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Lunarbarcoffee is far from tourist spots in Penang. It is close to a residential area and is popular with the working crowd nearby.

So, is this beautiful café still worth a visit if you’re from out of town?

If you want to know what you can expect from this café, keep on reading.


Afternoons may be too hot to enjoy the garden setting of the outdoor seating area in front of the café.

One Of The Outdoor Seats In Front Of Lunabarcoffee
One Of The Outdoor Seats In Front Of Lunabarcoffee

But the inside of the café is fully air-conditioned. They have a lot of indoor plants and antique furniture to admire.

Photogenic Spot At Lunabarcoffee In George Town, Penang
Photogenic Spot At Lunabarcoffee

The middle section of the café does get a lot of sunlight though, so it is not as cool as the front section.

Indoor Seating At The Front Of Lunabarcoffee In Penang
Indoor Seating At The Front Of Lunabarcoffee
Middle Section Seen From The Front Of Lunabarcoffee
Middle Section Seen From The Front Of Lunabarcoffee

Customers can sit around the drink preparation area too as there is bar seating.

At the back of the café, there is a full-sized table tennis table (and paddles), more indoor plants, and the toilets (which are clean even if one was out of order).

Table Tennis Table Behind Lunabarcoffee In Penang
Table Tennis Table Behind Lunabarcoffee

How Great Are The Drinks Here?

Even on a weekday, we saw both new and regular customers frequently coming in. Some of the regulars ordered coffees to go.

We did try their regular latte and it already had such a unique flavor that we’ve never come across before. The coffee was rich, aromatic, and not too sweet or bitter.

Iced Latte At Lunabarcoffee
Iced Latte

There’s a decent selection of other non-coffee beverages too.

We opted for the pressed juice of guava, apple, and lemon. This combination with ice was surprisingly pleasant and refreshing.

Cold Pressed Juice At Lunabarcoffee In George Town
Cold Pressed Juice

They have some cakes on display at the counter but after our heavy lunch, we didn’t feel like trying any.

What Is The Service Like?

The thing that we remember the most from our experience at Lunarbarcoffee is not the great drinks or lovely ambiance, but the service.

Counter And Menu At Lunabarcoffee In George Town
Counter And Menu

All their staff are cheery and very helpful. We saw many instances of them going out of their way to make sure that customers had comfortable seating.

They are very good friends with their regular customers and laughter and conversation fills the space along with the enticing smell of coffee.

PS: They also have a friendly-looking black cat hiding around the café but we didn’t get a chance to meet it


They do have a minimum requirement of 1 order per person. So, a session here can be pricey.

Coffee is priced between RM11 to RM17. And it costs RM21 for the more exotic filter blends. There is the option of oat milk for an additional RM3.

A slice of cake can cost between RM13 to RM17.

We spent close to RM30 here for our two drinks – latte and cold pressed juice.

Plant Covered Exterior Of Lunabarcoffee In Penang
Plant Covered Exterior Of Lunabarcoffee In Penang


You can take advantage of their early opening hours (8am on weekdays, 9am on weekends) to have more chances of finding a convenient parking spot.

We went on an afternoon and did not have to spend too long searching for a spot. Although admittedly, it was not a legal parking spot but on a long sandy stretch in front of a home.

This parking spot is across the road from Lunarbarcoffee along Jalan Clove Hall. In fact, the whole street seems very quiet.


Despite the high pricing, we can see why Lunarbarcoffee is so successful. Not only is this café very easy on the eyes, but they also have an exceptional team running it.  

It is clear that people come back here for more than just their coffee which is also better than average.

We can easily say that this is one of our favorite cafes in Penang. And it is worth driving out of George Town to find it. But if you don’t want to drive so far, try these George Town Cafes.

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