Best Time To Visit Cameron Highlands

Figuring out the best time to visit Cameron Highlands is tricky. Because you want to be there to enjoy the outdoors! Without the rain soaking everything including you!

At the same time, it’s no fun to get stuck in the heavy traffic that is inevitable during the peak seasons!

No doubt, when you decide to go plays a major role in how your Cameron Highlands trip will turn out! And this guide will help you do that!

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Best Time To Visit Cameron Highlands

There really is no best time to visit Cameron Highlands:

Since it is pleasantly cool for most of the year! Rain is common but less during January to February and the summer months!

To escape the holiday crowds however, you have to compromise. By taking extra days off work in the middle of the week!

Other questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want to see the Brinchang Night Market?
  • Are you going hiking? Constant rain makes hiking trails slippery.
  • Is picking strawberries one of your top priorities?
  • Is one of your main priorities the Sungai Palas BOH tea estate? This location is closed every Monday! Closing time is 4:30pm so take the drive (into the estate) into your considerations as well!
Strawberries grow well in Cameron Highlands
Strawberries grow well in Cameron Highlands – photo credits to clarissasy03 (Instagram)
  • How much time do you have in Cameron Highlands? Can you afford to wait out the rain?
  • Is it important to you to have the lowest temperatures possible?

You’ll know which is the best month to visit Cameron Highlands after reading the sections below!

Cameron Highlands Weather – Best Month To Visit Cameron Highlands

It is humid and warm in Cameron Highlands for most of the year with regular rain.

The temperature can range from 14°C to 28°C.

If you compare this to the rest of the mainland (~30°C), it’s significantly cooler up in Cameron Highlands!

getting up to Cameron Highlands from Ipoh
Windy roads are part of getting up to Cameron Highlands

1. Monthly Average Lowest And Highest Temperature At Cameron Highlands

If you want to experience the coldest temperatures possible in Cameron Highlands:

The coolest months are between December and February!

Month Average High Temperature Over The Year (°C) Average Low Temperature Over The Year (°C)
January 21.3 13.8
February 21.9 12.2
March 21.9 12.2
April 23 13.8
May 23 14.2
June 23 13.8
July 21.9 12.2
August 21.9 13.8
September 22 13.7
October 22 13.8
November 21.3 13.8
December 21.3 13.8

2. Monthly Average Monthly Rainy Days At Cameron Highlands

The wettest months are October and November. Followed by April. So if you plan to do a lot of hiking, you may want to avoid going in these months!

In contrast, the driest months are February, June and July. You will need hats and sunscreen! As it gets hotter every year due to climate change.

Month Average No. Of Rainy Days Over The Year
January 18 days
February 13 days
March 20 days
April 24 days
May 22 days
June 16 days
July 15 days
August 20 days
September 22 days
October 27 days
November 25 days
December 21 days
Note: At the end of the year (rainy season), landslides can occur close to the roads up to Cameron Highlands!

3. Cameron Highlands Peak Season

Generally, every weekend in Cameron Highlands sees more traffic than usual! But you should avoid going during extended weekends (e.g. when a public holiday falls on a Monday or Friday)!

The beginning of the year is cooler and drier but crowded due to Chinese New Year! Hari Raya is also a major holiday period – usually between April and May.

And mid-year is when many families can bring their children up because of the school holidays!

Teahouse At Sungai Palas BOH Tea Estate
Teahouse At Sungai Palas BOH Tea Estate

While the year end brings families wanting to enjoy a “cool” Christmas!

Major Public Holidays

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Chinese New Year
  • Hari Raya
  • Singapore National Day
  • Merdeka and Malaysia Day
  • Deepavali
  • Christmas

4. Cameron Highlands Strawberry Season

Some say the best time to pluck strawberries is January:

But strawberry farms can grow them all-year-round using their trusty hydroponic systems!

Things to do in Cameron Highlands - Pick your own strawberries at Cameron Highlands
Pick your own strawberries at Cameron Highlands – photo credits to pillegriman (Instagram)

You might find less to pluck if you visit a popular strawberry farm (like Raaju’s Hill) during the peak season!

5. Brinchang Night Market

The most famous market in Cameron Highlands is only open on Friday and Saturdays from 4pm to 11pm!

But it is open every day during the school holidays too!

Brinchang Night Market in Cameron Highlands
Brinchang Night Market in Cameron Highlands – photo credits to kairuri (Instagram)

If you’re not sure, you can message any Cameron Highlands homestay or hotel close to that area.

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Where To Stay At Cameron Highlands

You won’t run out of Cameron Highlands hotels and homestays to stay in! But to be on the safe side, book in advance if you’re going on a weekend or during the peak season!

