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As one of the most populated cities in Malaysia, Ipoh has much to offer. And there are many ways to fill an Ipoh itinerary!

It’s a shame that many choose to skip a trip to Ipoh in favor of Penang or Malacca. Or just use Ipoh as a rest point before going up to Cameron Highlands!

Have a look at our ready-made itineraries below so you don’t miss out on anything!

Table of contents:

  1. Ipoh Itinerary Highlights
  2. How Long Should You Stay In Ipoh?
  3. Ipoh Itinerary
  4. Getting Around In Ipoh
  5. How To Get To Ipoh
  6. Accommodation In Ipoh
  7. Day Trips From Ipoh

Any good Ipoh itinerary usually has the following, and for good reason:

1. Ipoh Itinerary Highlights

These are the best of Ipoh attractions and most accessible too. You don’t necessarily need a car either although a car would be much more convenient (and comfortable).

Sunset View Of Ipoh From The Deck Gastrobar At The Top Of WEIL Hotel In Ipoh
Sunset View Of Ipoh From The Deck Gastrobar At The Top Of WEIL Hotel In Ipoh – Photo by Travelswithsun

And you best believe that there are actually tourists that come to Ipoh just for the food!

In fact, locals from neighboring states often make a weekend excursion to Ipoh for this reason.

1.1. Ipoh Food Trip

Steep competition guarantees an impressively high standard when it comes to the taste of Ipoh food.

Many hawker stalls are run by the owners themselves who have had years (sometimes, passed on from parents to children) to perfect their sole dish.

Assorted Dim Sum At Chooi Yue Dimsum Restaurant
Assorted Dim Sum At Chooi Yue Dimsum Restaurant

There is everything from:

  • Laksa,
  • Curry mee,
  • Hakka mee,
  • Kai se hor fun,
  • Chee cheong fun,
  • Wantan mee

And others!

Gai Se Hor Fun From Thean Chun Coffee Shop In Ipoh
Gai Se Hor Fun From Thean Chun Coffee Shop In Ipoh – Photo by Travelswithsun

Don’t know where to start? See a list of must-try food in Ipoh.

Keep your eyes peeled:

1.2. Ipoh Street Art/ Mural Lane

You’ll definitely bump into a couple of these colorful wall murals in a stray alley or at the back of a building when you’re exploring Ipoh Old Town and Ipoh New Town.

Colorful Murals At Mural Arts Lane In Ipoh
Colorful Murals At Mural Arts Lane In Ipoh – Photo by Travelswithsun

There are particularly many instances of street art in Mural Art’s Lane: Jalan Masjid, Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh,Perak

And if you want to see the ones painted by Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic:

Trishaw Mural Walking Distance From Concubine Lane
Trishaw Mural Walking Distance From Concubine Lane – Photo by Travelswithsun

Grab a map from the Ipoh Tourist Information Center.

While you’re at the Ipoh Tourist Information Center:

1.3. Ipoh Heritage Walk/ Historical Buildings

Don’t forget to grab a map of the Ipoh heritage walk! Or download an Ipoh heritage map from the Ipoh World website.

Birch Memorial Clock Tower In Ipoh
A Famous Ipoh Landmark, Birch Memorial Clock Tower – Photo by Travelswithsun

This walk will take you around all the buildings of historical significance in Ipoh.

Including a British-colonial building, Ipoh Railway Station, and other landmarks like the Birch Memorial Clock Tower.

Allow at least 1-2 hours.

Ipoh Railway Station
Ipoh Railway Station – photo credits to reikotherainbowgirl (Instagram)


  1. Start early in the morning (8am) or in the evening (6:30pm) to avoid the suffocating heat
  2. Bring drinking water and wear comfortable shoes and a hat

A unique feature of Ipoh:

1.4. Ipoh Cave Temples

Ipoh is home to at least 20 of these wonderful temples that take advantage of the geographical features around them!

Some of these temples were built in the 1950s!

The Carpark At Perak Cave Temple
The Carpark At Perak Cave Temple – Photo by Travelswithsun

The most notable ones are:

  1. Perak Cave Temple
  2. Kek Lok Tong
  3. Sam Poh Tong

2. How Long Should You Stay In Ipoh?

Should you stay in Ipoh for a few hours? Or 2 days or 3 days?

1 day seems like you are just scratching the surface unless you’ll be in Malaysia for a while. Then, you can always make a trip to Ipoh when you have a day to spare.

