Western Food In Penang

If you had enough of roti canai, char kuey teow, and the like, a detour to the best eateries for western food in Penang may just be what you need.

There are many first-class western restaurants that add flavor to Penang’s already vibrany culinary landscape.

So, take a break from the snaking queues of famous street food and navigate your way to the top 11 famous western restaurants in Penang!

Top Western Restaurants In Penang

1. The Barn Gurney Plaza, Penang

Floor to ceiling built-in wine cellars and aesthetic lighting lend relaxing vibes to this restaurant which sports an impressive alcoholic menu along with delish western food.

Their top curations are none other than their pork dishes like the crispy pork pizza and pork ribs.

Another highly sought-after bestseller is the Iberico pork burger that’s imbued with natural nutty flavor  that meat lovers will attest to.

Assorted Mains At The Barn Gurney Plaza Penang
Assorted Mains At The Barn Gurney Plaza Penang – Photo credits to benjazzxd (Instagram)

Fridays and Saturdays are when entertainment is amped up several notches with a live band performance or stand-up comedian taking center stage.

The Barn Gurney Plaza has top-notch hospitality as well – to the point where you feel indebted to tip, or the least praise the crew for their genuine service.

2. Edelweiss Café

Somewhere along the heritage row of Armenian street, this quaint café sports a vintage look decked with many antique furniture, clocks, and memorabilia.

Dining Environment At Edelweiss Cafe, Penang
Dining Environment At Edelweiss Cafe, Penang – Photo credits to humphrey7798 (Instagram)

Within this unpretentious space lies delish and authetic western food.

The made-from-scratch sausages are as good as those abroad, and their rosti cheese fondue comes with a free flow of bread and salad for a satiating meal.

Western Cuisine At Edelweiss Cafe, Penang
Western Cuisine At Edelweiss Cafe, Penang – Photo credits to thenomzter.inc (Instagram)

And if you feel like indulging in a teatime snack or dessert, look forward to their “Cake of the Week” this keeps the menu exciting.

But while some customers lament about the lack of air conditioning at Edelweiss Café which has an open-air concept, there is usually a breeze.

The sumptuous meals make up for a little discomfort too!

3. The Loft – Love Lane

Picturesquely gorgeous with high ceilings and pendant lamps dangling from plant vines, The Loft exudes an intimate setting that’s perfect for dates and gatherings.

A wood fire oven takes up considerable space in this Western eatery in Penang so you know that their pizzas are a cut above the rest.

As a result, the inside of this Penang western food restaurant smells lovely with aromatic wafts of their wood-seared Italian pizzas. The latter is naturally, the star dish at The Loft.

Various Mains At The Loft At Love Lane Penang
Various Mains At The Loft At Love Lane Penang – Photo credits to taitailife_90 (Instagram)

Of the different flavors to choose from, the four-season pizza is a flavorful must-try boasting a crunchy crust, alongside succulent fresh oysters.

Besides pizza, you’ll also find an impressive lineup of wines and spirits that pair effortlessly with western cuisine.

While it does cost more to dine at The Loft, the high prices befit the luxurious food plus superb ambiance. This will be a memorable outing for sure!


Olivia’s Restaurant is flocked by Penangites and locals for its authentic sauces and culinary creations.

Western Style Food At Olivia's Restaurant, Penang
Western Style Food At Olivia’s Restaurant, Penang – Photo credits to oliviaspapi (Instagram)

Feast on their best seller – burgers! Accompanying their juicy and tender gourmet patties is mozzarella cheese rather than commercial cheddar. 

Their fish and chips and roasted chicken are rave-worthy too. Best of all, choose from an assortment of side dishes such as pasta, butter rice, mashed potato, or fries.

Peri-Peri Chicken At Olivia's Restaurant, Penang
Peri-Peri Chicken At Olivia’s Restaurant, Penang – Photo credits to oliviaspapi (Instagram)

With all this good food, this western restaurant in Penang draws a constant crowd yearning to savor the best.

Don’t forget to take a look at their impressive menu of 16 pre-order cheesecakes (of substantial portions).

5. Harvest In Café

Featuring a mix of western and Korean food, Harvest in Café serves amazingly good food at very reasonable prices.

Apart from the staple western meals like steak, fish and chips, and pasta, this western food eatery in Penang sneaks in several Korean favorites such as fried chicken and poke bowls too.

Steaks here are juicy, tender, and done to perfection. Hence, they are a crowd favorite among patrons.

The Food Presentation At Harvest In Cafe
The Food Presentation At Harvest In Cafe – Photo credits to eatlawithus_ (Instagram)

Other must-try dishes include the lamb tikka and the pasta aglia olio that tickles all the right taste notes.

However, Harvest In Cafe is just 5 minutes walk from the Gleneagles Hospital, so parking can be nightmarish especially when the crowd swells over dinner.

Thus, be sure to start your journey early and make a reservation to secure a seat.

