Things To Do In Sekinchan

Sekinchan is an easy day trip or a weekend getaway from Kuala Lumpur. It has its own set of attractions that are very different from what urban city life has to offer.  

Sekinchan’s paddy fields and the famous wishing tree are impressive sights. Try glorious seafood too.

This once sleepy fishing village is now a thriving tourism hub. There are wholesome activities for all ages. Check out this guide to start planning your trip!

15 Best Things To Do In Sekinchan

1. Sekinchan Beach

Pantai Redang beach may not boast crystal clear waters or powdery fine sand.

But it still has ample opportunities to create Instagram-worthy shots.

Weekend Crowd At Pantai Redang In Sekinchan
Weekend Crowd At Pantai Redang In Sekinchan – Photo by Travelswithsun

Strike a pose at the giant “I Love Sekinchan” signboard. Fly a kite with the strong ocean breeze here. Or look upon mesmerizing sunsets.

Avid bird watchers can find a secluded spot to watch migratory birds take flight. During early morning hours or the late evening.

Else, you can always try to spot hermit crabs scurrying around on this muddy coast!

2. Visit Paddy Field Sekinchan & Paddy Museum Sekinchan

See carpets of rolling paddy fields against a backdrop of clear blue skies at The Paddy Gallery!

What the Sekinchan rice paddy field looks like when the rice shoots are still fairly young - when to visit and more on
What the Sekinchan rice paddy field looks after planting season – Photo credits to travelswithsun

But, you should time your visit right according to the growing/ harvest stages of the rice.

The best time to visit Sekinchan paddy fields is in March / April or September / October.

This is the pre-harvest season so there will be lush masses of green paddy stalks! For a golden sea of swaying grains, come in December instead when the paddy ripens for harvest season!

To learn more about paddy plantation and processing:

Make a pit stop at the Paddy Museum Sekinchan for a small fee of RM5.

Inside The Rice Processing Plant At Sekinchan
Inside The Rice Processing Plant At Sekinchan – Photo credits to travelswithsun

At the museum, you’ll also find different types of rice for sale.

3. Sekinchan Fishing Village And Sekinchan Jetty

Another must-see attraction in Sekinchan is the Sekinchan Fishing Village and jetty.

Quiet Bagan Fishing Village Of Sekinchan
Quiet Bagan Fishing Village Of Sekinchan – Photo credits to Travelswithsun

The Bagan is the main fishing village along the river. It is a 6-minute drive from Pantai Redang.

See fishermen unload their ocean bounty. While other workers sort their catch by type and size.

If you can catch the fishermen as they head out to the ocean, the atmosphere is quiet and tranquil. Womenfolk are busy sun-drying fish and packing them for sale.

Bring back a pack of Sekinchan salted fish or fresh seafood straight from the sea!

4. Ah Ma House Sekinchan

Reminiscent of an old provision shop:

Ah Ma’s house doubles as a quaint bakery shop with bakers making love letters on the side.

Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家 at Sekinchan
Ah Ma House 阿嬤的家 at Sekinchan. (Photo credits:

This blast from the past is a wistful walk down memory lane:

They have many familiar items on display. Like vintage tiffin carriers. Or candies sold during primary school days, and antique cupboards.

You can pick up nostalgic snacks and titbits, from Ah Ma House Sekinchan.

5. Sekinchan Coconut Farm

When the heat gets unbearable, get fragrant coconut drinks. And a variety of snacks over at the Sekinchan Coconut Farm.

This scenic strip of stalls under coconut trees is famous for its pandan coconut drink. And coconut milkshake.

Tables under umbrellas provide shade from the scorching sun and occasional rain. Patrons can refuel over a bowl of Oden, waffles, and other treats too.

Since it became viral, the crowd has increased. Do note that this farm stall operates only on weekends.

6. Sekinchan Fish Market

Aside from visiting the Sekinchan Fishing Village and Sekinchan Jetty:

You can buy seafood at wholesale prices at the Sekinchan Fish Market. It goes by the name, Hai Seng Huat Fishery Sdn. Bhd.

Look out for your favorite seafood at their freshest. The rates are much cheaper than what you will see in KL and PJ.

The market is well-organized, hygienic, and spacious. They sell polystyrene boxes to keep the seafood (so you might want to bring your own).

There are complimentary cleaning and cutting services too.

Note: For customers who run out of cash, fret not as the sellers do accept various e-wallet payments

To secure the best catch from the ocean, arrive before noon. This is when the fishermen unload the haul from their boats.

While this place will thrill Tai Tai’s*, bored kids can enjoy the view of the boats from the second and third floors.

*local term for the matriarch of the house or wealthy housewife

7. Wishing Tree Sekinchan

The famous Wishing Tree at Sekinchan is close to Pantai Redang. This photogenic spot became more popular after it was featured in a Hong Kong TVB drama.

Red ribbons and charms hanging from the wish tree at Sekinchan
Red ribbons and charms hanging from the wish tree at Sekinchan – Photo credits to travelswithsun

With hundreds of red ribbons dangling from the tree, it’s a sight to behold. And an opportunistic snapshot.

Visitors can pen their wishes on a strip of red cloth weighed down by two coins and toss them over the tree’s branches.

Locals believe that the higher your strip hangs, the more likely the wish will come true!

8. Sekinchan Seafood

Of course, you should take advantage of the lower prices to indulge in seafood.

There are seafood restaurants at every nook and cranny of Sekinchan!

