Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) Taiping

Bukit Larut – also known as Maxwell Hill, is approximately 1,250m above sea level and is 12km away from Taiping, Perak.

The name Maxwell comes from the first British resident of assistant of Perak when the resort was founded all the way back in 1870.

Today, it is a neat little spot for enjoying nature in a cool environment! And we’ve listed all you need to know about visiting this place in this one post!

UPDATE April 2024: Jeep and accommodation services are currently suspended. With no confirmed reopening date in sight. Hiking is still allowed. Moreover, the furthest you can go is the tea garden if you choose to hike.

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Why You Should Visit Bukit Larut, Taiping

Here are a bunch of reasons why you should give this place a chance:

Bukit Larut is steadily gaining popularity as locals seek to beat the mainland heat without having to drive all the way up to Cameron Highlands from Ipoh or Kuala Lumpur.

During public holidays and weekends, tickets for the jeeps up to Maxwell Hill sell out fast!

Fun facts:

  • This is the site of the oldest hill station in Malaysia.
  • Back in the day, British colonial officials used the station as a sort of resort to relax

2. Lower Temperatures

Just how cool are we talking?

The daily temperature ranges from between 10-25 degree Celsius. That is significant when you’re used to the average mainland temperatures of around 30 degree Celsius!

Bukit Larut or Maxwell hill of Taiping - a town close to Ipoh - see the full list of Ipoh road trips on www.travelswithsun.com
Bukit Larut (a.k.a Maxwell hill).

And we must stress again that it’s really lovely up here:

3. Nature

The beautiful scenery is one of the main reasons Bukit Larut Hill Resort was founded in the first place! Besides the cooler climate.

And because of the slightly lower temperatures (from the rest of the mainland), you can see different types of trees up here too – of the coniferous sort.

Coniferous Trees At Bukit Larut
Coniferous Trees

With plenty of ferns and moss too.

In fact, Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill also has a reputation for being the wettest part in Malaysia.

There is frequent rainfall throughout the year (98 inches of rain per year) but that doesn’t stop hikers from making the trek up.

Tip: Start your visit early though as it often rains in the afternoon and the clouds and mist will block out everything. Especially during Sep- Dec.

Zoomed-in view from the lookout at Maxwell hill
Zoomed-in view from the lookout at Maxwell hill

4. History

This highland area is called Maxwell Hill because it was founded by William Edward Maxwell, a British Assistant Resident in Perak back in the year of 1884.

The bungalows that can still be seen in Bukit Larut were initially built for British plantation owners and their wives to escape the tropical weather that affects the lowlands more.

View from the lookout at Maxwell hill
View from the lookout at Maxwell hill.

Where Is The Entrance?

The ticket booth or Maxwell Hill Admin Office is some way out of town (about 10 minutes’ drive from Taiping town), at the base of Bukit Larut:

You can refer to the interactive map below to find your way there if you have your own transport:

Alas, you cannot take your own car all the way up:

So, once you’re there, you may have to squeeze with other cars for parking outside the main entrance if the inner parking is already taken.

Ways To Go Up To Maxwell Hill

There are two ways to reach the summit of Maxwell Hill – hiking or by taking a jeep up!

1. Bukit Larut Hiking

The Bukit Larut Hiking Trail is about 13km to the summit.

If you choose to hike up, the whole trail of 13km will take 7 hours (round trip) depending on your individual fitness level.

You can explore some of the jungle trails or start your hike up from the tar road.

The Hike Up To Bukit Larut Summit

  • Start from the main entrance of Maxwell hill and continue along the tar road all the way up.
  • The first 2km is through jungle trail:
  • Of which, about 1km is a constant uphill climb. That will take approximately 30-45 mins.
  • After the jungle trail, it’s another 8km to reach Bukit Larut Station via the access road.
  • Followed by another 3km to Bukit Larut Summit

Tip: Bring gloves for that so you can grab hold of tree trunks or other things without hurting your hands.

If hiking’s not your thing or if you plan to bring young children or elders with you to Maxwell hill:

2. Bukit Larut Jeep Ride

UPDATE April 2024: Jeep and accommodation services are currently suspended. With no confirmed reopening date in sight. Hiking is still allowed. Moreover, the furthest you can go is the tea garden if you choose to hike.

