Little Allegra Bakery In Canning Garden

If you have not heard of Little Allegra Bakery, it is time to take note of it! We did not know of its existence until recently.

Part of the reason for this is how inconspicuous the café looks from the outside. There’s no large signboard in front of the café.

It’s now our favorite café and we’ll tell you why in this post!

About Little Allegra Bakery

This Muslim-friendly café is quite new, starting in mid-2021. The original location of Little Allegra Bakery was inside KPJ Ipoh.

Now they have their own space in Canning Garden, an established residential/ commercial neighborhood in Ipoh.

One Of The Window Seats At Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh
One Of The Window Seats

The café is not open every day – just 4 days a week from Friday to Monday between 8:30am and 5pm.

They bake everything in-house and there’s also new things to try each time we visit. Most of what they sell are savory bakes. Although they have some dessert tarts and cakes too.

We like their extensive drinks menu. There are many interesting non caffeinated options too. Like soy chai latte or hazelnut soy latte.

Ease Of Parking

Across from the café is a church and a school. The café has two occupied houses on each side too.

So, there are not many places to park in front of the café. But so far, we have no trouble getting one of these precious spots.


Two sides ofLittle Allegra Bakery are covered in plants. You can enjoy all this greenery from the large windows.

Inside Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh
Inside Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh

It is not surprising that the window seats are always taken. The interior styling is eclectic but cosy.

There are a mix of outdoor and vintage chairs, a large organically shaped archway, and murals of trees and birds in the fall. Plants in unique vases line the long window seat at the side of the café.

There is a big selection of second-hand cookbooks for sale in a large open bookcase. You can’t read them until you buy them.

Bookcase Of Preloved Books For Sale At Little Allegra Bakery
Bookcase Of Preloved Books For Sale

This air-conditioned café is not very big, but tables have sufficient spacing between them. Right at the back is the counter and an open shelf of all their pastries of the day.

The drinks menu is written on a chalkboard beside of this shelf, and the cakes and dessert tarts are right beside the cash register.


After choosing your selected pastries, hand them to the staff managing the counter and let them know your choice of drinks.

Counter At Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh

They toast the bakes before bringing them over and this can take 10 to 15 minutes.

Drinks usually come first before the reheated pastries do. There is a self-service drinking water station by the counter.

If it rains, the staff will offer to take you back to your car with one of their umbrellas.

Display Shelf Of Daily Bakes At Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh
Display Shelf Of Daily Bakes


Drinks are better than decent at Little Allegra Bakery. We’ve had the hazelnut latte, latte, soy chai latte, hazelnut soy, hōjicha and they are all good but not memorable.

Hojicha And Cappuccino At Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh
Hojicha And Cappuccino
Hazelnut Latte At Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh
Hazelnut Latte

It is the food that we always come back for:

The turkey bruschetta is amazing. And we like their chicken wrap and blueberry dessert tart too. Their bakes are full of flavor without being sweet.

Turkey Bruschetta At Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh
Turkey Bruschetta
Blueberry Tart At Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh
Blueberry Tart

My sister commented that their bakes are some of the best she has had in a café.

We will add that the plating is adorable, bright, and cheery with many different shaped cups and plates.

Tasty Chicken Wrap At Little Allegra Bakery In Ipoh
Tasty Chicken Wrap


Hot drinks typically cost RM14, and cold drinks cost RM16.

For our group of 4, we would order 3 bakes and 4 drinks. And this would come up to about RM26 per person.

We think the food is well worth the price.


As you can see, we have nothing but high praise for this little hidden café in Ipoh. We are keen to return to Little Allegra Bakery for our next teatime session with friends and family.

Do check this place out the next time you’re searching for a cafe in this area!

Other cafés that we highly recommend in Canning Garden are être Patisserie and Ferment Boulangerie – each with their own specialty.

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