Exhibit Huts Around The Lake At Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village
Exhibit Huts Around The Lake At Qing Xin Ling Leisure & Cultural Village – Photo by Travelswithsun

However, if your passion is food, staying for 2 days will really allow you to savor the best of Ipoh food. And give your tummy time to digest!

But if you want to see something most first-time tourists don’t see, stay an extra day and go beyond Ipoh Old Town!

Note: 3 days gives you enough time to explore more than just central Ipoh!

3. Ipoh Itinerary

Ipoh is a laidback city and your Ipoh itinerary should reflect this pace!

  • Start the day with breakfast in a local kopitiam – Try Ipoh white coffee!
  • Go on the Ipoh heritage walk
  • Visit a historical museum or antique gallery
  • Stay cool in one of Ipoh’s many cave temples
  • Try silky-smooth tau fu fah!
  • See how Tambun pomelos are grown
  • End the day with a roadside “snow beer”

If you can only afford a day to see Ipoh:

3.1. Ipoh Day Trip Itinerary

A 1 day trip in Ipoh is common as many see Ipoh as a passing stop rather than the end destination.

Ipoh the capital of Perak
Ipoh the capital of Perak – photo credits to ryotahachino (Instagram)

The one we have planned here assumes you plan to walk for most of the day.

With the highlight being Ipoh Old Town.

Note: Parking in Ipoh Old Town is incredibly difficult and frustrating on a weekend!

Ipoh One Day Trip Schedule

The earlier you arrive, the better to avoid the afternoon heat!


  • Arrive for breakfast or brunch at Nam Heong White Coffee (or Kedai Kopi Sin Yoon Loong) – try egg tarts and Ipoh White Coffee.
Egg Tart And Dim Sum At Ipoh Nam Heong White Coffee
Egg Tart And Dim Sum At Ipoh Nam Heong White Coffee – Photo by Travelswithsun
  • Explore Concubine Lane and Kong Heng Square.
  • Miniature Wonders Art Gallery is worth a peep. So is the Yasmin Ahmad museum (in Book Xcess Kong Heng).
  • Spot some Ipoh street art  by Ernest Zacharevic at Old Town too.

Note: Tours for Han Chin Pet Soo museum must be booked in advanced!


  • Have lunch at Thean Chun but prepare for a long wait for the kai se hor fun.
  • Visit Han Chin Pet Soo museum (requires booking) for an eye-opener into Ipoh’s tin mining history. And while you’re here, check out  Ho Yan Hor Museum next door.
Ho Yah Hor And Han Chin Pet Soo Museum Close To Concubine Lane
Ho Yah Hor And Han Chin Pet Soo Museum Close To Concubine Lane – Photo by Travelswithsun
  • Attempt the Ipoh Heritage Walk (e.g. Birch memorial clock tower, Ipoh railway station, Ipoh high court, St. Michael Old Building)
  • Go for some local desserts – tau fu fah at Big Mom Beancurd or cendol at Deen CT Corner Cendol
  • Or cool down at an Ipoh café (Pâtisserie BoutiQue or Aud’s Café)
  • Or cross over to Ipoh New Town and have lunch (Lou Wong’s chicken rice)
  • See some murals at Mural Art’s Lane


  • Pick up salted chicken at Ayam Garam Aun Kheng Lim (Main Branch) first
  • Shop for souvenirs (Sin Weng Fai Peanut Candy Shop, Guan Heong Biscuit Shop, Ching Han Guan 鍾漢元, Kedai Biskut Sin Eng Heong)
  • Have one last meal in Ipoh – Lou Wong’s chicken rice or Restoran Tuck Kee
Ipoh Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Restaurant
Ipoh Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Restaurant
  • From 7 pm onwards, you can see the Gerbang Malam (night market)

Want to see something less touristy with a local Ipoh-born guide to show you the way?

You can book a Ipoh private tour with RayTheTour through WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger!

Private Ipoh Tour With RayTheTour & Travelswithsun

3.2. Ipoh 2 Days 1 Night Itinerary

2 days is the sweet spot for exploring Ipoh!

The itinerary here is a continuation of the 1-day itinerary above.

On the first day:


  • Get supper or dessert (or both) at Tong Sui Kai
  • Go shopping at Ipoh Parade Shopping mall
  • Check out Ipoh nightlife (Bricks & Barrels or Fei Bo Snow beer)
Fei Bo Snow Beer Ipoh Garden East 肥波雪花啤东区
Fei Bo Snow Beer Ipoh Garden East 肥波雪花啤东区 – photo credits to sososoya (Instagram)

There’s a whole medley of places to check out at night in Ipoh actually.

