Things to Do in Kuala Selangor

There are plenty of things to do in Kuala Selangor for a day trip! In fact, most of the activities listed here can be found very close to or at Bukit Melawati.

And there are ample hotels in Kuala Selangor and/or homestays in Kuala Selangor to help make your stay more comfortable.

Because there’s a lot to cover, we’re going to break this post down into a few sections:

  1. Bukit Melawati
  2. Nature
  3. Beaches
  4. Food In Kuala Selangor
  5. Seafood
  6. Sekinchan
  7. Sky Mirror
  8. Temples
  9. Bonus – Banting: Bukit Jugra

Bukit Melawati Kuala Selangor

Bukit Melawati (or Melawati Hill) is a hill in Malaysia near Kuala Selangor that attracts visitors daily, especially on the weekends!

There is no entrance fee and everyone can come and enjoy the scenery and fresh air here!

View from atop Bukit Melawati – photo credits to nolens.volens (Instagram)

From the top of the hill, you can see the Straits of Malacca as well as a couple of other landmarks:

1. Seek History At Tanjong Keramat Fort

In the nearby village called Kampong Tanjung Keramat:

You can look for Tanjong Keramat Fort or Bukit Belanda (“Dutchill”) – this is a 2-storey granite and clay building that was built by Sultan Ibrahim, the 2nd Sultan of Selangor and taken over by the Dutch in 1784.

What remains of Tanjong Keramat Fort or Bukit Belanda – photo credits to thriftytraveller

The walls of the fort and the cannons are not there anymore but you can see the remains of the foundations.

2. Learn About The Legend Surrounding Virgin’s Grave (or Makam Keramat Anak Dara)

Also, in Kampong Tanjung Keramat is a small shrine on a hill that has a sad story tied to it. You can read about it from the signboard outside the shrine.

The Virgin's Grave at Kuala Selangor
The Virgin’s Grave at Kuala Selangor – photo credits to

3. Gaze Upon The War Memorial At Kuala Selangor

Built by the British to commemorate their fallen comrades as well as Malaysian soldiers who lost their lives in World War I and II, visitors can still visit this war memorial today:

War Memorial at Kuala Selangor
War Memorial at Kuala Selangor – photo credits to

Note: The memorial is at the roundabout for Jalan Keramat Tanjong in Kuala Selangor.

War memorial of Kuala Selangor

However, instead of the original bronze plaques (which were probably stolen), there are now wooden ones that carry the names of the fallen soldiers.

4. Check Out The Poisoned Well

Have you ever heard of people using itch as a torture method?

Poisoned Well at Kuala Selangor
Poisoned Well at Kuala Selangor – photo credits to

In its days of use, the poisoned well supposedly contained liquid rubber and scratchy bamboo shoots.

Traitors were possibly drowned here too.

Note: Please don’t throw your litter down here!

5. Admire The Altingsburg Lighthouse

This 27m tall landmark is the symbol of the town.

Altingsburg Lighthouse on Bukit Melawati – photo credits to m.alyyj (Instagram)

Its origins date back to 1907. Today, it is still lit up from 7pm to 6am and the light can be seen 18 nautical miles away.

Bukit Melawati – photo credits to jeffrey_haikal (Instagram)

Visitors cannot go up the lighthouse without special permission. But the Bukit Melawati tram ride makes a stop here.

And because it is a lighthouse, it has good views of the waterways – Straits of Melaka as well as Selangor river.

6. Stop By The Historical Museum Historical Museum of Kuala Selangor (Muzium Sejarah Daerah Kuala Selangor)

Admission to this museum is free and it is here that you can learn about the development of the town. And how Kuala Selangor served as a trading centre for the tin mining industry.

Historical Museum of Kuala Selangor District
Historical Museum of Kuala Selangor – photo credits to

Did you know that Kuala Selangor was the very first capital of the State of Selangor?

It will likely you take you less than an hour to browse through the dioramas, old weapons and other artifacts.


Opening hours: 9:30am to 5:30pm

7. See Silver Leaf Monkeys

These aren’t like the usual brown and bold monkeys that are spread all over Malaysia.

Silver leaf monkey at Bukit Melawati – photo credits to nolens.volens (Instagram)

Silver leaf monkeys have dark grey fur and a somewhat gentler disposition (but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down!).

Bukit Melawati is a great opportunity to see one up close (and for free!). The babies are especially adorable with their persimmon-colored fur!

Silver leaf monkeys can be seen on Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor - photo credits to athena_starfish (Instagram)
Silver leaf monkeys can be seen on Bukit Melawati, Kuala Selangor – photo credits to athena_starfish (Instagram)

Despite there being many vendors selling food for the monkeys, do not feed them as it makes them too dependent on humans!

