Cafes In Georgetown Penang

Georgetown Penang has an eclectic collection of charming cafes that are worthy of your time besides its stunning street art and rich cultural heritage.

There are numerous chic and cozy venues to get a comforting breakfast, a fulfilling lunch, or a carb-loaded dinner.

So if the allure of sourdough bread, dainty pastries, and artisanal coffee rank high on your priority, then bookmark this list of the best Georgetown cafés in Penang!

11 Best Cafes In Georgetown, Penang Island

1. The Mugshot Café

An intriguing designer café set within two pre-war shophouses, The Mugshot Café is hard to miss with its distinctive brown blinds emblazoned with its name.

Front And Interior Of The Mugshot Cafe
Front And Interior Of The Mugshot Cafe – Photo credits to che__jin (Instagram)

Inside, a life-size skeleton of a Pteranodon hangs from the ceiling among striking pink paper fans, making it an arresting sight to behold.

On the menu is a range of bespoke non-alcoholic cakes that taste as good as they look.

The Pistachio Lemon Cake is a best seller that pairs well with any of the high-quality fruity yogurt shakes. Of these, the Jackfruit Greek yogurt and jackfruit Gula Melaka Yogurt check all the right boxes for those yearning for a healthy dessert.

Burgers, Toast And Coffee At The Mugshot Cafe
Burgers, Toast And Coffee At The Mugshot Cafe – Photo credits to themugshotcafe (left) and alykhaw (right) (Instagram)

Other than these, the Salmon Bagel is another decadent winner filled with cream cheese and baked to crispy perfection.

Jazzy background music completes this relaxing space so feel free to pop on over at this Georgetown café in Penang at any time of the day.

2. Yin’s Sourdough Bakery and Café

Originally a wholesale bakery, Yin’s Sourdough Bakery & Café repivoted its business strategy to cater to hordes of customers pining for artisanal coffee and café food.

Their sourdough bread is first class striking a faultless equilibrium of sour and wholesome nuances. Bread lovers revel in their cheesy egg-filled focaccia with garlic and rosemary undertones.

Chicken Luncheon Sandwich and Egg Benny Pizza At Yin's Sourdough Bakery and Cafe, Penang
Chicken Luncheon Sandwich and Egg Benny Pizza At Yin’s Sourdough Bakery and Cafe, Penang – Photo credits to just_eat_nia (Instagram)

Meanwhile, their “mistress” coffee is a beautiful art piece infused with roasted tea and decorated with flower petals.

Finally, their breakfast set of fluffy soft scrambled eggs and handmade sausage paired with homemade tomato sauce makes a perfect finale for a healthy meal.

3. Lunabarcoffee

Gorgeously plant-filled with a Scandinavian concept to boot, Lunabarcoffee is a popular joint among bookworms and coffee lovers to chat and mingle.

Chic Interior Of Lunabarcofee
Chic Interior Of Lunabarcofee – Photo credits to eatswithjojo_ (Instagram)

Towering book racks filled to the brim present a sweet opportunity to scour for new reading material. As books are available for sale along with your preferred choice of coffee.

Aside from books, there’s a vinyl player in-house where guests can request for their favorite song.

And while Lunabarcofee are predominantly famous for their gourmet coffee and teas, there’s a decent selection of homemade cakes too.

Matcha Latte, Coffee And Cake At Lunabarcoffee
Matcha Latte, Coffee And Cake At Lunabarcoffee – Photo credits to ohjustmunch (Instagram)

Thrill your taste buds with their Banana Cake, Almond Blue Berry Cake, and Matcha Cake as these are top choices!

4. siTigun Micro Coffee Roastery

Shopfront of siTigun Micro Coffee Roastery In Georgetown, Penang
Shopfront of siTigun Micro Coffee Roastery In Georgetown, Penang – Photo credits to sitiguncoffee (Instagram)

Carving its niche as an artisanal coffee place featuring roasted Indonesian beans, siTigun Micro Coffee Roastery lives up to its name by serving aromatic cuppa all day.

By default, they serve double-shot coffee to patrons. So, if you want to dial this down to a single shot, let the crew know upfront.

Coffee And Savory Eats At siTigun Micro Coffee Roastery
Coffee And Savory Eats At siTigun Micro Coffee Roastery – Photo credits to gastronomic_duo (Instagram)

Steep quality control is their forte as the café has its own coffee bean roasting machine, allowing the baristas to roast the Arabica and Robusta beans according to their expertise.

For something savory to go with your coffee, the croissant and scrambled eggs are on-point, as are other buttery pastries.

5. Coffee Lane

Coffee Lane on Chulia Street is a great pitstop in your Penang itinerary as you explore Georgetown. This unassumingly small café boasts a decent menu with the usual café staples.

Some of their must-try breakfast items include the Butter-Kaya Toast with Half-Boiled Eggs, alongside an array of homemade cakes like the Marble and Banana Cake.

Pastries And Coffee At Coffee Lane Cafe
Pastries And Coffee At Coffee Lane Cafe – Photo credits to Coffee Lane (Facebook)

But they have an impressive coffee and unique beverage list as well. Snow Blake Coffee is one such crowd-puller.

You should note that their coffee beans are not overwhelming strong and they have a fruity top note.

An in-house roaster helps deliver consistent goodness with each brew. Furthermore, the beans are roasted at the start of each morning to ensure utmost freshness.