On the second day:

Wake up as early as you can.


  • Try some Ipoh dim sum (Restoran Chooi Yue Dim Sum or Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum)!
  • Alternatively, have a typical Malaysian breakfast at Moon De Moon (curry mee and kai se hor fun)
Gai Se Hor Fun at Restaurant Moon De Moon
Gai Se Hor Fun at Restaurant Moon De Moon – Photo by Travelswithsun
Coffee enthusiasts must try Ipoh white coffee at least once
Coffee enthusiasts must try Ipoh white coffee at least once.


  • For lunch, try Restoran Nasi Ayam Pak Kong, fish head noodles at 辉记石斑鱼头米粉 or Dai Shu Geok Big Tree Foot Yong Tau Foo – 锦记大小脚茶室
Laksa & Yong Liu At Choong Kee Restaurant (Dai Shu Geok)
Laksa & Yong Liu At Choong Kee Restaurant (Dai Shu Geok) – Photo by Travelswithsun
  • If you still want to look for souvenirs, then you can have lunch at Sun Yeong Wai Roasted Duck (Sri Ampang) 新揚威烤鴨(安邦總店)instead as it is a couple of shops away from Yee Hup.
  • Spend the rest of the afternoon exploring cave temples (Kek Lok Tong, Ling Sen Tong, Nam Thean Tong, and Sam Poh Tong)
Main Hall Of Kek Lok Tong
Main Hall Of Kek Lok Tong – Photo by Travelswithsun

Tip: If you’re heading back to Kuala Lumpur, leaving right after lunch will mean less traffic.


  • Fancy Nyonya food? Have an early dinner at Yum Yum Restaurant Ipoh
  • Or have dinner at this Chinese seafood restaurant, Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant

As a further extension of the previous itinerary:

3.3. Ipoh 3 Days 2 Night Itinerary

Staying longer in Ipoh means more opportunities to try Ipoh food! And this is where you can get out of Ipoh to explore other interesting places.

On the second day:


  • Soak at the hot springs at Sunway’s Lost World of Tambun
  • Or go for a massage at Thai Oasis (ICC Club)
Pools With Higher Temperature At Tambun Lost World Hot Springs
Pools With Higher Temperature At Tambun Lost World Hot Springs

On the third day:

You can easily spend the whole of this day at Sunway Lost World of Tambun! They have quite a substantial zoo that the kids will particularly enjoy!

Or you can do the following:


Kellie's Castle
Kellie’s Castle at Batu Gajah – Photo by Travelswithsun

Other morning activities:

  • Hiking up Bukit Kledang
  • Caving at Gua Tempurung
  • White water rafting at Gopeng
Lit Walkways And Stairs Make Gua Tempurung Accessible To Visitors
Lit Walkways And Stairs Make Gua Tempurung Accessible To Visitors – Photo by Travelswithsun


  • Have a seafood lunch at Tanjung Tualang village (Thong Lok Seafood Restaurant, Yew Kei Seafood Restaurant or Luen Fong Restaurant)
  • Stop by the Kinta Tin Mining (Gravel Pump) Museum at Kampar
  • HOGA Gaharu Tea Valley in Gopeng


  • Dinner At Yum Yum Restaurant Ipoh or Durbar

For those who didn’t drive their way to Ipoh:

4. Getting Around In Ipoh

There are 3 main entry points then:

  1. AmanJaya Bus Terminal
  2. Ipoh Railway Station
  3. Ipoh Airport (Sultan Azlan Shah Airport)
Sultan Azlan Shah Airport at Ipoh
Sultan Azlan Shah Airport at Ipoh – Photo by Travelswithsun

It is possible to walk to Ipoh Old Town from Ipoh Railway Station if you don’t have much luggage weighing you down. And if you don’t mind the heat of the day.

As for the other two arrival points, you will need to rely on public or private transport.