You can consider taking a jeep ride (Land Rovers) from the main entrance of Maxwell hill!

The jeeps will use the same tar road that hikers will use.

Entrance to Bukit Larut
Entrance to Bukit Larut – photo credits to rasyidiradzi (Instagram)

Jeep Ride Schedule

We found out (the hard way) that there are specific times for the jeep rides!

Refer to the Jeep ride timetable below:

Bukit Larut Jeep Ride Timetable
Bukit Larut Jeep Ride Timetable.

Jeep Ride Duration

The duration of the jeep ride is about 30 minutes (13km).

And the land rover pickups are available every day but there are only 3 pickups on Friday.

Note: I think we actually made it up there in less than 30 minutes @.@

How much will it cost?

Jeep Ride Cost

The jeep ride price is RM10.00 for ages 11 and up.

Tickets for children between 4 to 10 years old are priced at RM5.00.

Note: There will be an additional cost if you have a lot of bags with you.

Jeep at Bukit Larut (Maxwell hill)
Jeep at Bukit Larut (Maxwell hill) – photo credits to hamzahsaaidin (Instagram)

How To Book A Jeep Ride Up To Bukit Larut

To secure a morning session ticket:

You may want to arrive at the Maxwell Hill Admin office as early as 7am. Especially during the weekend and public school holidays!

Alternatively, you can buy tickets for the afternoon or evening session too if you’re already there and the morning tickets are all sold out.


  • You cannot book a spot through the phone.
  • It’s a good idea to check if the jeep service is on for the day before you go!
  • Here is the office number: +605-807 7241/ 7243
  • Tickets are limited to just 200 a day and run out very fast.
  • The counter opens at 8.30am but the queue may start as early as 7am.
  • And if they run out of tickets on the day you go, you can still opt to hike up (7 hours’ round trip)!

Note: You cannot book tickets through a call.

The jeep ride itself is another story:

What You Should Know About The Jeep Ride

These are government-owned jeeps:

They have new jeeps and older ones – be careful of the latter! Though you will not get much say in the matter.

Note: Please hold the door shut if you get a seat behind the jeep.

Also, jeeps can take up 4 to 8 people.

There are smaller ones that can only fit 4 people max.

If you tend to be sick on narrow roads, take note as you’ll definitely need your motion sickness pills for this bumpy (and fast) journey along a windy road.

Jeep making a turn at Bukit Larut (Maxwell hill)
Jeep making a turn at Bukit Larut (Maxwell hill) – photo credits to hamzahsaaidin (Instagram)

There are a lot of sharp turns (72, to be exact) and the drivers usually go very fast without stopping. Only slowing down occasionally to let hikers pass.

Things To Do At Bukit Larut

1. Small Park And Playground

Nature lovers will really like the variety of trees here. It’s cool enough to get pine trees and other similar species.

Sometimes, the occasional mist will roll in and it looks like you’re not even in Malaysia anymore.

Small park at Maxwell Hill
Small park at Bukit Larut

2. Hanging Bridge And Lookout Post

It doesn’t take that long to walk the length of this bridge but there are some good views and photo opportunities here!

Hanging Bridge at Maxwell Hill
Hanging Bridge at Maxwell Hill

Don’t forget to check out the lookout tower nearby!

The lookout post at Maxwell Hill (i.e. Bukit Larut).
The lookout post at Maxwell Hill (i.e. Bukit Larut).

3. Taiping From Above

From Bukit Larut, you can see the beautiful landscape of Taiping town and even the estuary/sea on clear days.

Taiping town viewed from the top of Maxwell Hill
Taiping town viewed from the top of Bukit Larut

But is there anywhere to eat up there?

4. Café (Halal)

There’s only one café (halal) up here.

And unfortunately, they don’t serve much. More importantly though, there is a toilet behind the cafe. It’s also the only public one we’re aware of.

If you don’t fancy eating here, there are better cafes in Taiping you can check out instead.

5. Have A Picnic At Maxwell Hill

Alternatively, you can pack your own food and picnic (as long as you clean up after). There are a couple of benches and picnic tables scattered around the hilltop that you can use.

