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It is easy to miss Cado Café if you are not aware of its existence. Even if the café is right in Brinchang township.

Is it worth finding this place when you are in a hurry to see other places? Want to read an in-depth description of what is worth ordering here?

Here’s what we think about this café!

About Cado Café

Cado Café opened in early 2023. Cakes and scones are what they’re known for although they do have homemade gelato as well.

Homemade Gelato At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
Homemade Gelato

They have unique cake flavors like chocolate mint grape, earl grey grape, matcha mango, pandan sweet potato, or sour cream passion fruit cheesecake.

Note: The flavors vary all the time so keep an open mind if you are set on trying their cakes.

Cakes Of The Day At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
Cakes Of The Day

Aside from sweet treats, there are also mains on the menu like Eggs Benedict.

The beverage menu is wide. And you can get avocado shakes here.

Take note that this place opens at 10am until 10pm so you could have a night cuppa or dessert here too if you wanted.

Scones On Display At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
Scones On Display

Ease Of Parking At Cado Café

Cado Café is a corner lot at a busy intersection in Brinchang township.

The closest and most convenient place to park is at the left side of the café. You will see it if you’re taking the left fork of the intersection with Restoran Highlands Tomyam on the same side.

Note: Use the respective Pahang parking app to pay parking fees.

Ambiance At Cado Café

The layout of Cado Café is multilevel in the sense that the counter area is raised high than the outdoor seating.

Main Seating Area At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
Main Seating Area

All seats are open-air with a roof overhead. The seats close to the decorative garden shack and small fishpond are also the ones that are closest to the road.

Garden At Cado Cafe In Brinchang

So, traffic noise is not avoidable at Cado Café.

And contrary to the photos, the garden is not very big. If you do want a garden to wander around in, we recommend The Smokehouse instead.

View Of The Garden From The Front Of Cado Cafe In Brinchang
View Of The Garden From The Front Of Cado Cafe

Note: Another alternative café with a garden would be Barracks Cafe.

There are a lot of live plants within the café including young avocado plants grown straight from pits. The color theme of the cafe’s interior is mainly neutral. The sink that they have for customer use is a lovely green set up on its own.

Different Levels At Cado Cafe In Brinchang

At the counter, there are an elegant and separate display boxes for the cakes and scones.

Service At Cado Café

Staff friendly and polite. Maybe a little shy but they are helpful.

Counter At Cado Cafe In Brinchang

We got our drinks and food soon after placing our orders at the counter. We can’t say how the speed would be if the café is full since there were only two other occupied tables besides ours.

Note: We didn’t see a self-serve water station at this café.

More customers started to come in after 3pm.

Food At Cado Café

We tried their lemon and poppy scones, tiramisu cheesecake, and strawberry cake.

What We Ordered At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
What We Ordered

The scones and strawberry cake were equally good. The scones have a perfect crumbly texture. And while the lemon essence tastes artificial, they only use a bit, and the tanginess goes well with the scone’s sweetness.

As for the strawberry cake, it has a light fluffy texture (close to a sponge cake) with layers of cream and fresh slices of strawberries.

Strawberry Cake At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
Strawberry Cake

The overall taste is not too sweet. And you can taste the tartness of the strawberries too. We like the contrast of this with the sweetness of the cream.

It is worth nothing that the cream they use for the cakes and to accompany the scones is the real stuff. It’s milky and not tasteless like commercial cream from an aerosol can.

Lemon Poppy Scone With Jam And Cream At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
Lemon Poppy Scone With Jam And Cream

Tiramisu cheesecake is not bad for one that doesn’t have alcohol – we assume this is the case since the café has Muslim staff. The cake is something of a hybrid between tiramisu and cheesecake.

Slice Of Tiramisu Cheesecake At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
Slice Of Tiramisu Cheesecake

Spanish latte is too sweet for our liking. The hojicha latte with oat milk and less sugar is just right. But the latte was the best for its taste and smoothness.

Intricate Coffee Art At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
Intricate Coffee Art At Cado Cafe
Hojicha Latte With Oat Milk At Cado Cafe In Brinchang
Hojicha Latte With Oat Milk

Pricing At Cado Cafe

Prices are akin to cafes in Ipoh. Hojicha latte with oat milk costs RM16 – on that note, they do use Oatside milk. The scones are pricey at RM8 to RM9 per small piece, but they are worth it.

Coffee costs between RM10 to RM13 a cup. Which we think is reasonable.


Cado Café is a great option for scones in Cameron Highlands. Specifically, in Brinchang. We think this place has superior scones to other places like the Cameron Valley Tea House 1 or BOH Sungai Palas tea centre.

Some of the items on the menu are a hit and miss, but we did enjoy our time here. Another downside of dining here is the immediate roadside location of the cafe.

For attractions close to Cado Café, you can check out Cactus Valley or Cameron Centrum.

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