Best Time To Visit Langkawi

What is the best time to visit Langkawi? While Langkawi maintains its temperate and tropical weather throughout the year:

There are months when rainfall is heavier. Another factor to consider is peak and shoulder season.

Time your holiday right and you can avoid bad weather or overcrowding. So check out this guide first before you plan your trip!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Langkawi?

The best time to visit Langkawi is between November and March. You will get to experience beaches, water sports, and other beautiful sights.

At the northern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, Langkawi does not get as much rain as other places. Even when elsewhere is usually very wet during this period.

The Sumatran island and the Malaysian mainland protect Langkawi. So during these months, expect balmy warm weather with occasional light rain.

In other states (e.g., Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Perak, etc), there is usually heavy wind. And a notable increase in rainfall during this period.

Langkawi offers an escape from the rainy season that affects the Peninsular.

Crystal Clear Water In Langkawi
Crystal Clear Water In Langkawi – Photo by travelswithsun

Raining Season In Langkawi

October is the wettest month of the year in Langkawi, with an average rainfall of 344mm over 26 days.

Heavier rainfall contributes to cooler temperatures in the evenings. But it is still warm at 28°C during the day.

From April to November, the island experiences intermittent rain. The rain lasts between 2 to 3 hours, with an average rainfall of 252mm per day.

The weather is at its hottest in Langkawi between December to March. Temperatures can reach 30°C in February.

Rain is scarce during this month, with as little as five rainy days or 47mm of rain in February. As a result, February is usually the hottest month in Langkawi.

Langkawi Peak Season

Tourist crowds are the thickest between January and March when the sun is scorching and rain is rare.

Heavy tourist arrival starts from October to November. Extending all the way to March due to the school holidays.

With temperatures averaging around 28°C, this is also an ideal time to visit Langkawi.

Bear in mind that this is a peak tourist season. So rates for hotels, flights, and activities are higher than normal.

Paddy Field On A Sunny Day In Langkawi
Paddy Field On A Sunny Day In Langkawi – Photo by travelswithsun

Langkawi Low Season

September is off-peak or shoulder season in Langkawi. This isdue to heavier rainfall and thunderstorms.

Rain spells can last for up to 3 hours. But there can be intermittent sunny skies thereafter.

Hotel rates and airfares are cheaper than regular rates during this off-season period.

Bring along a raincoat or umbrella and embrace the rain and greater savings!

Overall Langkawi Travel Experience By Month

The Ministry of Tourism Langkawi has put out a busy calendar to attract tourists to Langkawi.

Barring no unexpected surprises, there are several events to look forward to.

Langkawi From January To March

January to March feels warm with an average of 28°C.

The peak temperature goes up as high as 34°C during the day and then cools down to lows of 23°C at night.

This period sees a dry spell with average rainfall of 50mm in January and February. It thereafter rises to ~90 mm in March.

These statistics show hot and dry months with February being the hottest. Meanwhile, the straddling months of January and March are more bearable.

A large sun hat, sunglasses, and good sunblock will give you enough protection from the heat. Load up on liquids to stay hydrated, and enjoy the clear blue skies while the weather permits.

Underwater World Langkawi
Underwater World Langkawi – Photo by travelswithsun

Langkawi April To July

April to July provides some respite with more rain during this period. Rain volume averages 169mm across 14 days in April and exceeds the 200mm mark from May to July.

The temperature moderates around 29°C between May and July, dropping from the peak of 30°C in April.

This period is the best time to swim in the open ocean as the waters are warm.

Langkawi August To November

August is another hot month with an average of around 28°C.

The heat drops to 27°C in the next 2 months, signifying the start of wet months ahead.

October is the wettest month in the year, recording 344mm of rain over 26 days in the month. The sea swells and tides become choppier. This can cause tour boats and water sports activities to cancel.

Things perk up in November and thus, Langkawi is full of tourists who want to escape cold winters abroad.

And there will be domestic tourists taking advantage of the school holidays.

Langkawi In December

December signifies the start of a dry month as rainy days reduce to a mere 94mm over 21 days.

The daytime can be hot as 32°C while the temperature at night slips to a low at 23°C. 

With 7 hours of daily sunshine, you can make the most out of the daylight and catch gorgeous sunsets by the beach too.

Sunset On A Busy Beach In Langkawi
Sunset On A Busy Beach In Langkawi – Photo by travelswithsun

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Langkawi Upcoming Events

1. Ironman Langkawi 2022

Ironman Langkawi is an international triathlon that takes place in November.

This grueling 113.2km race takes athletes through scenic landscapes. This includes hilly terrains, the Andaman Sea, mangrove clusters, and picturesque rainforest vistas.