Chili Crab At Weng Kee Seafood Restaurant, Sekinchan
Chili Crab At Weng Kee Seafood Restaurant, Sekinchan – Photo credits to shinichikasai (Instagram)

But while it’s quite certain that you will be getting the freshest marine cuisine at Sekinchan:

Not all restaurants serve up the best standards.

Jalan Bagan is a famous stretch with many seafood restaurants. Several reputable restaurants to look out for here are Restoran Guan Hwat. And Restaurant Kim Kee.

Along with Kedai Makanan Seafood Kampung Sekinchan. Check out the full list here for more of the best seafood restaurants in Sekinchan.

The prices of seafood at Sekinchan are affordable. You could walk away after a satiating seafood meal for 3 below RM80, or less than RM 200 for a group of 6 to 8 pax!

9. Dahlan Lemon Myrtle Plantations

Scenic and expansive with endless rows of lemon myrtle:

This plantation opens to refreshing views with tea ready for sampling.

The verdant greenery makes it a perfect location for wedding snapshots. And birthday photoshoots.

Dahlan Lemon Myrtle Plantations is by a husband and wife team. And through them, learn more about processing and cultivating the native Australian herb.

You’ll also gain insight into the health benefits of lemon myrtle. To secure your educational tour, do contact the owners before coming.

10. Mango King

Mango King is a humble stall selling mangoes and local fruits in the front yard of a corner house.

Mango King at Sekinchan
Mango King at Sekinchan. (Photo credits:

The star attraction here is non-other than the creamy mango smoothie. It is full of mango pulp!

It’s also a worthy stopover for local fruit connoisseurs scouting for the finest harvest.

Load your shopping baskets with fruit. There are guavas, passion fruit, jackfruit, and passion fruit. As well as local goodies like prawn crackers, and rojak (mix fruit salad)!

Take the opportunity to capture more photos of paddy fields from across the shop too.

Note: Parking can be tricky when there is a huge crowd as the lanes are narrow. 

11. One Stop Corn Sekinchan Selangor

If you fancy learning about corn plantations and how they harvest a bumper crop:

Head over to this corn plantation in Sekinchan. Where you can also learn how to recognize ripening corn.

There are walkabout education tours at the corn farm. You can try your hand and be a farmer for a day and harvest one ripe corn each!

They sell many corn products here too such as steamed corn. Along with corn cookies, corn starch, and a variety of corn snacks.

Be sure to make a reservation before visiting to secure your tour.

This corn farm in Sekinchan also accepts group tours. Including preschoolers or students from universities and other educational institutions.

12. Sekinchan Nan Tian Gong Jiu Wang Ye (南天宫九皇大帝)

If you still can’t get over the panoramic views of the Sekinchan’s paddy fields:

The Nine Emperors God Temple will give you a fantastic vantage point.

Nan Tian Temple at Sekinchan
Nan Tian Temple at Sekinchan (Photo credits to

Since they look right over a paddy field, the two front towers of the temple offer unobstructed views.

May and November are prime months to make a trip here to admire the paddy fields in full bloom.

As a bonus, there is ample parking space. There are usually few visitors to this iconic temple in Sekinchan.

13. Swiftlet Farming

The demand for bird nest soup has caused swiftlet farms to mushroom in Sekinchan.

A swiftlet house in Sekinchan
A swiftlet house in Sekinchan – Photo credits to travelswithsun

These gray swiftlet houses sport a boxy concrete façade with artificial bird calls to lure birds in.

They are the commercialized alternative to the natural cave environment for the birds. This eliminates the dangers of nest harvesting and results in cleaner birds’ nests.

With over 350 blocks of swiftlet houses in Sekinchan, you’ll see many in the middle of paddy fields.

14. Cycle Around Sekinchan

If you don’t mind the sweltering heat, cycling is a great way to explore Sekinchan’s rice fields and tourist spots.

The off-road paths along Pantai Redang to Pasir Panjang make for an exhilarating ride. With a scenic backdrop of the sea.

Explore the beauty of Bagan and discover cottage industries. These produce yong tau foo*, crackers, and rice products too.

Slower traffic during weekdays makes the ride safer and more enjoyable.

Bicycles are available for rent at most hotels and rental shops such as AMG Bicycle. The average rate to rent is RM10 per hour.

*A Hakka Chinese dish of vegetables and tofu stuffed with fish paste or minced meat

15. Kuala Selangor Sky Mirror And Fireflies

Where the Selangor River meets the sea, Kuala Selangor has lush mangroves and wide rivers. Both are home to the local biodiversity.

Kuala Selangor capitalizes on ecotourism to its best advantage. Here, the Sky Mirror tours are the most popular tourist attraction:

The Sasaran sky mirror of Kuala Selangor (near Sekinchan) on a relatively cloudy day - See the full list of Ipoh road trips on
The sky mirror of Kuala Selangor (near Sekinchan) on a relatively cloudy day

The unique seabed along Sasaran Beach appears only during low tide. Tourists get to pose in epic shots under the guidance of an experienced crew. That includes photographers.

Cap the tour to Kuala Selangor with a visit to a firefly park. Board a night river cruise for a magical experience ahead. Passengers will see many fireflies twinkling on the trees in pitch darkness!

Book a tour from KL to Kuala Selangor:


With this extensive list of what to do in Sekinchan, it is easy to find an interesting activity. For kids and adults alike.

Since there are so many places to visit in Sekinchan, it’s best to lay down your itinerary well. Especially if you’re only going to be there for a day.

As for accommodation, there are many top-notch homestays in Sekinchan. Or Sekinchan hotels that you can book!

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