Camping In Cameron Highlands

If you love nature, enjoy cooking with the bare minimum, and adore sleeping under the stars, then you might be very interested in camping in Cameron Highlands!

This hilly landscape is ripe for happy campers to discover and take in the cool climate, lush forest, and streams of clear water.

Get ready to pitch your tents here as we share the best 5 camping sites in Cameron Highlands for a pleasant excursion in the wilderness!

5 Great Camping And Glamping Spots In Cameron Highlands

1. Kem Sg Pauh

Since it’s at the lush forest reserve of Sungai Pauh, Kem Sg Pauh is one of the most popular camping grounds in Cameron Highlands.

Beautiful Campsite Kem Sg Pauh At Cameron Highlands
Beautiful Campsite Kem Sg Pauh At Cameron Highlands – Photo credits to Akmal B

Surrounded by tall pine trees with scenic streams of river rock pools, this fully-equipped campsite has electricity supply, tap water, bathrooms, and a surau (prayer room) too.

And while the parking lots are a distance from the campsite, there are trolleys provided to lighten your load and footwork.

But above all, you won’t be cut off from modernization with decent phone coverage.

Although the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity means a foolproof digital detox to detach the kids (and parents) from their gadgets!

At night, temperatures drop to a chilly 15°C. So snuggling up in your sleeping bag is really cozy!

Furthermore, given its affordability, expect to make a booking months ahead to secure a coveted spot! Patience is certainly a virtue at Kem Sg Pauh for it usually has a long waiting list.

What you’ll like:

  • Well-maintained and clean camping spot with looming pine trees
  • Facilities available include a BBQ area, tap water, surau, phone coverage, bathroom,  and electricity
  • Onsite cleaners to keep the property spic and span
  • Trolleys are provided to facilitate transporting your camping equipment to the campsite
  • The perimeter of the campsite is fenced up for added security with a good safety track record to boot.
  • Affordable entry and camping price

Good to know:

  • Water supply to the toilet may be interrupted due to low water pressure
  • After securing your booking, do re-validate it as you approach the date. This is to prevent potential mixed-ups (whereby the initial booking could be released)
  • Location: Tanah Rata, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang
  • Contact: +6054911384
  • Price Per Entry: Adults (RM3); Children (RM1.50)
  • Price For An Overnight Stay: RM10 (for adults and children each)
  • Parking Fee: RM5 per entry

2. The Backyard Glamping Cameron Highlands

For virgin and novice campers, The Backyard Glamping Cameron Highlands offers an extraordinary experience and introduction to living in rugged terrain.

Main Signage For The Backyard Glamping, Cameron Highlands
Main Signage For The Backyard Glamping, Cameron Highlands – Photo by Travelswithsun

To get here, start off from the main road on a hilly stair climb with many ascents and descents before reaching the glamping site.

The higher campsites are popular for their woodsy atmosphere so if you may want to make bookings as early as possible.

However, if you get the lower campsites, the walk-up is not as steep or long. Facilities are newer and the tents are closer to the toilets.

One Of The Family Sized Tents At The Backyard Glamping In Cameron Highlands
One Of The Family Sized Tents At The Backyard Glamping In Cameron Highlands – Photo by Travelswithsun

But all campsites (there are low, middle, and higher level) feature spacious A-tents with well-lit entrances, well-maintained landscaping, shared toilets, and a common kitchen.

Note: The tents can be warm in the afternoon but the night air is chilly.

Highlights Of The Backyard Glamping Cameron Highlands
Highlights Of The Backyard Glamping Cameron Highlands – Photo credits to thebackyardglamping

If you can’t completely disengage from the internet or Netflix, your indulgence is well-supported here because there is decent Wi-Fi connectivity.

For those who love the cold weather, go ahead and experience bathing in the outdoor bathroom or enjoy a relaxing soak in the bathtub (only available at 1 of the bathrooms at the higher campsite).

One Of The Family Tents At The Backyard Glamping In Cameron Highlands
One Of The Family Tents At The Backyard Glamping In Cameron Highlands – Photo by Travelswithsun

Tip: Bring along mozzie repellent and a mosquito coil to ward off these pesky insects.