6. Via Pre Penang Italian Restaurant

Nestled in bustling old Georgetown, chequered black and white flooring and colorful glass panels lend a homely vibe to this precious Italian restaurant:

Interior Of Via Pre Penang Italian Restaurant
Interior Of Via Pre Penang Italian Restaurant – Photo credits to dineindic (Instagram)

Via Pre Penang Italian Restaurant has been weathering economic turbulence and thriving for the past decade.

And their resilience against the test of time is undisputed proof of the fine food they serve.

Some Of The Menu Items At Via Pre Penang Italian Restaurant
Some Of The Menu Items At Via Pre Penang Italian Restaurant – Photo credits to yennyeats (Instagram)

This classic Italian restaurant cooks up some of the best pizzas in Penang – The presence of fine cheese, thin crusts, and first-grade ingredients make them so addictive.

Reminiscent of choices found in native Italy, their cured meat and cheeses will also make you swoon ma ma mia, while their tiramisu and pasta are spot-on too.


If you miss authentic British food, then head over to this Penang fine dining restaurant at Tanjung Bungah.

Opulently decorated with a rustic setting and crimson lighting, this joint is known for serving bonafide burgers, breakfast sets, and London-style Chinese food.

Lamb Shank At The Hillside Penang
Lamb Shank At The Hillside Penang – Photo credits to thebasicfoodblog (Instagram)

Their fluffy egg omelet that’s never overcooked, yet jiggly soft when cut into is a testament to how close their curations are to Brit standards.

The Hillside is thronged by many expatriates and non-resident tourists, with a strong following among locals too. And it is surprisingly, under the expert guidance of a Korean native, Mr. Kim.


This is a classic case of not letting looks deceive you:

Because  in spite of their humble location at an inconspicuous back alley and somewhat cramped interior, Otto Pizza Penang is the undisputed pizza king in Penang!

Pizza Polpette At Otto Pizza Penang
Pizza Polpette At Otto Pizza Penang – Photo credits to ottopizzapenang (Instagram)

Authentic Italian ingredients are used to make their pizza mind-blowing. Indeed, the pizza is scrumptious with cheese and dough that literally melt in the mouth!

You can find this tiny pizzeria along Lorong Seckhuan. Seating capacity is limited. But fret not as takeaway and delivery are splendid options too.

Calzone Massimo At Otto Pizza Penang
Calzone Massimo At Otto Pizza Penang – Photo credits to ottopizzapenang (Instagram)

They have a dizzying array of pizza to choose from – this includes the usual suspects like classic Margherita and calzone pizza.

But they have novelty flavors like smoked duck and pizza siciliana too. Regardless of which flavor you choose, it’ll be delicious!

9. Lunarich Malaysia Pizza & Pasta

Lunarich Malaysia Pizza & Pasta is another exceptional Italian pizzeria with an all-encompassing menu:

Their best-sellers are none other than their squid ink risotto and pasta.

Aside from these, their pizza offerings are plentiful, with the truffle funghi pizza being a standout among the crowd.

Delicious Mains At Lunarich Malaysia Pizza And Pasta, Penang
Delicious Mains At Lunarich Malaysia Pizza And Pasta, Penang – Photo credits to yw.bagelicious (Instagram)

Meat eaters can relish in a sumptuous fare of juicy pork ribs doused in smoky barbecue sauce. Moreover, steaks are done to one’s exquisite taste.

Lastly, enjoy utmost privacy as you dine without having to “eavesdrop” on other conversations. The restaurant has light jazzy music playing and ample space.

10. Ben’s Diner Restaurant

Ben’s Diner Restaurant is an unpretentious hole-in-a-wall western diner run by a lovely couple. And the restaurant is best known for its porky dishes.

They have everything from artisan pork sausages, braised pork ribeye, baked pork belly, and pork loin to pork jowl. So get set to feast on flavourful and juicy meat accompanied with excellent sauces.

Various Meat Dishes At Ben's Diner Restaurant, Penang
Various Meat Dishes At Ben’s Diner Restaurant, Penang – Photo credits to bens_diner (Instagram)

Some other interesting curations that deserve applause are their capsicum sauce salmon, chicken parmesan, and desserts too.

Set within a cozy environment, the speedy service and affable owners are other allures apart from the tantalizing meals at Ben’s Diner Restaurant.

11. Soul Café

Marrying their passion for Italian cuisine and photography, Soul Café serves as a creative extension of their devotion to food and artistry.

As the name suggests, each dish unravels the immense soul and thought that goes into preparing it.

Of the captivating color-coded pasta, the green pasta and orange pasta are especially popular with patrons of Soul Cafe.

Beautifully Presented Mains And Dessert At Soul Cafe, Penang
Beautifully Presented Mains And Dessert At Soul Cafe, Penang – Photo credits to yennyeats (Instagram)

Besides, pasta, you can discover localized ice cream flavors that are hard to come like the tea-based tie kuan yin and hojicha pistachio.

End your café indulgence on a caffeine high with a wide selection of gourmet brews to choose from.


From established old-timers to new setups, these spots for western food in Penang add a dash of variety to Penang’s eclectic culinary scene.

And if the foodie in you still feels peckish and adventurous, Penang plays host to some of the best steamboat restaurants too.

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