Night Markets In Langkawi

Heading to Langkawi for a holiday? Try checking out the local Langkawi night market, or pasar malam, as a change from the scenic beaches or classy restaurants.

Although Langkawi shopping malls are great:

If you’ve never been to a night market before, it’s a great place to soak in the local atmosphere, with good food and cheap deals aplenty!

So, read on below to find 6 prime locations for night markets throughout Langkawi.

Langkawi Night Market Schedule

For easy vacation planning, we have listed a Langkawi night market for each day of the week.

Day Of The WeekNight Market
MondayUlu Melaka Night Market
TuesdayKedawang Night Market
Wednesday & SaturdayPekan Kuah Night Market
ThursdayTemonyong Night Market
FridayAyer Hangat Night Market
SundayPadang Matsiarat Night Market

1. Ulu Melaka Night Market – Monday

Located at Taman Wawasan Indah, you’ll find the Ulu Melaka Night Market quite a way in, so you might need to drive there!

Numerous Vendor Stalls At Ulu Melaka Night Market, Langkawi
Numerous Vendor Stalls At Ulu Melaka Night Market, Langkawi – Photo credits to Luis De La Rosa (Google Maps)

It’s also not at the exact location as stated on Google maps, being a little more upfront and next to the mosque instead.

Here, there’s plenty of local food available, such as apam balik, nasi kerabu, and a multitude of drinks. You will also find dorayaki with more local flavors such as kaya and corn.

Apam Balik At Ulu Melaka Night Market, Langkawi
Apam Balik At Ulu Melaka Night Market, Langkawi – Photo credits to Rachel Freedman-Doan (Google Maps)

While there isn’t much variety here with mostly fruit stalls and apparel stands, it’s worth dropping by for the atmosphere and varied dinner you can get!

2. Kedawang Night Market – Tuesday

Open every Tuesday from 5 pm to 10 pm, you’ll find easy parking on the empty field opposite the night market.

Satay Stall At Kedawang Night Market, Langkawi
Satay Stall At Kedawang Night Market, Langkawi – Photo credits to Alif Zuhri Kamal Baharin (Google Maps)

The Kedawang Night Market offers plenty of food choices at a reasonable price; from the more common satay, Malay-styled mixed rice and twisted potatoes, to desserts such as cheesecakes and bombolone donuts!

The night market also houses plenty of apparel stalls that sell clothes, shoes, and various accessories for cheap.

As a note, we do recommend that you head on earlier when it opens to avoid missing out on the food, as the place tends to get pretty dull after 9 pm!

3. Pekan Kuah Night Market – Wednesday and Saturday

The most popular night market in Langkawi, the Pekan Kuah night market is open on both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Pekan Kuah Night Market, Langkawi
Pekan Kuah Night Market – Photo credits to Takuya Okabe (Google Maps)

With a vibrant atmosphere and a large number of various stalls, you’ll find the overall vibe to be excellent, with plenty of locals raving about the place!

What’s more, the food variety you’ll find here is unparalleled; from mango shakes, satays, Nutella-soaked pancakes, kebabs, and much more. So you’ll be sure to find something here that’ll make you drool!

Grilled Chicken At Pekan Kuah Night Market, Langkawi
Grilled Chicken At Pekan Kuah Night Market, Langkawi – Photo credits to Azake Rahman (Google Maps)

Furthermore, the Pekan Kuah Night Market is a quick 5-minute walk from the Goldsands Hotel Langkawi, but it’s well worth traveling to from further places to visit this exceptional pasar malam.

4. Temonyong Night Market – Thursday

You’ll find this particular night market at Kampung Lubok Buaya, with plenty of inns and guesthouses nearby should you consider staying around the area.

Temonyong Night Market
Temonyong Night Market – Photo credits to hakimohamed (Google Maps)

While the Temonyong Night Market is a decent night market to pick up some quick snacks and peruse the wares, the variety here isn’t the best.

There is, however, reasonably priced food, so try out their delicious RM1 nasi lemak if you have the chance!

Apart from the food, there’s also your standard suite of apparel stalls selling your usual clothing and accessory fare.

It’s relatively convenient to get to if you’re staying in Chenang, so give it a visit if you can’t make it to any of the bigger night markets!

Note: Head on earlier to easily find parking as it gets quite packed later in the night.

5. Ayer Hangat Night Market – Friday

Right along Jalan Padang Gaong, the Ayer Hangat night market is open every Friday from 5 pm to 10 pm.

Ayer Hangat Night Market
Ayer Hangat Night Market – Photo credits to Nathalie Hudson (Google Maps)

There’s a good mix of both food and apparel stalls at this location, so you’ll be able to get a fill of both local dishes and bargain deals!

The food here is the highlight, with items such as crepes, satay, ketupat, and even fresh seafood vying for your attention.

There are also plenty of drinks here to help quench your thirst!

That being said, the parking situation can be troublesome, so either head over earlier, or simply grab a ride there!

6. Padang Matsirat Night Market – Sunday

Open every Sunday from 6 pm to 10 pm, the Padang Matsirat night market is located right at the side of the main road so expect a lot of traffic as well as limited parking.

Rows Of Stalls At Padang Matsirat Night Market
Rows Of Stalls At Padang Matsirat Night Market – Photo credits to Mark Moskalyuk (Google Maps)

But parking woes and location aside, you’ll find delicious food, including satay and apam balik, as well as rarer gems like the putu buluh.

If you’re in the area though, we’d highly recommend trying the mee goreng ayam (fried noodles and chicken) for its flavorful taste!

Satay Stall At Padang Matsirat Night Market
Satay Stall At Padang Matsirat Night Market – Photo credits to Uli Franzen (Google Maps)

The prices are easy on your wallet and apart from food, there of course, are apparel stalls selling clothes, shoes, and even locally produced perfumes.


That makes up the best night markets in Langkawi! So if you run out of nightlife activities in Langkawi, you can check them out too.

Any of these night markets will serve you well, although try going to the Pekan Kuah night market on Wednesday and Saturdays if you can fit it into your schedule.

And if you want to properly enjoy the food and the vibes, make sure you head on a little bit earlier so you get the best bites (and parking slots) before they run out!

But if you happen to be more of a morning person, check out our article on breakfast spots in Langkawi for our personal recommendations!

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