No signage for the plants
  • Some cheesy (and even creepy) decorations in parts of the garden
  • The awkward rose tribute corridor
Balcony At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Balcony At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands

Entrance Fees

Entrance fees have remained the same for years. It costs RM5 for adults, and RM2 for kids. And this is a lot more affordable than newer flower gardens in Cameron Highlands.

The ticket counter is on the left after you enter.

After you get your tickets, proceed past the counter, and go down some stairs to enter the garden.

What To See

1. Roses

Needless to say, the highlight of a visit here are the roses.

Lovely Pink Rose At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Lovely Pink Rose
Rose Bushes At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Rose Bushes At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands

It would be nice if they labeled the names of the roses, but they do not.

How many roses there are depends on your time of visit. In our visit in mid-August, all of the rose bushes seemed to be in bloom.

Yellow And Pink Rose At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Yellow And Pink Rose
Roses In Bloom At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Roses In Bloom

PS: The rose bushes have a lot of thorns. Be careful when passing through them.

Red Roses At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Red Roses
Pink Roses At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Pink Roses

2. Other Flowers

We are not flower experts and don’t know what most of the flowers are. Moreover, there are no labels for them.

They have jade vines, chili plants, lavender, Chinese lantern flowers, hibiscus, orange honeysuckle, etc. We did not see any orchids or exotic carnivorous plants.

But we did see a thriving manuka bush! This plant is native to New Zealand and Australia.

Manuka Bush At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Manuka Bush

3. Fish Pond

On the lower section of the garden is a sizeable fishpond. It has some gourds (we think they are gourds) hanging over it.

Fish Pond At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Fish Pond

There are swings nearby, tables and chairs, and a steep slide for kids by this pond. We think the slide looks a little dangerous so use it at your own risk.

Swings And Tables At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Swings And Tables

PS: Visitors can’t feed the fish here as with O&R Garden

4. Cacti

This section is small (after seeing Cactus Point) and right past the mini zoo. It consists of tables with succulents and their respective pots on top.

We skipped this section to leave earlier.

Many Colors Of Roses At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Many Colors Of Roses

5. Birds

There is a sort of mini zoo at the very end. You have to pass it on your way out. We went on a rainy day.

And perhaps this made our impression of the zoo more negative than it might have been.

It was dark and dimly lit. The few animals (pheasants and peacocks) were locked in cages that had no proper floors:

The bottom of the cages is of wire mesh and the cages are directly above the river. Which we guess, keeps the maintenance effort lower since the droppings fall to the river.

Roses Around A Fountain At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Roses Around A Fountain

What To Buy

Naturally, they have flowers and other indoor plants for sale. These are displayed on both sides of the entrance.

Of these, they have some exceptionally large hibiscus hybrids that cost a pretty penny.

There are some typical souvenirs for sale too.

In one section of the garden, it looks like they used to have stalls, but these are no longer in use.

Statue Of A Horse At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Statue Of A Horse


There are toilets but they are not very clean.

Additionally, there is no on-site café or restaurant.

Rows Of Rose Bushes At Rose Valley In Cameron Highlands
Rows Of Rose Bushes

Ease Of Parking

There’s no visitor parking. You can only park your car along the side of the road, further away.

Shop stalls offer some protection from rain when you walk from your car.


If you don’t have mobility issues, Rose Valley is worth a look. The lower parts of the garden are generally nicer than the top parts. Though you can explore the whole garden for some exercise.

But we do honestly think that they should close the pitiful mini zoo and focus on their garden.

This aside, it doesn’t cost much to visit this place. And you will leave with many photos of their lovely garden. There isn’t much else to do here besides taking photos.

More rose gardens in Cameron Highlands.

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