6. Jawi House Cafe Gallery

With a rich heritage dating back six generations, Jawi House Café Gallery serves authentic Peranakan cuisine infused with spices of Arab, Persian, and Indian descent.

The décor is simply breathtaking with a heavy use of mahogany furniture to contrast against colorful windows for a playful element. Adorning the walls of this pre-war shop lot are pictures of Chef Nuril’s family and significant Jawi Peranakan women folk.

Food-wise, the Nasi Briyani with chicken or lamb is on-point and goes well with fragrant-imbued Air Pandan (screw pine drink).

Lamb Biryani At Jawi House Cafe Gallery
Lamb Biryani At Jawi House Cafe Gallery – Photo credits to jawihouse (Instagram)

Assam Laksa Lemak is another amazing rendition that balances the richness of the coconut milk and the tangy undertones.

Not forgetting the Beef Rendang – a renown hit for its smoky taste that accompanies the tender meat chunks.

7. Fuku Eatery & Dessert

Counter And Cafe Interior Of Fuku Eatery And Dessert
Counter And Cafe Interior Of Fuku Eatery And Dessert – Photo credits to bloop.eats (Instagram)

With an azure-colored flight of stairs against clean interiors, Fuku Eatery & Dessert not only stands out for its mouthwatering menu but its sleek aesthetics too.

Their Umu Japanese curry, Mazemen (dry ramen), and Udon are crowd favorites and you will doubtless see these menu items on many tables.

Assorted Mains At Fuku Eatery And Dessert
Assorted Mains At Fuku Eatery And Dessert – Photo credits to tan.ptations (Instagram)

And instead of conventional coffee mugs, the iced coffee here is served in a sake bottle and sipped via small teacups for a novel experience.

Fuku Eatery & Dessert  offers desserts too. Like the ice-shaved Golden Mang Kakigori with crisp grapes, pear jellies, and homemade mango sauce – it is an excellent way to cool-off on sweltering hot days.

You’ll also find a decent variety of meatless food ideal for vegetarians and diners looking for healthier options.

However, since the breakfast menu is minimal and most food is only available after 11:30 pm, expect the lunch crowd to be thick!

8. Matcho Café

Matcho Café is the ideal go-to to savor high-quality matcha delicacies and chocolate desserts in a trendy café setting Georgetown.

This café’s clever use of neon pink and pretty pastels against the signature green evokes a tranquil but vibrant atmosphere that guests can bask in.

Cakes And Beverages (Including Matcha Flavors) At Matcho Cafe
Cakes And Beverages (Including Matcha Flavors) At Matcho Cafe – Photo credits to matchocafe (Instagram)

The menu has some seasonal items. One top recommendation is their Rose Matcha Pancake which incorporates floral accents that integrates well with matcha’s earthy flavors.

There are in fact, many pretty matcha latte art and matching matcha crepes to choose from!

9. The Table Penang

The Table Penang boasts a wide selection of sumptuous Western meals that hits all the right taste profiles.

From the Chicken Chop, Pesto Pasta, to Chicken Popcorn with Creamy Sauce, the food here is well-done and rarely disappoints.

Different Mains At The Table Penang
Different Mains At The Table Penang – Photo credits to thetablepenang (Instagram)

The Bolognese Beef Burger is another well-crafted dish made of 100% Australian beef and rich wagyu beef.

Artisanal tea and beverages seal this tasty deal together with generous servings and hearty delights that are simply impossible to resist!

10. Soul Café

Hailed for serving the best pasta in this side of town, Soul Café’s distinctly different spaghetti texture puts it on the pedestal of pasta greats with patrons frequently flocking over.

Warm And Cozy Interior of Soul Cafe At Georgetown Penang
Warm And Cozy Interior of Soul Cafe At Georgetown Penang – Photo credits to soulcafepenang (Instagram)

Consistently al dente and well-coated with glorious pasta sauce, fusion variants like Curry and Tom Yam Pasta are just as good as classic choices such as the Pesto Pasta.

The Linguine Al Vongole Pasta is another clear hit on the menu with its generous use of fresh clams and herbs.

As for its ambiance, warm lighting and woody fittings provide an inviting touch to the welcoming environment that overflows with good vibes.

11. Norm Micro Roastery

Styled in pristine white with ample natural light and an industrial ceiling, Norm Micro Roastery has an arresting open concept interior indeed.

Sunlit Interior Of Norm Micro Roastery
Sunlit Interior Of Norm Micro Roastery – Photo credits to chloehomj (Instagram)

Living trees thrive at the center of this café thanks the sufficient lighting and zen energy that permeates from within.

This minimalist-designed café at George Town is also a well-liked pet-friendly cafe where fur kids are seen dining with happy owners.

Norm Micro Roastery are famous for their Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto which uses natural stock well infused with rich seafood essence. The risotto possesses the ideal moisture ratio with fresh clams striking a balance in flavors.

Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto At Norm Micro Roastery
Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto At Norm Micro Roastery – Photo credits to wendytwd_ (Instagram)

Moreover, their Tiramisu is tiny but decadent in all aspects, with the taste of fine liquor and luscious mascarpone cheese melting away with each delectable bite.


Take a break from the roadside hawker food Penang is famous for. Instead, seek refuge from the heat and cool off at any of these amazing Georgetown cafes that are set to tantalize your palate.

Coffee aficionados can head over to any one of these other cafes in Penang where the smell of aromatic coffee is testament to a robust brew!

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