Nightlife In Langkawi

Out sightseeing the whole day and still have energy for the night? We have good news for you because the nightlife in Langkawi is equally as vibrant as its day scene.

With lively bars, pulsating nightclubs, eclectic night markets, and wholesome karaoke outlets, sunset signifies an exciting new beginning for night owls to celebrate.

Not sure what to do in Langkawi at night? Read on as we unravel the best things to do occupy the nocturnally inclined.

11 Things To Do In Night At Langkawi

1. Ah Chong Beach Bar Café

Located at the quieter end of Pantai Cenang, Ah Chong Beach Bar Café boasts a stunning vantage point with a breath-taking sunset to boot.

Oozing with cozy vibes and laidback songs that get you in the mood, this hidden gem goes easy on price too, with relatively cheap cocktails ranging from RM20 to RM23 each.

In fact, this hard-core bar serves a good variety of cocktails, mocktails, halal lattes, and alcoholic beverages.

Exterior of Ah Chong Beach Bar Cafe
Exterior of Ah Chong Beach Bar Cafe – Photo credits to gami_kcp (Instagram)

For snacks to accompany your drinks, they source them directly from the restaurant next door.

This smallish and cheap bar with amazing ambiance, savvy staff and a super friendly manager is fast garnering raving reviews.

And because seating space is limited, be there early to secure your best sunset view.

2. Mélange Bar Langkawi

Greeting guests of Melange Bar Langkawi is a pair of giant stone horses at the main entrance.

Interior Of Mélange Bar Langkawi
Interior Of Mélange Bar Langkawi – Photo belongs to Mélange Bar Langkawi

Within its Balinese-inspired interiors, this vintage speakeasy serves an expansive variety of cocktails, mocktails, beer, gin, tonics, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Vegetarians and patrons with specific dietary requirements will cherish the chef’s enthusiasm to customize meals to suit their needs.

Drinks At Mélange Bar Langkawi
Drinks At Mélange Bar Langkawi – Photo belongs to Mélange Bar Langkawi

Along with the usual bar grub and snacks, Melange dishes out local and continental dinner meals such as meat skewers, salads, and rice dishes too.

The food is delish and the portions are huge. For small eaters, it’s best to share your meals to minimize food wastage.

Excellent service and relaxing vibes abound make Melange Bar Langkawi a highly sought-after watering hole come sundown.

3. Kalut Cafe And Bar

Famous for its daredevil fire show performance, flavorful satay (meat skewers), and scenic dining at the beach, Kalut Café and Bar delights with decently good food.

Cocktails By Kalut Cafe And Bar
Cocktails By Kalut Cafe And Bar – Photo credits to kalutbar (Instagram)

Classic old rock numbers set the tone for a nostalgic night that’s energetic yet chillax. Sink your feet into the cool sand as you soak in the rustic beach life seated on colorful bean bags.

Colourful Bean Bags At Kalut Cafe And Bar
Colourful Bean Bags At Kalut Cafe And Bar – Photo credits to kalutbar (Instagram)

Guests here comprise a good mix of swinging singles and families. It’s easy to give in to good vibes as you bask in the cool night breeze that stokes the mood for great company.

4. Bam-boo BA

While most bars don’t particularly shine in the gourmet department, Bam-boo BA surprises with its sterling menu:

The food here is amazing and well-priced, with crowd favorites like homemade sandwiches, roasted chicken, chocolate cake dessert, and other comfort food too.

Open Air Environment Of Bam-boo BA
Open Air Environment Of Bam-boo BA – Photo credits to bambooba.langkawi (Instagram)

Featuring contemporary décor and numerous rattan fittings:

Bam-Boo BA comprises of both indoor and outdoor seating areas. They also  have a supersized projector screen to broadcast live sports.

Or if you prefer, you can have conversations over a friendly match of snooker or a riveting dual of darts. While the live band belts out a mixed genre of hits!

5. Dash Beach Club

If you’ve checked into an accommodation without a swimming pool, or are just scouting for a suitable location for a romantic rendezvous, then make a sprint (pun intended) over to the Dash Beach Club.

This trendy beachfront hotel opens up its stunning pool to the public to sip on cocktails, catch an afternoon tan, or watch the picturesque sunset.

Sunset View From Dash Beach Club
Sunset View From Dash Beach Club – Photo credits to dashbeachclub (Instagram)

The views from its infinity pool are magnificent since it fronts the Andaman Sea with lush greenery and looming palm trees around. Cabanas, daybeds, and sun loungers line the curvaceous pool bar for guests who prefer to stay dry too.

Come nightfall, the DJ spins dope songs to hype up the crowd, with pink, blue, and purple lights streaming through this paradise.

So come here for the magnificent views, drinks and vibes! Although you might want to eat elsewhere as the food here is mediocre.

6. Horizon @ The Ritz Carlton Langkawi

An epitome of grandeur and opulence, the Horizon pulls out all the stops to imprint a lasting memory of a fantastic dinner over the waters.