What you’ll like:

  • Steamboat and BBQ grill food can be provided upon request with an additional fee of RM50 and RM60 per pax respectively.
  • Guests can use the fully equipped kitchen with cutlery, a stove, gas, and rice cooker
  • There is Netflix access and Wi-Fi connectivity in addition to washrooms, prayer room, and plug points
  • Facilities and landscaping are well-maintained

Good to know:

  • Elevation to get to the camping site is quite steep. So getting here is a no-no for senior citizens, pregnant women, and anyone with severe arthritis
  • This is a Muslim-friendly glamping site
  • The family who runs this camping site stay on the ground below the campsites
  • Bookings can be made via WhatsApp
  • The campsite is right below a main row so the noise of passing cars and trucks at night is a nuisance to light sleepers

3. MPGV Hikers Paradise

Simplistic, fuss-free, and away from the maddening crowd, MPGV Hikers Paradise goes back to basics to deliver the essence of camping life.

Surroundings And Facilities At MPGV Hikers Paradise, Cameron Highlands
Surroundings And Facilities At MPGV Hikers Paradise, Cameron Highlands – jurimahmohdariffin (Instagram)

The entire campsite accommodates between 6 and 8 tents only and is in a quiet spot along the Simpang Pulai-Lojing street. Thus maintaining a peaceful and quiet environment it is renowned for.

There’s a river fronting the campsite with refreshing clear water from the mountain. Amenities are very bare, but this does include toilets and a barbecue pit.

Pitched Tents At MPGV Hikers Paradise, Cameron Highlands
Pitched Tents At MPGV Hikers Paradise, Cameron Highlands – Photo credits to Hisham Panjang

While you’re here, take the opportunity to explore hiking tracks (e.g. mossy forest trail, Gunung Suku and Gunung Siki) organized by the site owners.

What you’ll like:

  • Rustic and natural camping environment
  • Facilities include outdoor and indoor toilets and a barbecue pit
  • Knee-high stream fronting the campsite with mountain spring water
  • Friendly and accommodating owner

Good to know:

  • Separate charges for tents and occupants

4. Hola Campsite, Cameron Highlands

At the peak of Golden Hills, Hola Campsite comprises of 2 camping grounds and the temperatures here vary between 13°C and 26°C.

Lit Tents At Hola Campsite At Cameron Highlands
Lit Tents At Hola Campsite At Cameron Highlands – Photo credits to Aus Fir (Facebook)

Often shrouded in thick mist, Hola Campsite gives you a great opportunity to bask in nature and enjoy good company!

Being the newer campsite, Hola 2.0 is an upgrade from its sibling with 12 camping lots (measuring 8m X 7m each), 3 bathrooms, 2 fire pits, and 2 washing basins.

This campsite is within a gated premise for utmost security and upholds its pristine cleanliness so it’s an ideal environment for germophobes.

What you’ll like:

  • Perfect place for stargazing on a non-rainy day
  • Facilities include bathrooms, BBQ fire pits, and washing basins
  • Private and clean campsite

Good to know:

  • Campsite 1.0 is located approximately 80m away from 2.0

5. A’moss Farmstay

Go glamping in style at A’moss camping in Cameron Highlands where whimsical and spacious geodesic tents dot this picturesque farming landscape.

Unique Tents At A'Moss Farmstay, Cameron Highlands
Unique Tents At A’Moss Farmstay, Cameron Highlands – Photo credits to faizulryzal (Instagram)

Set in an organic farm, A’moss provides a holistic camping experience for novice campers to enjoy the natural outdoors.

Leading up to the farm is a narrow gravel path that can be tricky to maneuver. Thankfully the operator provides 4X4 pick-up services at a minimal fee for guests who need transportation help.

Besides this, there’s a fabulous pantry for you to cook up a feast with drinks and cakes sold too.

While you’re here, don’t forget to go on a farm tour and learn the methods of organic farming. Alternatively, work up a sweat and go on the mossy forest tour adjacent to the campsite.

What you’ll like

  • Gorgeous view of the farm from your bed
  • Amenities include free Wi-Fi, bathroom, bedding, towels, water heater, cooking utilities, shared pantry with refrigerator, and an area to buy snacks

Good to know:

  • For added security, request for a padlock to lock your tent
  • At 14°C at night, the air is cold, especially on a rainy day. So bring along a thicker blanket as the one provided may be insufficient
  • UV rays during the day can be intense. Slather up sunblock to protect your skin.
  • Road to the glamping site is bumpy and narrow. Drive slowly and carefully or arrange for a pick-up from the operators.
  • Many flies can be seen here due to the organic farming methods


Whether you’re a first-time camper or seasoned camper, Cameron Highlands offers great variety of camping sites and glamping spots to meet your needs.

Military meals or precooked food need not always be staple camping food. Some campsite operators offer pre-marinated meat for delish grills or steamboat on cool nights!

Because the best camping spots are limited, start planning your getaway and book your slot in advance!

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