Breda Cafe In Ipoh

Breda Café is not for artisan coffee or specialty cakes as it has few of these. But there are other things on the menu that set it apart from other Ipoh cafes.

And if you want to know how Breda Café measures up in terms of dining ambiance, service, or pricing, keep reading.

This is based on our experience having lunch at Breda café on a weekday. However, Breda café is also a popular dining and brunch venue.

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About Breda Café

Breda Café is not a new café in Ipoh. They started early in January 2018 and are still in their original location.

They have a well-curated menu across different categories – brunch, main courses, teatime, and beverages. There are not too many dessert options here. These are limited to the cake flavors of the day and affogato.

Front Of Breda Cafe In Ipoh
Front Of Breda Cafe In Ipoh

However, the separate menus for brunch, main courses, teatime, and beverages cover a wide range of different Western food.

For example, the brunch menu has some Spanish, Mexican and American items. There are many renditions of avocado toast and a few different variations of Eggs Benedict too.

Main courses have some interesting items – most of the menu is pasta and meat dishes. There are mussels with white wine and garlic, tiger prawn & herb marinated lamb, chicken chop with red wine, and oyster aglio olio.

The teatime menu has a variety of pancakes, waffles, savory croissants, and a few options for French Toast.

There is no specialty coffee at Breda café but you can get some unique latte flavors here (e.g., lavender rose latte, or black charcoal latte).

Non caffeinated beverages include smoothies, cold pressed juices, flavored sparkling water, flavored milks, and hot tea.

Ease Of Parking At Breda Café

Breda Cafe is somewhere between Ipoh Garden East and Bandar Baru Medan, along a quiet row of other eateries.

It’s quiet during the daytime. Because many of the nearby shops are bars and pubs which open at night.

Thus, it is not difficult to find parking close to Breda Café in the daytime.

Ambiance At Breda Café

Breda Café has well-spaced seating for an average-sized shop lot. There are tables of various sizes too. The bigger tables at the back of the café offer more privacy.

Interior Of Breda Cafe
Interior Of Breda Cafe

And the interior is tastefully decorated with a teal/ citrus color scheme.

More importantly, the dining environment is comfortable enough to fully enjoy a meal or catch up with friends and family.

On weekends, it is noisy during peak hours. And it is wise to make a reservation if you plan to have dinner here on a weekend.

Service At Breda Café

Our waiter for the day seemed to have his head in the clouds but was still attentive enough to heed our requests.

Counter At Breda Cafe
Counter At Breda Cafe

Besides this, we don’t have any specific remarks or complaints for the service at Breda Café.

Timing was reasonable for how fast the food came (~15 minutes after ordering). But there were only 2 other occupied tables during our visit.

PS: There are no pictures on the menu, but if you scan their QR code, you can see pictures of the food from there. The online menu has even more items to order that are not on the physical menu.

Vegetarians can make requests to the staff.

Food At Breda Café

The Breda Beef Burger is honestly worth ordering. You not only get one succulent patty but two. And these are sizeable as well. This is a main that will definitely fill you up.

Breda Beef Burger At Breda Cafe
Breda Beef Burger At Breda Cafe

Of the pasta, we tried one of their carbonara mains. It is creamy and tasty with sufficient flavor from the tiny bacon bits and fresh herbs. It’s not the best carbonara we’ve ever had but it is good.

Carbornara At Breda Cafe
Carbornara At Breda Cafe

Portions for both of these mains are generous.

Another menu item that we got to try at Breda café was a savory English muffin. This main is not as satisfying as the other two that we tried. Because the portion is small for the price you pay (~RM30).

English Muffin (Online Menu Only) At Breda Cafe
English Muffin (Online Menu Only) At Breda Cafe

For their cakes, lattes and other specialty drinks like smoothies or cold pressed juices, we did not order any this round. But waffles are supposedly good here.

Coffee Art For The Cappucino Served At Breda Cafe
Coffee Art For The Cappucino Served At Breda Cafe

Pricing At Breda Café

Mains can be very expensive at Breda Café:

We ordered the Breda Beef Burger and this was RM35. Lamb dishes cost close to or above RM50. Most items on the brunch and main course menu cost about RM30.

Even with the set lunch, mains range between RM24 to RM31. It costs an extra RM5 to add on soup of the day and a selected drink (iced lemon tea, hot americano, etc).

Set lunches are only available on weekdays from 11:30am to 2:30pm.

If you go before 11:30am and order from the brunch menu, you can get free drinks (not refillable) like hot tea (many flavors), iced lemon tea, hot americano, or a honey lemon drink.

Drinks cost anywhere between RM7 to RM15.

So do prepare to spend about RM40 per person here. Portions for most of the mains are generous (with the exception of sourdough bread).

PS: Don’t order the savory English muffins, the portions are very small and not worth the price.

  • Address: 22, Jalan Medan Ipoh 9, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
  • Location: Google Maps
  • Opening Hours: 9am–10pm (Closed on Monday)
  • Contact: +6011 – 56223182


We find that Breda Café is considerably expensive for an Ipoh café. But the food, environment, menu variety, and service are all good. Just not exceptional.

However, if you’re not here looking for specialty coffee or cakes specifically:

You can consider Breda Café for a meaty western meal. It’s nice that they’re open for most of the day too. Pricing is comparable to other western restaurants in Ipoh.

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