Public/ Private Transport In Ipoh

There are pros and cons of each:

Transport Pros Cons
Bus -Cheap -Unreliable (i.e. not punctual)
-The main station (Ipoh AmanJaya) is 20 minutes’ from town
Taxi -Convenient in the city -Harder to find one further from Ipoh town
-Sometimes, you get a taxi that does not have a meter and the driver can charge more
-More expensive in certain situations (i.e. public holiday, off-peak hours, airport transfer, etc)
E-hail taxi -Convenient in the city
-Still not as many as in Kuala Lumpur
-Certain areas out of the city centre have longer waiting times before you get a willing driver
Car rental -You can go where you want -It’s difficult to navigate and find parking in Ipoh Old Town during the weekends
-Expensive for solo travellers
Private tour service -You don’t have to drive (or park)
-Personal guide who is Ipoh-born
-Pick up / drop off within Ipoh
-You can also go to Camerons/ Taiping with the same tour
-Expensive for solo travellers

The private tour service we’re recommending is RayTheTour.

You can book them on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

5. How To Get To Ipoh

Ipoh is on the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia flanked by Penang, Pahang, and Selangor.

The 3 neighboring states are linked by main highways making Ipoh highly accessible.

Especially if you have your own car!

What about Singapore?

5.1. Singapore To Ipoh

Most options take at least 5 hours:

  1. Train (multiple transits) from Singapore > Johor > Gemas – takes around 5 hours
  2. Bus (direct) – close to 8 hours!
  3. Self-drive – ~7 hours

Unless you choose to fly to Ipoh directly.

5.1.1. Singapore To Ipoh By Flight

This is by far, the quickest option!

  1. First, get yourself to Changi Airport in Singapore:
  2. Then, take the 1 hour and 15 minutes flight to Ipoh.

There are up to 6 flights a day from Singapore to Sultan Azlan Shah Airport, Ipoh.

Ipoh Airport (Sultan Azlan Shah Airport)
Ipoh Airport (Sultan Azlan Shah Airport) – Photo by Travelswithsun

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Price range: S$40 – 420 or RM 120 – 1,260

5.2. Kuala Lumpur To Ipoh

From Kuala Lumpur, there are many options to choose from if you want to go to Ipoh.

  1. ETS train to Ipoh Railway Station – 3 hours, tickets from RM36
  2. Bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan to Ipoh AmanJaya Bus Terminal – ~3 hours, from RM20
  3. Taxi – 2 hours with no traffic, RM200 to RM300
  4. Self-drive via Lebuhraya Utara – Selatan/E1 (North-South Highway) – 2 hours, ~RM60 for petrol and toll


  • Prices listed are subject to increase during public holidays and upcoming festivals (e.g. Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, etc)
  • There is currently no direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh!

5.3. Penang To Ipoh

If you have your own car, it’s only too easy to make a trip down to Ipoh from Penang!

5.3.1. Penang To Ipoh by Self-driving

Using Lebuhraya Utara – Selatan/AH2/E1:

Duration: 2 hours (~161km)

Price range: RM30 to refuel and toll fees around RM16.8.

5.3.2. Penang To Ipoh by Bus

There are a few departure points for taking a bus to Ipoh from Penang – either from the island or on the mainland.

And several trips throughout the day too, including the early hours of the morning.

3 Departure points from Penang Island to Ipoh:

  1. Penang Komtar
  2. George Town
  3. Sungai Nibong
AmanJaya Bus Terminal
AmanJaya Bus Terminal at Ipoh – photo credits to thestar.com.my

2 Departure points from Penang Mainland (Butterworth or Perai):

  1. Penang Sentral (Butterworth)
  2. Chai Leng Park – Caltex

You can book your bus ticket online via easybook.com.

Most bus operators will drop you off at Ipoh AmanJaya Bus Terminal.

Price range: RM15-35

Note: Flight is not a viable option since there are no direct flights from Penang to Ipoh!

Read more: How To Go To Ipoh From Penang

6. Accommodation In Ipoh

As with the food industry, the hotel sector in Ipoh is equally competitive which is good news for visitors!

6.1. Ipoh Hotel

You’ll immediately see that there are a lot of hotels in Ipoh.

Both of these have something unique about them:

6.1.1. Weil Hotel Ipoh

Weil Hotel Next to Parkson Ipoh Parade Mall

A modern hotel with contemporary rooms:

  • Infinity pool overlooking Ipoh skyline
  • Rooftop bar and restaurant (and other dining options)
  • Connected to a shopping mall (Ipoh Parade)
  • Close to Tong Sui Kai (Dessert Street)
  • Covered and secure parking

Address:  292, Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak

Contact: +605-208 2228

Check Best Price On:

Designed after a Bali-esque resort:

6.1.2. Ipoh Bali Hotel

Ipoh Bali Hotel is a little pricier than your average Ipoh boutique hotel:

Superior double room at Ipoh Bali Hotel
Superior double room – photo blongs to Ipoh Bali Hotel

But they have an almost-perfect record for their reviews!

