August Healing In Ipoh

August Healing is a new café in Ipoh. You might miss this inconspicuous café because it’s upstairs. And there are only small signboards to point the way to the cafe.

How does this café compare to others in Ipoh? And what are the highlights of a visit here?

Find out in this post as we share our experience visiting this café.

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About August Healing

Despite starting operations during the pandemic (February 2021), August Healing is doing well. We went on a Monday afternoon and there were many other customers.

This is a Muslim-friendly café that opens every day from 11am to 5pm. Except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Their peak time is 3pm.

Front Door Of August Healing
Front Door Of August Healing

And cakes of many different flavors (and types) are their specialty:

  • Victoria cake
  • Rose lychee
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • Bubur cha cha crepe cake
  • Ondeh ondeh
  • Tiramisu
  • Strawberry Greek yoghurt
  • Lemon meringue cake
  • Matcha black sesame gateau 
Cakes At August Healing Change Frequently
Cakes At August Healing Change Frequently

The selection varies daily. Hop onto their Instagram to see what’s available.

Aside from cakes, they also have some savory bites like croissant sandwiches. Along with pies, quiche, cinnamon rolls, muffins, scones, and madeleines.

There are no mains here.

Note: Check their Facebook page before going because they will put up closing notices there.

Ease Of Parking At August Healing

Because the café is close to tourist hotspots (same row as Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken), expect a lack of parking. More so on weekends and public holidays.

We were lucky to find a spot quickly and just across from the café on a Monday afternoon.

Ambiance At August Healing

You can smell the aroma of coffee the moment you open the main door downstairs.

Walk up the cement stairs and you’ll be in the café. The counter is the on the immediate right. And the side that faces the street is where customers sit.

Food Selection At August Healing
Food Selection At August Healing

Large windows overlook the street below and allow a lot of natural light in.

The place is bright and cheery with yellow half-tone walls and light oak furniture. Plates, cups, lights, and décor are all vintage chic. They have 2 very aesthetic plant corners.

Interior Of August Healing
Interior Of August Healing

There is ample space between all of the tables. Even so, this café is noisy when full. There’s also light music playing in the background.

Street View From The Window Seat At August Healing
Street View From The Window Seat At August Healing

That aside, the environment is comfortable with air conditioning too.

Service At August Healing

When we went, there was only a few staff. The service is efficient despite this. Food and drinks take little time to come after making your orders at the counter.

Moreover, staff is polite too.

Ordering At The Counter In August Healing
Ordering At The Counter In August Healing

Food At August Healing

There are more food items to choose from than beverages. You won’t find any fancy coffee roasts here. We are disappointed that there is no matcha or hojicha latte here.

Non caffeinated beverages are mainly tea of different flavors. But they do sell some bottled drinks on the side of the counter too. There is no free-flow of drinking water at this café.

Latte Coffee And Cinnamon Roll At August Healing
Latte Coffee And Cinnamon Roll At August Healing

They put all the cakes and pastries out on display. And thus, it is easy to pick and choose your order without having to look a menu.

We ordered the following items:

  • Slice of tiramisu
  • Slice of lemon meringue cake
  • One sea salt chocolate cinnamon roll
  • One English breakfast tea with milk and sugar
  • One peach and apricot tea
  • One vanilla latte (hot)
  • One mocha (cold)
Tiramisu At August Healing
Tiramisu At August Healing

Everything was pleasant and not too sweet. The sea salt chocolate cinnamon roll and tiramisu cake are our favorites.

Lemon Meringue Cake At August Healing
Lemon Meringue Cake At August Healing

The vanilla latte is very flavorful. Mocha is as good as it looks too.

Iced Mocha At August Healing
Iced Mocha At August Healing
Vanilla Latte At August Healing
Vanilla Latte At August Healing

We have to say that their choice of crockery is tasteful and very Instagrammable.

Pricing At August Healing

For all that we ordered, the total came up to RM70.

Drinks are cheap at August Healing. They range from RM6 to RM10. This is cheap for Ipoh café standards.

Cakes however can cost RM15 a slice which is higher than at other Ipoh cafes.

So do expect to spend about RM17 per person here.

  • Address: No18A, Jalan Theatre, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Perak
  • Location: Google Maps
  • Opening Hours: Monday, Thursday & Friday 11am–5pm; Saturday & Sunday, 11am–6pm (Closed on Tuesday & Wednesday)
  • Contact: +6011 – 51223940


We like August Healing. It is one of our new favorite Ipoh cafes. Pricing on the whole, is affordable. Service is good, and the ambiance is beautiful and relaxing.

They have a good variety of cakes and pastries too.

If you want peace and quiet, go before or after the peak hours. And on a weekday if you can. Because the environment is noisy when there are many people dining in.

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