Bar At Horizon The Ritz Calrton Langkawi
Bar At Horizon The Ritz Calrton Langkawi – Photo credits to n810el (Instagram)

Safely perched atop a rocky outcropping, this swanky restaurant bar is barricaded by see-through glass that faces the Andaman Sea.

Naturally, the best views can be savored in the evening, with gorgeous sunsets adding allure to its intimate setting.

Sunset At Horizon The Ritz Carlton Langkawi
Sunset At Horizon The Ritz Carlton Langkawi – Photo credits to The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi (Facebook)

The food here is absolutely wonderful too, featuring many Asian-inspired menus for dinner and lunch.

And while you’re here, go ahead and give the handcrafted signature cocktail, the Hornbill a try!

7. La Sal Restaurant

Tucked within the Casa Del Mar resort along Pantai Cenang, La Sal Restaurant is a hidden gem that features an awesome candlelight dinner experience set on the beach.

Serving a decent variety of Asian and continental cuisine, expect to polish everything off the plate!

Tantalizing meals that are well-flavored include the Malay Set lunch, grilled fish and chicken, and delicious desserts.

Romantic Dinner On The Beach At La Sal Restaurant, Langkawi
Romantic Dinner On The Beach At La Sal Restaurant, Langkawi – Photo credits to casadelmarlangkawi (Instagram)

Service is 5-star with the attentive chef curating special meals for guests with unique dietary requirements.

It is a preferred hotspot among foreign tourists because La Sal Restaurant offers stunning sunset views amidst a backdrop of verdant islands from a secluded spot that is truly a slice of paradise!

8. Rhu Bar

Situated along the tranquil stretch of Tanjung Rhu, Rhu Bar presents great cocktails, full-bodied wines, and toothsome bites.

Cocktails By The Beach At Rhu Bar
Cocktails By The Beach At Rhu Bar – Photo credits to rhubar.langkawi (Instagram)

The mixologists are highly skilled, providing great suggestions to match your preferred taste.

On another note, Shisha smokers unanimously attest that this bar serves the best hookah in Langkawi.

Apart from that, you can also pit your snooker skills over the indoor pool table amidst cozy vibes.

Of course, the main highlight here is the glorious sunset with rich shades of orange, pink, and purple on any clear day.

Watch The Sunset On The Beach At Rhu Bar
Watch The Sunset On The Beach At Rhu Bar – Photo credits to rhubar.langkawi (Instagram)

As a note, this side of the island has steeper prices. Nevertheless, the charming staff and welcoming service compensate for the slightly pricier tag.

9. Yellow Café

Al Fresco Dining At The Yellow Cafe, Langkawi
Al Fresco Dining At The Yellow Cafe, Langkawi – Photo credits to yellowbeachcafe (Instagram)

Standing out like a crimson beacon from afar, the Yellow Café makes full use of its name.

From beach umbrellas, table cloth, canopies to streaming night lights, this chirpy café is decked all-out in a sunny yellow.

Alongside standard pub grub like buffalo wings and fries is an extensive menu that includes pizzas, pasta, grills, skewered meat, and more.

And while the pizza gets a thumbs up, the food is moderate at its best.

Tacchino Pizza At Yellow Cafe, Langkawi
Tacchino Pizza At Yellow Cafe, Langkawi – Photo credits to yellowbeachcafe (Instagram)

For entertainment, there is a live band at night while Shisha is available from 5pm onwards.

Throw in tax-free cheap booze, excellent service, and a relatively young crowd to boot, this happening café by the beach is perfect for people-watching and mingling.

10. Night Markets In Langkawi

The sights, sounds, and smells of the pasar malam (or night market) are unique experiences not to be missed.

Night markets are golden opportunities to try hawker food, local delicacies, and get fresh produce, and native products all in one place.

There are night markings taking place at specific locations on different days of the week.

You can pick from these top spots for a diverse variety of mouth-watering food and local culture:

  • Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market
  • Pekan Kuah Night Market
  • Temonyong Night Market

Click here for a complete listing of the 6 best night markets in Langkawi.

11. Galaxy Family Karaoke

Galaxy Family Karaoke lets you belt out your favorite songs for as low as RM40 for 2 hours, including snacks!

You’ll get a spacious and comfortable room, with good acoustics and sound system in the bargain too.

One Of The Karaoke Rooms At Galaxy Family Karaoke
One Of The Karaoke Rooms At Galaxy Family Karaoke – Photo belongs to Galaxy Family Karaoke

On the other hand, the song list usually doesn’t have the latest hits.

And when you need to rest your voice box, head out to the lounge and try your hand at darts.


From sunrise to sunset, Langkawi is bursting with excitement. And the upbeat nightlife in Langkawi is no exception, making it a beautiful island that never sleeps.

Take advantage of the spirited nightlife that the many beach bars have to offer. Explore the night markets and maybe hit a karaoke joint!

To expand your ever-growing bucket list of things to do in Langkawi, check out this list of top attractions for a memorable getaway on the Langkawi island.

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