Note: The practice also attracts the more aggressive monkeys!

8. Look Out For Batu Hampar

At Bukit Melawati, you will probably wander across this strange stone feature!

It might look like a normal stone bench but it has history behind it:

Batu Hampar at Bukit Melawati
Batu Hampar at Bukit Melawati – photo credits to

There is a claim that the then-ruling Sultan sat here in his garden to watch many sunsets on the hill.

Another more gruesome speculation includes the stone being used to behead traitors a long time ago.

9. Explore Melawati Fort (Kota Melawati)

Unlike the Tanjong Keramat Fort mentioned earlier in this list:

You can still see some of the walls and plenty of the cannons of Melawati Fort!

Bukit Melawati Kuala Selangor – photo credits to aidil_alie (Instagram)

Take some time to notice the strategic positions of the cannons that overlook the fort’s surroundings!

Melawati Fort at Bukit Melawati
Melawati Fort at Bukit Melawati – photo credits to

10. Find Melawati Hill Mound

Melawati Mound is also referred to as Busut Melawati.

The 12-foot-high mound was where Sultan Ibrahim used to watch cockerel fights!

Melawati Hill Mound at Bukit Melawati
Melawati Hill Mound at Bukit Melawati – photo credits to

Built during his reign, the mound is on the flat part of a small hill with an ancient Angsana tree close by.

11. Take The Tram Ride Up Bukit Melawati

For adults, the slow ride up the hill may not be particularly exciting. But kids will be thrilled!

On the tram ride for Bukit Melawati – photo credits to bidasari78 (Instagram)

You can buy tickets at the entrance of Bukit Melawati at the base of the hill in front of the car park.

Price: RM5 adult and RM3 child (ages 3-12)

12. Peek At The Royal Mausoleum Of Bukit Melawati

By the way, as you make your way down (on foot) from Bukit Melawati, you will see this royal structure!

Royal Mausoleum of Kuala Selangor

It’s fenced up to prevent public access but the building is nice to admire!

How To Go To Bukit Melawati

You have 3 options to walk, drive or take the tram up from the entrance to the top of the hill!

I. The Tram Service

The tram service at Bukit Melawati -photo credits to lucky_river_kou (Instagram)

Tram Operation Hours: Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

Time: 9.00am-6.00pm. The tram doesn’t operate on weekdays.

Ticket Price: Adult – RM5, Children – RM3

Got your own car?

II. Driving Your Car Up

Visitors can drive their own cars up. You can drive up too on the weekends, outside of tram operation hours.

Tip – On a weekend, they let people drive up their cars around 6pm. Officially after 6pm.

III. Using Your Legs

But honestly if you are able-bodied, it’s not a difficult climb up to Bukit Melawati.

The path goes up the road and in less than 10 minutes, you will see the bleached-white lighthouse on top of the hill.


13. Wander Through Kuala Selangor Nature Park (Taman Alam)

The 324 hectares sanctuary is managed by the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).

Mangrove walk at Kuala Selangor Nature Park - Photo credits to chrisdai (Instagram)
Mangrove walk at Kuala Selangor Nature Park – Photo credits to chrisdai (Instagram)

Because the park consists mostly of mangroves, mud flats and secondary jungle, you can expect to see many species of birds here (~156 species with 57 migratory types)!

You might even spot otters here!

Kuala Selangor Nature Park
Kuala Selangor Nature Park – photo credits to

Some common animals you will probably see are fiddler crabs and monkeys!


Opening hours:  9am to 6:00pm.

Entrance fee: RM4 (adult), RM1 (student and children below 16)

Note: Malaysian Nature Society members pay RM2.

14. Go On A Boat Tour To Watch Kuala Selangor Fireflies

As the evening approaches, tours gear up to take people out to see Kuala Selangor’s best known attraction: Fireflies!

Fireflies in mangrove – photo credits to chaby19913 (Instagram)

This is the place to see thousands (now hundreds) of fireflies light up the mangroves along the banks of Selangor River!

Book your ticket now via Klook:

Firefly tours begin at sundown – photo credits to bunnis (Instagram)

15. Join Eagle Feeding (Or Not)

Something else that’s popular around here is sea eagle feeding!

Eagle feeding tour at Pasir Penambang - photo credits to liyanaabdah (Instagram)
Eagle feeding tour at Pasir Penambang – photo credits to liyanaabdah (Instagram)

You hop on a boat with other tourists, and the tour company will take you guys along the river.