Otherwise, you can eat before or after you go. Why not try some famous Taiping food?

6. Bird Watching

Take a pair of binoculars or some zoom lens and scope out some birds!

You can try the Gunung Hijau Trail which circles Gunung Hijau as it nears the summit.

7. Admire The Flowers

Depending on the day/month you go, you may see daisies, pansies, marigold, roses, dahlias, petunias, and sunflowers.

Yellow flowers at Maxwell hill
Yellow flowers at Maxwell hill

Duration For Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill)

We stayed here for about 2 hours enjoying the cooler weather and exploring before heading back down (by jeep again).

Standing on the Hanging Bridge at Maxwell Hill, Taiping
Standing on the Hanging Bridge at Bukit Larut

However, if you fancy staying a night:


You can actually stay overnight in Bukit Larut if you want to. We saw more than a couple of hostels on the hill.

One Of The Holiday Chalets On Top Of Bukit Larut
One Of The Holiday Chalets On Top Of Bukit Larut

It can apparently go down to 10-12°C at night so pack accordingly.

Here is a list of Bukit Larut bungalows and rest houses:

  • Sri Kayangan (only for VIPs)
  • Angkasa (only for VIPs)
  • Bukit Larut
  • Beringin
  • Tempinis
  • Gunung Hijau
  • Permai View
  • Cendana

To make a reservation for (or to inquire about) any of the rest houses:

  1. Call the Bukit Larut office
  2. Check with the staff at the office at the bottom of the hill (where you can also purchase the jeep ride tickets).

Bukit Larut Office: +605-807 7241/ 7243

Email: [email protected]

Note: If you’re staying at any of the old bungalows (built almost a century ago), you must bring your own food.

Hotels Nearby

1. Sentosa Villa


This 3-star hotel is only a 4-minute drive from Bukit Larut office.

Sentosa Villa Hotel at Taiping

What they offer:

  • Air-conditioned rooms with classic wooden interiors and windows with views of the tropical scenery outside
  • Spa
  • Outdoor pool
  • Bike rental (free)
  • Short drive to Taiping Lake Gardens and Adventure Park Larut (horses and ATVs)
  • Free parking
  • Free Wi-Fi in public areas
  • Café de Forest for breakfast – both local and Western cuisine
  • Address: Jalan 8, Taman Sentosa, 34000 Taiping, Perak
  • Contact: +605-805 1000 or +6013-593 1000

2. Hotel Grand Baron, Taiping


Roughly 2 minutes’ drive from Bukit Larut Office, Hotel Grand Baron overlooks Taiping Maxwell Hill.

Hotel Grand Baron Hotel at Taiping
Hotel Grand Baron Hotel at Taiping (Photo credits: Hotel Grand Baron Hotel)

With an average rating of 8.5, this is one of the best-value hotels you can find in Taiping!

It’s close to other popular destinations too:

  • Taiping Zoo – ~2 minutes’ drive
  • Taiping Lake Gardens – ~4 minutes’ drive
  • Taiping Town – ~6 minutes’ drive
  • Address: 34000 Taiping, Perak
  • Contact: +605-807 9222

3. Flemington Hotel, Taiping


For a modern option, you can choose this hotel which also boasts fantastic views of Taiping Lake Gardens.

Flemington Hotel at Taiping

Enjoy the surrounding views from their rooftop pool or at any of their 3 dining options:

  1. Hu Jing Ge (Chinese cuisine)
  2. Raintree Café (Local and Western cuisine)
  3. Flemington Lounge (Drinks)

Some other benefits of staying here:

  • Free internet access
  • 24-hour front desk
  • Bicycle rentals available at the front desk

Distance from popular locations:

  • Bukit Larut Office – about 6 minutes’ drive
  • Taiping Zoo – about 2 minutes’ drive
  • Taiping Lake Gardens – about 3 minutes’ drive
  • Taiping Town – about 4 minutes’ drive
  • Address: 1, Jalan Samanea Saman, 34000 Taiping, Perak
  • Contact: +605-820 7777

The budget option:

4. Louis Hotel


Great for value and location. As it’s just a 10 minutes drive from the Bukit Larut Office.