  • In-house spa
  • Delicious breakfast menu (local cuisine)
  • Beautiful décor
  • Quiet neighborhood
  • Close to Secret Garden restaurant
Some Ipoh Bali Hotel rooms have their own fish pond
Some rooms have their own fish pond – photo belongs to Ipoh Bali Hotel

Address: 12, Lorong Cheah Cheang Lim, 30350 Ipoh, Perak

Contact: +605-242 0222

Check Best Price On:

6.2. Ipoh Homestay

Homestays are great if you have a bigger group with you:

6.2.1. Grayhaus Soho

Grayhaus Soho is budget-friendly and very comfortable if you don’t mind small spaces too much!

Double room at GRAYHAUS SOHO
Double room (photo belongs to GRAYHAUS SOHO)

It’s also walking distance to Ipoh Old Town.

Note: Not convenient if you need to park your car

Location: Ipoh New Town

Max Occupancy: 1 to 2 people

Price Range: Around RM65/night for 2 guests

Check Best Price On:

6.2.2. H2H – At Mind 9 Vacation LANDED House Ipoh Center

This renovated house-turned-homestay is extremely family-friendly!

H2H Homestay Exterior and Living Areas at H2H Homestay
H2H Homestay Exterior and Living Areas – photos belong to H2H Homestay

And conveniently close to the airport too! A family of up to 8 will be cozy here.

Bedrooms and dining area at H2H Homestay
Bedrooms and dining area – photos belong to H2H Homestay

Location: Close to Taman Chateau & Taman Kampar

Max Occupancy: Up to 8 people

Price Range: RM240/night for the entire house

More choices: 11 Exceptional Homestay In Ipoh

7. Day Trips From Ipoh

Make an Ipoh road trip since you are already in Ipoh!

Cameron Highlands is usually the next destination for many Ipoh visitors:

7.1. Ipoh To Cameron Highlands

The journey from Ipoh to Cameron Highlands is doable at 2 hours if you don’t mind windy roads!

Tea house at the Boh Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands
Tea house at the Boh Tea Plantation, Cameron Highlands

Duration: 2 hours’ drive or more under heavy traffic

Distance from Ipoh: 89.8km

What’re the top attractions:

  • Lavender Farm
  • Strawberry Farms
  • Cactus Farms
  • Steamboat
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • BOH Tea Plantation
  • Mossy Forest (Gunung Brinchang)

Read also: Cameron Highlands Itinerary: Cameron Highlands One Day Trip, 2D1N & 3D2N Itinerary

Taiping is a short drive from Ipoh with a very different character:

7.2. Ipoh To Taiping

It’s even quieter here than in Ipoh and many of the attractions will delight nature lovers!

Taiping Lake Garden
Taiping Lake Garden – Taiping is a quick and easy road trip from Ipoh

Duration: 1 hour drive

Distance from Ipoh: 68.6km

What are the top attractions:

Bukit Larut or Maxwell hill of Taiping - a town close to Ipoh - see the full list of Ipoh road trips on www.travelswithsun.com
Bukit Larut (a.k.a Maxwell hill).

Read also: Orangutan Island: A Hidden Orangutan Sanctuary In West Malaysia

Just under 30 minutes from Taiping:

7.3. Ipoh To Kuala Sepetang

Kuala Sepetang is a rural fishing district at the Sangga river (Sungai Sangga).

There’s a special kind of mangrove tree here that attracts fireflies!

The Fishing Town Of Kuala Sepetang
The Fishing Town Of Kuala Sepetang – photo credits to Phalinn Ooi

Duration: 1 hour drive from Ipoh

Distance from Ipoh: 73.9km

What are the top attractions:

  • Fireflies (evening onwards)
  • Eagles
  • Matang Mangrove Reserve (Mangrove boardwalk)
  • Charcoal Factory
  • Kuala Sangga Fishing Village
  • mee udang (Saleh Stall Mee Udang Port Weld)


If you’re Malaysian, you should definitely come over to Ipoh at least once! For foreigners, you can consider Ipoh a less commercial version of Penang:

But without the beaches. Instead, there are limestone hills, tin mining history, and cave temples!

Follow or alter these Ipoh itinerary plans for an Ipoh trip of your own! Or get more ideas with this travel itinerary planner tool!

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