MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh

Ipoh is not known for pizza but you can get tasty pizza at MichelangelO’s Pizzeria. The place is very popular with families too. Even on weekdays.

This is because they have a real wood fire oven to bake their pizza. No joke, the pizza tastes a lot better than what you can get at pizza chain stores in Ipoh.

Read more about MichelangelO’s Pizzeria and what we love about this humble restaurant!

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About MichelangelO’s Pizzeria

This non-halal eatery at Bandar Baru Medan owned by an American/ Malaysian couple. It has been around for more than 10 years (they started operations in 2009).

The friendly owner is usually present and proactive in serving customers too.

MichelangelO’s Pizzeria only opens from 5:30pm until 9pm. They are closed on Mondays.

They take great pride in making many of the ingredients from scratch. These include the Italian sausages and homemade tiramisu or brownies.

PS: They don’t accept reservations

Ease Of Parking At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria

If you want an easy time, try to get here by 5:30pm (this applies to weekdays too). At this time, there should still be some parking in front of the restaurant.

The crowd starts trickling in at 6pm onwards.

Furthermore, this area is a known dinner spot and it will be difficult to find parking at peak dinner time (7pm to 8pm).

Ambiance At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria

MichelangelO’s Pizzeria’s interior charm comes from the red brick walls. There is a lively mural on one side of the wall too.

Wall Mural At MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Wall Mural At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh

The air-conditioned restaurant is well-lit too. Tables start from the very front all the way to the back of the restaurant. The tables are close together with the counter and oven taking up a good half of the restaurant.

Inside MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Inside MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh

For its age, MichelangelO’s Pizzeria is in great shape. It’s still a clean and comfortable place to enjoy a meal with friends and family.

However, this is definitely not the place for conversation. There is always rock music playing. And later on in the evening, when the restaurant is full, it will be noisy and smoky.

What’s interesting is that they serve their Chicago-style thin-crust pizzas on top of large vintage tin cans.

Table Layout In MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Table Layout In MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh

Service At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria

Most of the staff know a good deal of English. But only a few can speak Chinese.

Even though they have at least 3 waitstaff, the staff is often busy but friendly. The owner himself is more than happy to share a joke with customers too.

Counter At MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Counter At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh

Write down your order on the chit and bring it to the counter for immediate payment.

If there are not many tables ahead of you, the pizza will arrive in 15 minutes or so. Large groups may have to wait more than 30 minutes for their food.

Food At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria

You don’t have to stick to just one flavor with your pizza as they do accept half and half for all of their flavors.

Half And Half Pizza At MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Half And Half Pizza At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh

There are flavors that feature unusual ingredients like blue cheese or truffle too. Bacon and egg pizza is one of their best sellers.

Our personal favorites are Mighty Meatball and Salty Sweet pizzas. Meatballs and bacon they use are not the commercial types. The bacon is thick, and the meatballs are well-seasoned with herbs.

Mighty Meat Ball And Salty Sweet At MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Mighty Meat Ball And Salty Sweet At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh

We find that the crust thickness and distribution of ingredients vary per visit but the taste remains. They are very generous with cheese. And the cheese is satisfyingly stretchy too!

Note: When you order your pizza, you do have the option to add extra ingredients like basil leaves.

Besides their signature charred pizza, there are other Western specialties on the menu to try. Such as spaghetti with meatballs, chicken or bacon carbonara, or BBQ ribs (have to order this one day in advance).

Pizza Flavors At MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Pizza Flavors At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh
Pizza Toppings And Desserts At MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Pizza Toppings And Desserts At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh

Drinks suit the American theme – there is coke or root beer. Desserts are brownies, burnt cheesecake or the ever-popular tiramisu. They do use alcohol for their wonderful tiramisu.

Pasta Menu At MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Pasta Menu At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh
Ribs Special At MichelangelO's Pizzeria In Ipoh
Ribs Special At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria In Ipoh

Pricing At MichelangelO’s Pizzeria

One of their 14-inch pizzas (~RM50) is plenty for 2 to share in our opinion. We usually don’t have room for dessert after sharing one pizza.

PS: 3 small eaters can happily share one pizza.

For the quality, quantity, and taste of the pizza, we think the price is reasonable.


With all things considered (e.g., pricing, portions, service, location, etc), MichelangelO’s Pizzeria is still our go-to for great American-style pizza in Ipoh.

Alternatively, you can check out these other Western restaurants in Ipoh if you’re looking for more variety in the menu.

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