Louis Hotel Bedrooms
Louis Hotel Bedrooms – image credits to booking.com

What you’ll like:

  • Guard will watch over your car (street parking)
  • Walking distance to many hawker stalls and a bakery
  • Spacious, clean and comfortable rooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Good service


  • The smell of the neighboring wet market can seep in through the windows – we noticed it in the early morning but it’s more of a hint and not overpowering.
  • Do consider another place if you have a sensitive nose or an aversion to wet markets.

Distance from popular locations:

  • Bukit Larut Office – about 10 minutes’ drive
  • Taiping Zoo – about 8 minutes’ drive
  • Taiping Lake Gardens – about 5 minutes’ drive
  • Taiping Town – about 4 minutes’ drive
  • Address: 129-131, Jalan Pasar, 34000 Taiping, Perak
  • Contact: +605-808 2333

Other Attractions

If you’re planning to visit Maxwell hill, you can choose to either stay on the hill or in Taiping:

Taiping may be a small town, but it has much to offer in terms of sights!

1. Waterfalls

The Burmese Pool is a clear little stream 10 minutes’ drive from Taiping town. Locals like to come for a dip on a hot day!

Burmese Pool at Taiping
Burmese Pool at Taiping.

Note: Try to come here during mid-day if you can so the water is not too cold. It’s not difficult to find with Google Maps.

Burmese Pool at Taiping
At the Burmese pool in Taiping.

There is a fee of less than RM5 for carpark. And there is a public bathroom.

Note: Better to change at your Airbnb or hotel.

2. Taiping Lake Gardens

Taiping Lake Gardens, the pride and joy of Taiping! The expansive gardens were once a tin mining site.

Taiping Lake Garden
Taiping Lake Garden

Visitors can explore the many trails and bridges. Or take a paddleboat out onto the lake!

3. Taiping Zoo

Besides the Taiping Lake Gardens, Taiping Zoo is bigger than it looks. And they have a good variety of local animals. Like mousedeer!

It costs adults (locals or foreigners) RM16 to enter.

Go in the early morning or evening when the animals are most active!

Note: Midday is when most animals are sleeping.

4. Perak Museum

Enter this majestic building for a small fee (RM2/ adult). There are local cultural and historical exhibits.

Perak Museum Is The First Museum In Malaysia
Perak Museum Is The First Museum In Malaysia

And a bit about the local wildlife too.

Vintage Car Display At Perak Museum In Taiping
Vintage Car Display At Perak Museum In Taiping

And even vintage cars on display! See more pictures of Perak Museum.

Note: About 10 minutes’ walk from Taiping Lake Gardens

5. Telegraph Museum, Taiping

A hidden gem, the well-maintained Telegraph Museum in Taiping is small but has air-conditioning and friendly staff.

A Poster Of The Inventors Of The Morse Code At The Telegraph Museum
A Poster Of The Inventors Of The Morse Code At The Telegraph Museum

There are interesting exhibits that show how telecommunication started in Malaysia. And how it expanded and evolved.

Tickets cost RM8. Find out what we think about Telegraph Museum, Taiping.

6. Antong Coffee Factory

Visitors can also see how coffee is made at this traditional coffee mill which is over 80 years old!

Decorations In Front Of Antong Coffee Factory, Taiping
Decorations In Front Of Antong Coffee Factory, Taiping

There’s free coffee sampling too and you can try many flavors over at Antong Coffee Factory. And buy coffee too!

Don’t forget to go next door for the Dr Sun Yet Sen museum!

Read more about Antong Coffee Factory, Taiping.

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Getting Around Taiping From Ipoh

Being less than an hour’s drive from Ipoh, it is possible to visit this quaint little town if you happen to be in Ipoh, too.

Don’t have a car to drive?

Consider taking a private tour instead:

RayTheTour offers tours in Ipoh, Taiping, Kuala Sepetang, and Cameron Highlands!

Book them via WhatsApp!


The beauty of Bukit Larut hasn’t reached the same level as Cameron Highlands yet so you can enjoy it without having to rub shoulders with other tourists.

Plus, the journey up is an experience in itself. Don’t skip this beautiful place if you find yourself in Perak. Especially if you like being out in nature!

If you’re not convinced and still prefer Cameron Highlands, then why not try these activities?

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