Langkawi Waterfalls

There are 3 notable waterfalls in Langkawi with unique natural pools! Hike and climb through lush jungle trails where the reward is a cascading waterfall.

Listen to the calming sounds of plummeting water and nature all around too. You might want to take a refreshing dip in the cool waters too.

Can’t wait to pack your bags already? Hold your horses as we unveil the best 3 waterfalls that make a splashing attraction in Langkawi!

1. Telaga Tujuh Waterfall / Seven Wells Waterfall

Depending on your level of fitness, getting to the Seven Wells Waterfall is not a walk in the park.

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall
Telaga Tujuh Waterfall – Photo credits to flourish_1985 (Instagram)

And the phrase “No Pain, No Gain” applies to this challenging hike!

But, Telaga Tujuh Waterall hails as the best waterfall in Langkawi.

Its name translates to the Seven Wells Waterfall. As there are seven natural pools. These are the result of streams that flow down from Matchinchnang Mountain.

Note: Matchinchnang Mountain is the second tallest mountain in Langkawi.

This majestic waterfall boasts a vertical drop of 91 meters high. You cannot see the whole fall from the base.

Seven Wells Waterfall In Langkawi
Seven Wells Waterfall In Langkawi – Photo credits to travelswithsun

To hike this waterfall, you’ll need to note that the Seven Wells Waterfall consists of 2 sections. The upper section and the lower section.

The hike to the lower section takes 15 to 30 minutes across concrete stairs. The elevation is steep and will test your cardiovascular limits. Though there are many intermittent spots to rest and relax.

Even so, the climb is worth it as you get to bask in the refreshing rock pool once there.

To get to the upper section of the waterfall, prepare to conquer ~640 steps. The average hike duration is between 45 to 60 minutes. There are regular markers along the way to show the remaining number of steps to go.

Hike Up Gunung Matchinchang

If you are planning to advance to the peak of Machinchang Mountain:

Set aside another 2 to 3 hours for the scenic ascent.

You’ll also need gloves for a better grasp at steep areas, and a good pair of hiking shoes.

Best Time To Visit Telaga Tujuh Waterall

September and October are the best months to visit Telaga Tujuh Waterfall. This is when the waters swell to their peak.

During the monsoon season, the rock pools are at their fullest. Which makes dipping in the pool a satisfying experience.

But, the hike up can be trickier since the steps will be slippery and covered with moss too.

2. Temurun Waterfall

Located in the Datai Bay vicinity, the Temurun Waterfall is a 3-tier waterfall. It pours down from the northern slopes of Gunung Matchinchang.

Take A Dip At Temurun Waterfall Langkawi
Take A Dip At Temurun Waterfall – Photo credits to jiskndvr (Instagram)

It boasts a cumulative majestic drop of 200 meters. And thus, Temurun is the tallest waterfall on the island!

But unlike the Seven Wells Waterfall, these falls need less huffing and puffing to reach it.

The first-tier pool is an easy 5-minute walk from the car park along the main road. While getting to the second tier is another 5 minutes with 75 steps between.

At the second tier, there are wide emerald-green pools that are hard to resist for an invigorating dip.

The highest tier of the waterfall features an impressive drop of 30 meters.

Views here are peaceful with rocky cliffs surrounding the pool. Expect some monkeys for company too while you’re here.

Note: This natural attraction in Langkawi lacks trash bins. And has poorly-maintained toilets. The garbage left behind by careless picnickers is a major turnoff.

Best Time To Visit Temurun Waterfall

To witness the waterfalls in their full glory, go during the rainy season. This is between September and October.

During the dry spell, water trickles down the rocks at a level reminiscent of your home tap.

3. Sona Waterfalls / Durian Perangin Waterfall

The Sona Waterfalls is a gem that’s as deserving as the other better-known waterfalls in Langkawi.

Durian Perangin Waterfall In Langkawi
Durian Perangin Waterfall In Langkawi – Photo credits to iamizmart (Instagram)

Like the others, you will find the Durian Perangin Waterfall in a lush jungle environment. It comprises 14 shallow levels that are accessible via foot trails and bridges.

Moreover, Sona Waterfalls is a very well-maintained attraction. There are many mini gazebos along the waterfall. The toilet is near the entrance after the bridge and it is very clean.

And as the rock pools are shallow, this waterfall is ideal for younger children to frolic and play.

Note: The rocks surrounding the pool can be very slippery. So it’s best to wear Aqua shoes or shoes with good grip when you’re meandering at the bottom of the rocky pool. The water is deeper closer to fall, so be cautious in this area too.

For the adventurous, embark on a 200-meter steep climb to the highest tier. This culminates in a stunning vertical stream and a large flat rock.

Bask under the warm sun, dip in the cool pool, or let the pounding current under the fall rid your body of fatigue.

Best Time To Visit Sona Waterfalls

The best time to swing by the Sona Waterfalls is during the rainy season. This is between June and November, with rainfall peaking in September and October.

During the hot season, the Sona Waterfalls reduce to empty pools of rock masses.

Entrance fee: It costs RM2 per person. You’ll need to place the payment in the bucket nearby. The entrance is rarely manned, so it’s possible to sneak in for free.


Journeying to any of these waterfalls in Langkawi is a rewarding experience. Enjoy gorgeous natural landscapes, refreshing streams, gushing falls, and clear pools.

Langkawi’s waterfalls will leave you in a much calmer state of mind too. And at the same time, you can get some exercise in during your Langkawi trip!

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