The beautiful birds will gather soon enough as the tour guides throw out pieces of raw chicken meat for them to catch mid-air!

Many tour operators combine this activity with other popular Kuala Selangor attractions (like the fireflies).

However, we strongly advise our readers not to go for these tours as this encourages unnatural behaviour among the eagles (e.g., they don’t eat their usual prey causing an inbalance in the local ecosystem). Besides, raw chicken is just unsanitary!

Bonus: Dine At 天空号 Boat Cafe @ Sky Mirror

Ever dined on a boat before?

This may be stationary boat but the atmosphere is no less romantic! They have alcohol, cheesecake, and Korean snacks! Certainly not a bad way to end a day of exploring!

Boat Cafe In Kuala Selangor
Boat Cafe In Kuala Selangor – photo credits to steinygirl_mom (Instagram)

You can conveniently time your visit here after a firefly tour too!

Address: 10, Jalan Feri Lama, Pasir Penambang, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Opening hours: Weekdays from 3:30pm to 10:30pm and weekends from 11:30am to 10:30pm (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Contact: +6016-223 4788

Kuala Selangor Beaches

There are two beaches that you can visit in Kuala Selangor and each are great spots for viewing the sunset!

The beaches are an hours’ drive apart.

And Pantai Redang is up north while Pantai Remis is south, not far from Jeram.

16. Remis Beach (Pantai Remis)

This small beach often has crowds of people on weekends and public holidays even though it is not suitable for swimming!

Popular activities include trying the fresh seafood sold at the beach, flying kites, fishing and watching the sunset, of course!

Sunset At Pantai Remis, Jeram
Sunset At Pantai Remis, Jeram – Photo credits to ahmadzufar (Instagram)

Note: Parking can be a struggle with limited parking spots!

Address: Jalan Pantai Remis, Kampung Dungun, 45800 Jeram, Selangor

17. Redang Beach (Pantai Redang)

Redang beach may share the same names as Redang Island (Pulau Redang) in Terengganu but unlike its namesake, Redang beach at Kuala Selangor is not ideal for snorkelling, diving or even swimming!

However, this is a local hot spot during the evenings.

And occasionally, you might see some migratory birds flying by!

That’s the state flag for Kuala Selangor in the foreground
That’s the state flag for Kuala Selangor in the foreground. (Photo by Travelswithsun)

There’s plenty of space for kids to fly kites!

A small Chinese temple and a wishing tree are also close by and worth a quick look!

The famous wishing tree at Sekinchan
The famous wishing tree at Sekinchan – photo by Travelswithsun

Other beaches in Kuala Selangor.

Note: Parking is frustrating here too.

Address: 25, Jalan Jpt, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor

Food In Kuala Selangor

While Kuala Selangor isn’t famous for its food, it does have a few establishments that have made their own mark on the town.

18. Auntie Foo Cafe

This quaint cafe is a popular spot for breakfast and is housed in a heritage building in the middle of town.

Auntie Foo cafe – photo credits to yuenzy (Instagram)

Popular menu items include their homemade ice-cream! Western dishes are available on the menu too besides local favorites like nasi lemak. All of which you can enjoy in the air-conditioned environment.

Another must-try at this cafe is the cendol.

Cendol at Auntie Foo Cafe
Cendol at Auntie Foo Cafe – photo credits to Auntie Foo Cafe

They also sell dried local seafood and other souvenirs.

And if you need a map on local attractions, you can pick up one here! Or use their complimentary WiFi to do some research.

Address: 1, Jalan Raja Abdullah, Kuala Selangor, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Opening hours: 8:30am to 6:30pm (Closed on Fridays)

19. Auntie Kopitiam

A bit closer to Bukit Melawati is the sister of Auntie Foo:

Inside Auntie Kopitiam – photo credits to azie.noor (Instagram)

The theme at this cafe is the classic old-style Malaysian coffee shop (kopitiam)!

In fact, it is a typical Hainanese coffee shop. With early opening hours.

You can expect to find these items on the menu:

  • Toast with homemade kaya
  • Nasi lemak
  • Hainanese chicken chop
  • Curry mee

Of these, the nasi lemak and curry mee are safe orders to make!

Address: C-3, Jalan Sultan Ibrahim, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Opening hours: 8am to 4pm (Closed on Sundays)

20. Café Lumière

If you want something a little fancier and closer to Kuala Lumpur, then this cafe might suit you better:

Besides the delicious western food, you will not fail to appreciate the decor!

Café Lumière Kuala Selangor – photo credits to lkchong04 (Instagram)

They have daily specials here like bangers and mash, sticky lemon chicken and spaghetti bolognese.