Expect prices to be higher than normal during these busy periods too!


  1. Gerard’s Place
  2. Cameronian Inn
  3. Kea Garden Guesthouse
Kea Garden Guesthouse Cameron Highlands
Kea Garden Guesthouse Cameron Highlands – photo belongs to the hotel

Read here for more budget hotels in Cameron Highlands.


  1. Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands
  2. The Bala’s Holiday Chalet
  3. Heritage Hotel
One Of The Units At Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands
One Of The Units At Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands – photo credits to


  1. Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands
  2. Cameron Highlands Resort
  3. Lakehouse Cameron Highlands
The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands
The Lakehouse, Cameron Highlands – photo credits to ieviamae (Instagram)

Getting To Cameron Highlands

Trains and flights won’t get you up to Cameron Highlands. The only way is via the highland passes.

Driving up to Cameron Highlands involves long winding roads for at least 2 hours. Which can be treacherous in the dark or when it’s raining!

If you don’t fancy driving or taking the bus, you can get our private tour service (RayTheTour) that starts in Ipoh!

  • Pick-up anywhere in Ipoh
  • Reliable service
  • Experienced local guides
  • Day trips are available!
  • Flexible itinerary

And more! You can contact us on WhatsApp or Facebook to inquire about a private tour!

1. How To Get To Cameron Highlands From Ipoh

There are many ways to travel up to Cameron Highlands from Ipoh. Taking the bus may be the cheapest option. But it is also the least convenient!

Driving Up To Cameron Highlands
Driving Up To Cameron Highlands
  • Car rental and self-drive from Ipoh via Tapah (old route) or Simpang Pulai (new, straighter route)
  • Private car service from Ipoh
  • Private tour service from Ipoh (RayTheTour)
  • Taxi from Ipoh
  • Grab from Ipoh
  • Bus from Ipoh AmanJaya Bus Terminal

If you are planning to drive, don’t forget to check your tire pressure before you start!

Do not travel at night if you can help it. As there are no streetlights and only limited phone coverage!

2. How To Get To Cameron Highlands From Kuala Lumpur

From Kuala Lumpur, you should use the Tapah road as you can exit straight from the North-South Expressway!

Tanah Rata Bus Terminal At Cameron Highlands
Tanah Rata Bus Terminal At Cameron Highlands

Other options include:

  • Private car service from Kuala Lumpur
  • Taxi from Kuala Lumpur
  • Grab from Kuala Lumpur
  • Bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan to Tanah Rata Bus Terminal
  • 3-hour ETS train to Ipoh first

3. How To Get To Cameron Highlands From Singapore

Although driving to Cameron Highlands is possible from Singapore:

It’s neither comfortable nor practical.

The 1-hour flight to Ipoh is a smarter way to do it – saving you more time to spend in Cameron Highlands!

Airasia Flight

From Ipoh, arrange for any of the following to take you up to Cameron Highlands from Ipoh Azlan Shah Airport:

  • Taxi
  • Car rental (and you self-drive)
  • Grab (not always available)
  • Private car service
  • Private tour service (RayTheTour)
Note: The main bus station is 20 minutes’ drive away from the Ipoh airport!

Further reading:

Frequently Asked Questions For A Trip To Cameron Highlands

Q1: What should I wear in Cameron Highlands?

A1: Light clothing (but not too revealing) and at least 1 jacket and long pants. For hiking, a waterproof jacket, sports shoes, or hiking boots, and long pants.

Q2: Is Cameron Highlands safe?

A2: Landslides and floods can occur after days of heavy rain. This may result in road blockages and slippery hiking trails. Lone hikers are targets for robbers in the jungle.

Q3: How far is Cameron Highlands from cities?

A3: ~2 hours’ drive from Ipoh, ~3 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur, and ~4 hours’ drive from Penang.

Q4: What is Cameron Highlands famous for?

A4: Cooler temperatures, tea plantations and strawberry farms!

Q5: How many days should you spend in the Cameron Highlands?

A5: A day trip will suffice to see the main attractions.

Q6: Is Cameron Highlands worth visiting?

A6: While there is a lot of beautiful greenery in Cameron Highlands, it can be touristy.

Q7: How do you get around Cameron Highlands?

A7: Grab and Uber are not common here. You can rent a scooter at ~RM80/10 hours or take a taxi or the public bus. Engaging a private tour service is another way. To go up to Gunung Brinchang and the mossy forestyou should hire a 4WD.

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There are many factors to consider for the best time to visit Cameron Highlands! With no wrong or right answer!

To avoid the crowds and traffic, go on a weekday. Go in March and September after the major public holiday excitement has died down.

But if you’re worried about rain, choose the drier months like mid-to-end February, June and July!

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