Chakori Cafe In Ipoh

It’s hard not to notice the attractive storefront of Chakori when you’re strolling along Jalan Market. The café is walking distance from popular Ipoh attractions too.

What’s more, they have cold (or hot treats) and an air-conditioned environment that is pure bliss on a hot afternoon of sightseeing on foot.

This is our experience having an afternoon break at Chakori on a Wednesday.

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About Chakori

Starting in late 2019, Chakori has managed to pull through the pandemic.

Their specialty are desserts like soft-serve gelato with waffles, and cakes. They have shaved ice desserts too.

And depending on when you go, they may have interesting flavors for their desserts like osmanthus lemon, pumpkin, blueberry, lavender earl grey with lemon, houjicha tiramisu, coconut sorbet, seasalt oreo, etc.

The menu also features many non-caffeinated and caffeinated beverages. Including some very intriguing smoothies.

Chakori Cafe In Ipoh Old Town
Chakori Cafe In Ipoh Old Town – Photo by Travelswithsun

Ease Of Parking At Chakori

We’ll be frank:

No matter what time of day it is or day of the week, it will not be easy to find parking close to Chakori unless you have some luck on your side.

Even on a Wednesday, we parked as far as Ho Yan Hor Museum and walked to Chakori. And this is what we consider to be a good spot already.

Ambiance Of Chakori

Chakori café resides in two connected and refurbished shot lots.

Spacious Seating Layout In Chakori
Spacious Seating Layout In Chakori

The cafe features a giant glass door for the front of the café, as well as industrial elements like raw walls, aesthetical wood panelling for the walls, trendy furniture, and different sources of warm ambient lighting.

It’s definitely one of the prettiest cafes we’ve been to in Ipoh. And while there are plenty of seats inside the café, it doesn’t feel cramped.

Another Angle Of The Interior At Chakori Cafe
Another Angle Of The Interior At Chakori Cafe

There is an outdoor section further to the back of the café and this side is highly aesthetic with plants and wood furniture but on non-peak days, they don’t turn the air conditioning on here so it can feel very humid and uncomfortable.

Semi Outdoor Seating At Chakori
Semi Outdoor Seating At Chakori

For music, there are Chinese songs playing lightly in the background.

Service At Chakori

They have young staff managing the café and they were patient in waiting for our group of 4 to decide on what we wanted to order.

Counter At Chakori Cafe In Ipoh
Counter At Chakori Cafe In Ipoh

Then again, there weren’t’ many other customers to attend to that day.

What stood out to us was when the waitress carefully wiped the bottom of one our mugs after noticing that it had spilled over. We didn’t even ask her to do that and that was a nice gesture that we appreciated.

Orders were timely and thus, we don’t have much else to say about the service at Chakori.

Food At Chakori

There are surprisingly a lot of mains you can get at Chakori although we already had our lunch so we settled for their desserts instead.

Of these, we got their signature waffles with gelato – we chose a double scoop of coconut sorbet and black sesame.

Double Scoop Gelato With Waffles At Chakori
Double Scoop Gelato With Waffles At Chakori

As well as a slice of blueberry cheesecake. This was nice and had a mild taste that wasn’t sweet. But it didn’t really taste of blueberry, nor were there many berries inside.

Slice Of Blueberry Cheesecake At Chakori
Slice Of Blueberry Cheesecake At Chakori

For drinks, we got hojicha tea, matcha tea (very potent), and a latte – all hot although you can choose hot or cold versions for most of the drinks.

Beverages And A Slice Of Cake At Chakori
Beverages And A Slice Of Cake At Chakori

We were happy with our desserts and beverages. The waffles still have some crisp to them and they complement the ice cream well.

Drinks And Dessert At Chakori
Drinks And Dessert At Chakori

The coconut sorbet gelato doesn’t taste artificial and the black sesame gelato in comparison, has a stronger flavor.

Pricing At Chakori

We expected the pricing to be very high considering Chakori’s proximity to Concubine Lane. However, the pricing matches other cafes in Ipoh. About RM20 to 25 per person.

It’s just too bad that there is no free flow of drinking water at this café. It is charged separately (RM1 per cup).


Chakori is usually full of people on weekends and public holidays and so their service can be slow on those days.

We recommend coming on an off-peak day so you can enjoy the lovely ambiance and desserts in peace. The only disturbance is the occasional loud whir of the blender whenever someone orders a smoothie!

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