Moreover, the coffee will not disappoint! And if coffee is not your thing, they have specialized tea and Kombucha!

However, ordering around 5 items can quickly accumulate to RM100+ so make sure to clarify the prices before placing your orders.

Address: 50, Jalan Stesen, Kuala Selangor, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Opening hours: 12pm to 7pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

Note: For a small town cafe, it comes across as very pricey.

21. Cendol Bakar At Kampung Assam Jawa

If you feel like having some cendol to beat the heat, you can try this one:

Cendol Bakar is a typical Malaysian roadside stall. Prices are low and unfortunately, so is the hygiene standard.

Cendol Pulut Bakar from Cendol Bakar – photo credits to faridhilasyraf (Instagram)

The word “Bakar” (which means burnt in Malay) comes from the gula melaka used in preparation of this particular cendol.

Besides their namesake dessert, you can get other Malay dishes here like mee undang here! Their laksa is recommended too.

Cendol Bakar at Kampung Assam Jawa – photo credits to xicare (Instagram)
Note: The stall is approximately 6km away (8 minutes’ drive) from Kuala Selangor Town in Kampung Assam Jawa

Address: Lot 170, Batu 25 1/4, Jalan Klang, Kg Assam Jawa, 45700 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Opening hours: 11am to 7pm (they open earlier at 10am on Saturdays and Sundays!)

22. Kedai Kopi Shin Lok 新乐茶室

If you were thinking of checking out Remis Beach (Pantai Remis) anyways, then it’s worth stopping here for the steamed buns!

Note: This is a 20 minute+ drive from Bukit Melawati!

Steamed buns (pau) of various fillings are sold here:

  • Red bean
  • Vegetable
  • Chicken
  • Peanut

Vegetable is one of their more popular flavors and sell out pretty quick! And if you’ve never tried kaya made with coconut jam and duck eggs before, here’s your chance!

They also have other snacks here like taro dumplings and curry puffs. Meanwhile, the coffee is great too! Be sure to call ahead to check what paus are still available to avoid disappointment.

Address: 1, Jalan Kenari 1, Taman Kenari, Sungai Sembilang, 45800 Jeram, Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Phone: +603-3264 7591

Business hours: 7am to 5pm (Closed on Mondays)

23. Beggar Chicken in Ijok

30 minutes’ drive from Kuala Selangor is the small town of Ijok.

The reputable restaurant that sells the dish “beggar chicken” is found in an unlikely place:

A house hidden near an oil palm plantation where the tables are within the compound of the house. There’s no air con here so prepare yourself for the heat if you’re coming for lunch.

Most importantly, make a phone reservation first before dropping by! As they may not be accepting dine-in guests on the day of your visit.

Other than the beggar chicken, you can order other Chinese dishes like:

  • Stir-fried cos lettuce (yau mak)
  • Tofu
  • Glutinous rice (八宝饭) – beware of the large serving! Fit for 6-8people!
  • Pork maw soup
  • Braised pig trotters
  • Salted egg rice

Don’t forget to try their signature, home-made kumquat (金桔) drink!

Note: The beggar chicken made here is not too dry and has a strong taste of Chinese herbs.

New Beggar’s Delicious Restaurant (新家乡美味叫化鸡)

Address: Lot 894, Jalan Harmoni 2, 45620 Ijok, Selangor

Phone: +6019-317 3687 (Ask for Mr. Tee)

Opening hours: Every Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays from 1 pm onwards

Kuala Selangor Seafood

You can find tonnes of fresh seafood all along the coastline in Kuala Selangor.

Crab claypot at Kuala Selangor- photo credits to garfields_girl (Instagram)

Dried seafood products can also be bought at shops easily throughout Kuala Selangor too.

For one-stop convenience, head over to Pasir Penambang Jetty which has more than a few notable seafood restaurants in Kuala Selangor to choose from.

Some recommended seafood restaurants:

24. Medan Ikan Bakar Pantai Jeram

This is a halal seafood restaurant at Pantai Jeram.

And they have a surau (or prayer room) for their Muslim patrons and a playground for kids!

The main reason for coming here however, is the tasty food for reasonable prices! Along with the fast service.

Recommended dishes:

  • Chili crab
  • Grilled fish/ squid/ scallops
  • Tomyam soup

Address: Jeram, 45800 Jeram, Selangor

Contact: +6012-236 2467

Opening hours: 4pm to 10:30pm (Weekdays); 2pm to 10:15pm (Weekends)(Closed on Tuesdays)

25. Restoran Tian Wai Tian (天外天海鲜餐室)

This Chinese restaurant (non halal) might look a bit old from the outside but it serves up some delicious food in an air-conditioned environment too.

