Massage Parlors In Klang

Having a good massage at the end of the day may be what you need to unwind weary muscles. And if you work or live in Klang, there are plenty of options to get a Klang massage!

Knotted shoulders, tension headaches, and aching feet will feel better. With the healing hands of an experienced massage therapist!

Check out these 11 best Klang massage centers that will put you at utmost ease!

Top 11 Massage Centers In Klang

1. Klang City Spa At Histana Hotel Klang

Set within Histana Hotel Klang:

Klang City Spa promises guests and walk-in customers the perfect wind-down routine.

Lobby And Facilities At Klang City Spa At Histana Hotel Klang
Lobby And Facilities At Klang City Spa At Histana Hotel Klang – Photo from their Facebook

This massage center at Klang has relaxing pools, a sauna, and expert masseurs. Plus, there is a lounge to bask in post-treatment.

Prices are reasonable too.

End your pampering session with spa steam therapy and walk away feeling rejuvenated. And ready for new challenges!

2. Sawadee Thai Healing Touch

Make a pit stop here after work for a healing massage that kneads away stress and knots.

Rhythmic strokes with the right pressure make their aromatherapy massages perfect for de-stressing.

Exterior Of Sawadee Thai Healing Touch At Klang
Exterior Of Sawadee Thai Healing Touch At Klang – Photo credits to sawadeetht (Instagram)

Indulge in manicures and pedicures for pretty talons. And sip soothing ginger tea to expel excessive wind after the kneading sessions.

Aromatic Oils And Towels At Sawadee Thai Healing Touch At Klang
Aromatic Oils And Towels At Sawadee Thai Healing Touch At Klang – Photo credits to sawadeetht (Instagram)

With welcoming staff and a cozy atmosphere:

This Klang body massage parlor is a hit among the local community.

3. Nature Sense Of Wellness At Premiere Hotel Klang

Established in 2007 and tucked away in Premier Hotel Klang:

This massage center in Klang offers traditional Balinese massages in a cozy environment.

They have a holistic range of 5-star spa treatments. And you can select your preferences from an invigorating menu:

That includes aromatic leg massage, shoulder massage, full body massage, and more.

Cap off your relaxing session at their spacious rest area and business lounge.

4. Arromas Foot Reflexology

Helmed by a team of highly-trained blind masseurs with an acute sensorial touch:

Arromas Foot Reflexology offers feet and shoulder massages with aromatherapy oils.

Massage Chairs And Tables At Arromas Foot Reflexology
Massage Chairs And Tables At Arromas Foot Reflexology – Photo from their Facebook

Blind masseurs here use a range of soft tissue manipulation techniques. To induce tight muscles into a relaxed state.

You will walk away feeling lighter after a soothing rub down.

Professional physical therapist, Mr. Teh is also available on weekends. Through him, you can get bone-setting therapy to restore an upright posture.

5. De Comfort Reflexology Sdn Bhd Massage

This Klang massage center lives up to its name with high standards of comfort and utmost privacy.

Ambiance At De Comfort Reflexology Sdn Bhd Massage, Klang
Ambiance At De Comfort Reflexology Sdn Bhd Massage – Photo from their Facebook

Inside the massage parlor, they have massage chairs and beds encircled by curtains.

Choose from an extensive range of traditional ancient massage techniques too. The therapists here are well-trained to deliver strong pressure points. And relieve muscle tension.

Get the best bang for your buck during Happy Hours from Monday to Friday between 11 am to 3 pm:

Where you pay as low as RM38 for an invigorating massage session. This is a good deal since the normal price is RM50 for a regular foot massage!

6. Sunrise Health Center

It’s easy to dismiss Sunrise Health Center with its unassuming external façade.

But this Klang massage center has impressive healing water facilities:

Such as a spa, an infrared sauna, and a Jacuzzi treatment too.

And they have well-mannered and well-trained masseurs. So you can relief for chronic joint pain and muscle ache here.

It is a clean environment equipped with cutting-edge technology. So it comes as no surprise that this is one of the best massage parlors in Klang.

7. Asia Healthy Life Reflexology

Step into a haven of calm and enjoy top-notch service that sets the tone for recuperation.

At Asia Health Life Reflexology:

Expert therapists have outstanding techniques to deliver on-point massage. For the relive of aches and cracks.

For this reason, their foot reflexology and full body massage are popular.

Request the personable chap, Heng for his reflexology skills and some friendly banter.

8. Tai Chi Health Foot Massage

Tai Chi Health Foot Massage is another unpretentious massage center in Klang.

Simple But Pleasant Interior Of Tai Chi Health Foot Massage In Klang
Simple But Pleasant Interior Of Tai Chi Health Foot Massage In Klang – Photo credits to Tai Chi Health Foot Massage

Besides exceptional service:

Tai Chi Health Foot Massage is well-known for delivering rejuvenating foot massages. These provide spot-on pressure on ailing points and hence, secure a good night’s sleep.

The interior is not swanky but it is clean.

And furthermore, the pricing here is low. The starting price for a neck and shoulder massage starts at RM10.

While foot reflexology costs RM25, and a hand massage costs RM30 only!

9. Ayur Theraphy Klang

Vintage-styled with heavy woody accents and spotless cleanliness:

Ayur Theraphy Klang offers traditional Kerala Ayurveda treatment. And massage for both gents and ladies.

If you are new to ayurvedic treatments:

Theirs tend to be more superficial. And hence, are tolerable even for those who are squeamish or prefer less intense rubdowns.

In other words, the massage is lighter than a traditional Thai or Malay massage. These usually target deeper muscular structures.

Therapists here aim to balance five elements within the body (dorshas).

They use heated or cold herbal oil. And rely on skin manipulation and kneading of energy points.

End your rejuvenating massage with a stimulating 10 to 15-minute sauna.

This massage parlor in Klang is steep in professionalism and value.

10. Raams Ayurveda Center Klang

Raams Ayurveda Center Klang is another recommended ayurvedic massage center in Klang.

Exterior And Colorful Interior Of Raams Ayurveda Center Klang
Exterior And Colorful Interior Of Raams Ayurveda Center Klang – Photo credits to Raams Ayurveda

While they have a simple massage menu of body massages and head massages:

It is easy to relax and unwind in this immaculate sanctuary. They have experienced therapists.

Do note that this center closes earlier than other massage parlors in Klang.

11. Healthland Bandar Botanic

With 16 outlets throughout Malaysia:

Healthland Bandar Botanic offers the ultimate massage escapade. With calming vibes and unrivaled hospitality.

Shopfront Of Healthland Bandar Botanic At Klang

Some of their top treatments include their foot massage and Thai Traditional treatment. They have uterus tummy care massage as well.

The amicable front desk team will explain their available services in detail.

And apart from regular membership packages:

The Friends and Family Package allow you to share unlimited credits with loved ones!

Check out their Facebook page for new monthly promotions and other deals!


These best massage centers in Klang will address your nagging discomforts. Ease muscle aches, lumbar pain, and creaking joints, and enjoy some pampering.

If this list of Klang massage centers does not have what you’re looking for:

Take a short drive to Shah Alam and discover these 7 best spas that will put you in a blissful state of mind.

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