Ajin Campsite At Hulu Langat, Selangor

Ajin Campsite in Selangor is one of the many camping sites in Selangor located in Hulu Langat. And like others, it is close to the river.

It may be new (since 2021), but Ajin Campsite is gaining popularity among the local camping community. Its charms lie in the pristine surroundings – a lush jungle with a constant hum of running water from the nearby river.

But what is it like to camp here and what does Ajin Campsite have to offer in terms of available facilities? Here’s what we personally think of it, having gone there as a family unit!

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Location Of Ajin Campsite

Ajin Campsite is in Hulu Langat, approximately 44 km from the Klang Valley.

From Klang Valley, the drive to the campsite takes roughly 1 hour 15 minutes. To navigate there, use Google Maps for better accuracy and look out for the left turn called “Jalan Kampung Sungai Semungkis”. 

Ajin Campsite Layout
Ajin Campsite Layout

Getting To Ajin Campsite

Ajin Campsite is located in a remote area. The roads leading into the campground are not paved. The terrain is rustic and rugged, interspersed with pits and waterholes.

But the road condition is not beyond the capability of a nifty Kancil!

After a leisurely 15 minutes’ drive passing several other campsites, we arrived at the barricaded slope that marks the start of Ajin Campsite.

Parking Area At Ajin Campsite
Parking Area At Ajin Campsite

Parking At Ajin Campsite

Parking is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Many campers park their cars as close to their base (tapak) as possible, with cars parked back-to-back so if a car needs to vacate, the owners of the cars behind will need to make way.

Since campers can practically drive up to their campsite, you’ll save tons of energy from long-distance hauling of camping equipment. Furthermore, the grounds are not tarred so using a trolley will be difficult.

Tip: Carry your gear in batches to help you conserve energy

Shady Camp Sites At Ajin Campsite
Shady Camp Sites At Ajin Campsite

Campsites At Ajin Campsite

Campsites are close to one another, except for those adjacent to the river. The base for each campsite is clearly delineated and some are covered with sand to absorb rainwater.

Looming trees form natural canopies and serve as poles to secure flysheets

Pitch Your Own Tents And Camping Setups At Ajin Campsite
Pitch Your Own Tents And Camping Setups At Ajin Campsite

Our campsite was shaded under a canopy of trees. And therefore, it was not hot throughout the day. Come nightfall, enjoy the cool breeze. You might want to don a jacket at night too as the temperature dips further.

Tip: Just in case, it is advisable to bring a small fan to keep you cool.

Campers are required to uphold the cleanliness of the campsite and dispose of their trash appropriately before leaving. The place is generally clean and void of flies and mosquitoes.

The River At Ajin Campsite

Right beside a riverbank, Ajin Campsite is breathtaking and simplistic all at once:

The melodious sound of gushing water from the shallow river is the perfect white noise to lull you into a deep sleep.

Clear River Beside Ajin Campsite
Clear River Beside Ajin Campsite

PS: Despite a constant downpour from 4am to 7pm, the river did not threaten to overflow the campsites.

And while the river itself is clear and shallow with many small fish, there are some spots that are waist-deep. Hence, parents should supervise their children carefully.

Bridge Close To Ajin Campsite
Bridge Close To Ajin Campsite

Nightfall presents the best time for prawn catching in the river – and this is an experience that’s truly unique!

We even stumbled upon a baby snake in the water as we walked upstream at night! Because we were unsure of the species, we kept a safe distance from the snake, not wanting to agitate it.

Snake Spotted At Ajin Campsite
Snake Spotted At Ajin Campsite

Facilities At Ajin Campsite

Given that there is only 1 toilet to be shared among 37 base camps, most of the men choose to bathe in the river during the daytime. Mothers can be seen washing clothes in the river too.

Moreover, water from the river is piped into the toilet and sinks for washing purposes.

Sink Setup At Ajin Campsite
Sink Setup At Ajin Campsite

There are 2 washing areas – one located close to the river and the other located mid-way from the entrance.

Note: We noticed that the used water is piped out onto to the ground. Which means some of the oil and food debris from cooking could flow back into the river, making it a less sanitary option.

If you’re traveling with young kids or have frequent bowel movements, having to share one toilet can be a harrowing experience. Toilet affairs have to be speedy as there is always another person that wants to use it.

Solar Powered Spotlights At Ajin Campsite
Solar Powered Spotlights At Ajin Campsite

Tip: Setting up a portable toilet will give you peace of mind.

Plug points are available but limited at Ajin Campsite. This convenience allows you to bring along your air bed and inflate it with the electric pump.

Phone Coverage At Ajin Campsite

Phone coverage is limited at Ajin Campsite so bring along a portable Wi-Fi or risk being cut out from the outside world.

We had heard that the campsite was Maxis-friendly, but this was not so. And so we were forced into a digital detox without a portable Wi-Fi unit of our own.

So throughout our stay, we could not make or receive calls, use WhatsApp, or access social media.

Pricing At Ajin Campsite

Given the skeletal facilities, the cost to rent a tapak (base) for one day is relatively cheap and ranges between RM35 and RM45.


The obvious allure of Ajin Campsite is its untainted natural beauty. Unlike some campsites with more barren land to pitch tents, Ajin Campsite embraces nature and allows campers to integrate with their surrounding.

However, this family-friendly campsite has some areas that can be improved:

The management should increase the number of toilets and improve how used water from the sinks is channeled to avoid harming the environment.

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