Shopping Malls In Langkawi

Visit at least one of Langkawi’s shopping malls. And take advantage of Langkawi’s duty-free status!

Chocolate, liquor, snacks, perfumes, cosmetics, and cookware in Langkawi are 30% cheaper! There are many brands to choose from too.

Here’s a list of shopping malls to prep you for the ultimate shopping spree while you’re there!

1. Kompleks HiG Duty Free Mall

Refurbished and renovated in 2019:

The Haji Ismail Group (HIG) Duty Free Mall has a widest range of merchandise at tax-free prices.

Entrance Into The Building Housing Perniagaan Haji Ismail Group
Entrance Into The Building Housing Perniagaan Haji Ismail Group

Note: This shopping mall in Langkawi is liquor-free.

Comb through narrow aisles filled with products. And you’ll find kitchenware at rock-bottom prices. Alongside other household items, luggage bags, cutlery, and water bottles.

Duty Free Shop Inside Kompleks HiG Duty Free Mall At Langkawi
Duty Free Shop Inside Kompleks HiG Duty Free Mall At Langkawi

During peak travel periods, chocolate brands like Kinder Bueno will sell out fast.

And if you get peckish, you can fuel up at the adjacent food court serving Western and Asian cuisine.

2. Cenang Mall, Langkawi

While it may not be the preferred choice over other duty-free shops in the vicinity:

Cenang Mall is a welcome reprieve away from the tropical heat.

Cenang Mall, Langkawi

This air-conditioned double-story shopping complex is along the bustling Cenang Beach. There is a supermarket, Starbucks, KFC, restaurants, and several stalls selling beachwear.

Don’t set your hopes too high as there’s actually nothing fancy here. It is more of a pit stop for tourists to refuel and get their basic necessities.

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3. Langkawi Saga Shopping Center

The Langkawi Saga Shopping Mall is a mix of many duty-free shops and local dollar shops like Mr. DIY and Mr. Dollar.

Langkawi Saga Shopping Centre
Langkawi Saga Shopping Centre – Photo by Dan Tang

You can find chocolate brands like Cadbury, Daim, and M&Ms. Plus many more at lower prices than other shops.

Look out for great bargains and browse their good variety of liquor and beer too.

4. Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall

With more than 100 outlets under one roof:

Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall is one of the biggest shopping malls. This non-descript mall has many leading sports brands. Including Nike, Converse, Speedo, and Arena.

Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall
Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall – Photo by 송재신

But you’ll also find pharmacies, eateries, and an information center.

For cheap snacks, chocolate, and more, head over to The Billion Duty Free Outlet attached to this mall.

Expect nothing but fuss-free shopping here. Since there are no high-end retail outlets here.

5. Langkawi Parade

Recently rebranded to Langkawi Parada Megamall:

Langkawi Parade is a 3-story shopping mall with the only cinema on the island.

Indoor Environment Of Langkawi Parade
Indoor Environment Of Langkawi Parade – Photo by Azran Romli

This one-stop-shopping mall provides ultimate convenience. There are over 40 duty-free retail and food outlets.

Several top clothing brands fill its space too. This includes Body Glove, Billabong, and Guess.

Note: Stocks of renowned brands tend to diminish fast.

While the center atrium has smaller operators offering offbeat products for cheap.

6. The Zon Duty Free Zone Shopping Centre

Beside Langkawi Underwater World:

The Zone Shopping Paradise makes the perfect detour after sightseeing.

The Zon Duty Free Zone Shopping Centre At Langkawi
The Zon Duty Free Zone Shopping Centre At Langkawi – Photo by René Clausen

Shop till you drop over a wide variety of items. Such as liquor, chocolates, perfumes, watches, leather goods, and selected designer brands.

After the shopping frenzy, take a break and head over to the food court to savor local delicacies.

The only drawback of this place is the steep parking rate of RM5 per entry.

7. Coco Valley

With an expansive range of cocoa products:

This chocolate shop is a must-visit for chocolate aficionados. And anyone with a sweet tooth! They stock popular brands like Hershey, Toblerone, Nutella, M&Ms, and Beryl’s.

Coco Valley At Langkawi
Coco Valley At Langkawi – Photo by @travelswithsun

And so this shopping paradise is the perfect place for gift hunting and party favors!

You’ll also find cookware, liquor, batik products, and other souvenirs sold here.