The race kicks off with athletes swimming a 1.9km triangular course, with a 200m run to transition.

Next, participants hop on their bikes for a 90-km full loop around the island. This is the stretch where they go through challenging terrains and scenic villages. And stumble upon occasional wildlife.

The final leg comprising a 21.1km run features a tropical flat course. Which ends at the beachfront of Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort.

2. Langkawi International Water Festival

Organized yearly in April:

The Langkawi International Water Festival features many unique water sports competitions.

Inaugurated in 2002, the novel water-based competition takes place at the famous Pantai Cenang. As well as Telaga Harbour Park in Pantai Kok.

There are island-to-island kayak races and underwater treasure hunts. Along with fishing competitions, and sandcastle building.

Expect a significant increase in visitors to the island during this period.

At nightfall, Pantai Cenang (and other places) is lively with local music performances.

3. Tour De Langkawi

Tour De Langkawi is to take place from 30 September 2023:

This multistage biking event brings participants to different parts of the country.

Tour De Langkawi starts in Langkawi and traverses across other states. Including the historical Malacca, the hills of Genting Highlands, and East Malaysia.

The event attracts top athletes from major cycling clubs around the world. This is Asia’s most rewarding biking event with a total prize value that exceeds RM1 million.

4. Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) 2023

Scheduled for next year and held every 2 years:

LIMA is the largest exhibition in the Asia-Pacific Region. It showcases the movers and shakers in the maritime and aerospace industry.

Foreign maritime and aerospace experts, civil delegates, suppliers, and exhibitors join too.

The highlight of the event is a 4-hour daily flying display. The display showcases deft-defying aerospace stunts maneuvered by experts in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taking A Trip To Langkawi

Q1. How Many Days Are Enough In Langkawi?

You need at least 3 days to explore the top attractions in Langkawi is 3 days. The island may be 478.5 km². But getting around depends on the pace of travel and who you’re traveling with.

If you start your day early, you can cover 2 attractions in a day. If traveling with a big group of family and friends in peak season, expect inevitable delays.

To cover Langkawi at a relaxed pace, it’s best to explore this scenic island over 4 days or more. With so many things to do in Langkawi, you might soon find yourself coming back!

Q2. Which Is Better – Langkawi Or Penang?

Both Langkawi and Penang have their distinct charms and attractions. It is up to your personal preferences.

As a Unesco World Heritage Site, Penang is a great choice. It has heritage and modern attractions, great food, and first-class shopping malls.

Both places have a national park of their own, and nightlife. But Langkawi is more laid back and has more natural attractions. Such as the rainforests, off-shore islands, and pristine beaches.

Adrenaline junkies will find no shortage of exciting sports here too. Langkawi is a duty-free shopping paradise for liquor and chocolate too.

Q3. How Do You Get Around Langkawi?

Given the island’s compact size, there is no public transport. And with the 2-lane roads, the best way to get around Langkawi is either by renting a car or a motorbike.

Tip: Don’t rent costly 4-wheel drives as there won’t be opportunities for off-road driving here.

Grab cars (e-hailing rides) are abundant too and they are another easy way to move around if you don’t want to drive. Or, you can go for sightseeing day tours that include door-to-door pick-up and drop-off.

Q4. Which Is The Best Area To Stay In Langkawi?

For easy access to food stalls and vibrant nightlife, Cenang Beach is your best bet.
Major accommodations along this strip are often within walking distance of Cenang Mall. Here, you’ll find a supermarket, KFC, Starbucks, restaurants, and other stalls.
In contrast, Pantai Tengah further south of Cenang is still close to the action, but less hectic. Several boutique resorts occupy this strip. Where you can enjoy gorgeous sunset views and serene meals by the beach.
Pantai Kok is where 5-star hotel resorts like The Danna Langkawi and Ritz Carlton are. Tanjung Rhu exudes prime privacy too with azure clear water and powder white sand. It is away from water sports and the crowds.
Kuah is the arrival point for travelers via ferries and is great for duty-free shopping.
There are several attractions close to Kuah. These include Dataran Lang, Gunung Raya, and Taman Lagenda Langkawi.

Q5. What Is Langkawi Famous For?

With 99 islets, Langkawi has beaches and rainforests. Besides varied natural terrain, and lively nightlife. Langkawi is a duty-free tax haven too for liquor, designer wear, chocolates, and more.


Because the weather is calm for much of the year, it’s hard to pinpoint the absolute best time to visit Langkawi.

If cost is not a concern, anytime is a good time as long as your schedule permits.

But if saving every penny counts, then avoid the peak seasons.

For the best 5-star hotels, best villas, and the best nightlife in Langkawi:

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