Note: The taste of the food leans towards plain rather than heavily seasoned.

Seafood at Tian Wai Tian Restaurant
Seafood at Tian Wai Tian Restaurant. (Photo credits to Restoran Tian Wai Tian fb)

Recommended dishes:

  • Lemon chicken
  • Fried oysters
  • Crab with rice noodles
  • Tofu soup
  • Curry fish head

Note: It’s best if you have someone in your group who can converse in Chinese easily.

Expect slower service on the weekends as they are usually packed!

Address: 143, Taman Pinggiran, Pasir Penambang, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Contact: +603-3289 2507

Opening hours: 11.30am to 3.30pm, and again from 5.30pm to 11pm (Closed on Thursdays)

26. River View Seafood Restaurant

Popular for the food as well as its view over the river, this Chinese restaurant is also halal! If you’ve come here before, they no longer offer alcohol.

Expect to spend under RM300 for 5 mains. Order your drinks by a jug rather than individual glasses to save costs.

Seafood at River View Seafood Restaurant
Seafood at River View Seafood Restaurant. (Photo credits to

Dishes to try:

  • Spicy crab
  • Claypot crab rice
  • Salted egg crab
  • Steamed fish

Note: Make a reservation first if you have a big group!

Address: No. 1 Jalan Besar,, Pasir Penambang, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Contact: +603-3289 2238

Opening hours: 11am to 8pm

27. Sekinchan

Want another reason to visit Kuala Selangor?

Sekinchan paddy field – photo credits to damienpkw (Instagram)

Check out why so many people flock to Sekinchan to see its rice fields.

Things worth seeing/trying in Sekinchan:

28. Sky Mirror

Often called the Salar de Uyuni of Malaysia for its resemblance to Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats:

The Sasaran Sky Mirror of Kuala Selangor is a sight you do not want to miss! But because the sandbar only appears during low tide, there are limited tour slots.

In fact, these tours only run a few times a month, depending on the tide. So make sure you book early!

Sasaran Sky mirror - photo credits to yuichiro_travel (Instagram)
Sasaran Sky mirror – photo credits to yuichiro_travel (Instagram)

29. Kuala Selangor Temples

Temples are aplenty around Kuala Selangor:

Take your pick and try to squeeze at least one into your trip!

Qi Jian Xian Shi Fo Zu Gu Miao

Qi Jian Xian Shi Fo Zu Gu Miao at Kuala Selangor

A small and colorful Taoist-Buddhist temple but you can get a good view of the sea from the top!

Address: Jalan Feri Lima, Bagan, Pasir Penambang, 45000 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Monkey God Temple (Xi Ling Gong)

Monkey God Temple in Kuala Selangor – photo credits to zeroimpact (Instagram)

You can also get a good view of the surrounding area from atop this colorful temple.

Take some time to admire the images – some feature the many levels of hell!

Address: No. 24 Tokong Jalan Bagan, Pasir Penambang, 45500 Kuala Selangor, Selangor

Sri Shakti Devasthanam Temple

It’s best to stop here on your way to Kuala Selangor. Or when you’re making your way back down to Kuala Lumpur.

This stunning temple is one of the finest Hindu temples in Malaysia with its intricately carved sandstone walls!

Shakti Temple in Bukit Rotan – photo credits to jacob_reitsma (Instagram)

Besides this, all manifestations of 51 Shakti Peedam (collected from 51 holy sites across South Asia) are here!

If you drop by at night, the temple is lit up too!

Address: Jalan Kuala Selangor, Bukit Rotan, 45700 Bukit Rotan, Selangor

Note: Any photography of the inside is strictly not allowed!

Bonus – Banting: Bukit Jugra

This is a good spot for hiking or …paragliding!

Paragliding at Bukit Jugra – photo credits to nazzainall (Instagram)

To get to Bukit Jugra will involve some weaving through a small kampung (a.k.a village/rural) area. You can also hike or cycle up this hill as some people chose to do.

Bugit Jugra – photo credits to inpc_oscar (Instagram)

Or you can drive up. It’s quite steep but you do not need a 4-wheel drive just yet.


You don’t really have an excuse to visit Kuala Selangor if you stay in the Klang valley and you have your own car and a free weekend!

Even one day would suffice to see some of the best that Kuala Selangor has to offer as it’s only an hour’s drive away north of Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur and 2.5 hours’ drive south from Ipoh!

Have you heard of these other places?

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