8. Idaman Suri, Kuah, Langkawi

If you’re looking for home and kitchenware products, Idaman Suri is your best bet.

This long-running department store in Kuah has a wide variety of household and kitchen products. And all at duty-free prices!

Porcelain That You Can Buy At Idaman Suri, Kuah, Langkawi
Porcelain That You Can Buy At Idaman Suri, Kuah, Langkawi – Photo credits to nurzatilhidayahhashim (Instagram)

What’s more, some items here have unique designs that you can’t find anywhere else on the island.

There are international brands such as Tefal. And their own Idaman Suri branded items.

9. Zeno Duty Free Shopping Centre

If your hunt for chocolate elsewhere ends due to stock issues, try this shopping center.

Zeno Duty Free Shopping Centre At Langkawi
Zeno Duty Free Shopping Centre At Langkawi – Photo by Yuhhi Baker

Zeno Duty-Free Shopping Centre has an extensive selection of top chocolate brands. As well as confectionery, snacks, kitchen utensils, and dining ware.

You’ll also find a sweeping variety of alcohol products.

Their whiskey selection is impressive. Attentive staff and cheap prices make Zeno Duty Free Shopping Centre worth exploring.

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What To Buy In Langkawi

Still not sure what to buy in Langkawi? Check out the top 5 most sought-after souvenirs to get in Langkawi. And where to get them to enjoy the best bargains.

1. Chocolate

Scour through top-rated duty-free shops for the best chocolates around the world.

Enjoy anywhere between 30% to 40% discount and even more when you get the “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” deals.

Stock up on notable brands. Such as Ferrero-Rocher and Beryl’s, and many other cocoa products at these locations below.

Note: Be mindful about checking the expiry dates as some may exceed their shelf life soon.

  • Coco Valley Sdn Bhd (Pantai Cenang)
  • Perniagaan Haji Ismail Group Sdn. Bhd.
  • Eastern @Cenang Duty Free Shopping

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2. Alcohol

Wine connoisseurs, casual drinkers, and anyone planning a party have plenty of choices. There is a myriad of leading liquor brands sold at tax-free rates!

Assorted Alcohol Purchased In Duty Free Langkawi
Assorted Alcohol Purchased In Duty Free Langkawi – Photo by @travelswithsun

Quick tip – Paying by cash instead of a credit card might net you a 10% to 12% discount off the retail selling price! So do clarify this with the seller before paying.

You can also enjoy greater savings and lower prices when you shop at these outlets. As opposed to the airport.

  • Duty Free Liquor Tobacco Ege
  • The Zon Duty Free Zone

3. Batik And Songket

Since it’s hard to come by but leaves a lasting impression:

Batik wear makes a good souvenir to commemorate your trip to Langkawi.

At Langkawi, you’ll find great choices of batik apparel and batik-printed sarongs as well.

Enjoy reasonable prices on high-quality Batik products. These include shirts, pareos, and batik cloth. As well as pelikat (a sarong-like draping for men), and other women’s accessories.

Customers who buy in bulk stand to enjoy greater discounts. Take advantage of the lower prices at these outlets compared to those sold in Kuah town.

  • Langkawi Craft Complex
  • Gedung Bayu Batik
  • Toko Batik Langkawi

4. Gamat Oil/Soaps

Not your average souvenir, gamat is the Malay term for sea cucumber.

Used for decades for its internal and external healing properties:

Gamat is said to relieve one from body aches, burns, ulcers, and injuries.

Making gamat medicine involves boiling sea cucumber over low heat for three days. But you can find it for sale in pill form for internal consumption, bottled in oil, or processed into soap.

While once sourced from Langkawi, most of the sea cucumbers today are from Thailand.

  • Rojam Minyak Gamat Asli
  • Nusantara Maju Enterprise

5. Perfumes

While perfumes are everywhere in Langkawi, you’ll need to go to specialized retail stores. To look for designer perfume brands.

Try The Zone Duty-Free Zone for the widest collection of top-notch designer scents.

This duty-free shop sells global perfume trendsetters. Such as Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Hugo, Channel, Dior, and many more.


For ambiance, do not expect Langkawi shopping malls to be elegant or sophisticated. The excitement of shopping in Langkawi lies in unbeatable discounts that are hard to come by!

Still hungry for more? Check out these night markets in Langkawi. Where you can look for bargains, street snacks, and hawker food!

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