Camping Sites In Selangor

Escape hectic city life for refuge in the jungle with these rustic campsites in Selangor. Many are within an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Camping is therapeutic for the soul yet light on the wallet.

Check out this comprehensive list of 11 Selangor camping sites. Both private camping sites and publicly-owned ones. Any of which are ideal venues to unwind with your family and friends!

1. Ajin Campsite

This campground is right beside the riverbank of Hulu Langat. The clear stream teeming with fish and small prawns is the highlight of staying at Ajin Campsite.

Clear River Beside Ajin Campsite
Clear River Beside Ajin Campsite

Depending on which slot you book, you can drive pretty close to your campsite. Thus, sparing you from hauling your camping paraphernalia to your designated camping spot.

Shady Camp Sites At Ajin Campsite
Shady Camp Sites At Ajin Campsite

Bear in mind that the amenities at Ajin Campsite are bare bones. There is only 1 toilet to share among 37 base camps. Moreover, Wi-Fi connection is next to zero here.

Tip: Bring along a portable Wi-Fi to stay connected on social media and the rest of the world.

See what it’s like to camp at Ajin Campsite.

  • Address: Jln kg sg semungkis Bt 14 kg sg semungkis, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor
  • Contact: 012-723 2440

2. Hulu Tamu Eco Resort Campsite

40km from the heart of Petaling Jaya, this scenic campsite in Selangor is ideal for newbies. Or anyone who prefers glamping-style facilities in a rugged terrain.

Camping At Hulu Tamu Eco Resort
Camping At Hulu Tamu Eco Resort

Hulu Tamu Eco Resort Campsite has sweeping views of ample greenery. The campground is below verdant rolling hills in a budding durian orchard.

The 24 tapak (camping sites) are in varying sizes and occupy the higher ground beside the river. We love the generous spacing from one base to the other. This affords campers privacy and space to set up their belongings.

See what else there is to like about Hulu Tamu Eco Resort Campsite.

3. Camping Ground – Resort Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel

Resort Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel is perfect for an activity-packed camping ground. It is close to rivers and the jungle too.

Trees And River At Resort Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel
Trees And River At Resort Taman Eko Rimba Komanwel – Photo credits to tuntejamock (left) and rahimah.zainal (right)

This popular public camping spot in Selangor is one of the best-maintained campgrounds. It goes by another name, Taman Eco Rimba Komanwel as well.

Amenities are complete, and the area is spotless with many kid-appropriate activities:

Younger kids can look forward to riding an ATV (with an adult) or kayaking in the waist-deep lake. There are also electric scooters and bicycles for rental.

There are 4 designated camping zones with up to 51 campsites along 2 rivers and plenty of green pockets too.

4. GG Retreat, Bukit Tasek Serendah

GG Retreat comes with its own set of challenges. But the element of unpredictability is the thrill experienced campers yearn for!

Camping At GG Retreat, Bukit Tasek Serendah
Camping At GG Retreat, Bukit Tasek Serendah – Photo credits to my_littlecamper (left) and ggretreat.bts (right)

The camping ground is on the east side of Kampung Orang Asli Serendah.

And the last 1km heading to the campsite is a rickety drive over bumpy terrain. With heavy weekend traffic, going is slower along the narrow road.

The camping grounds of GG Retreat are clean and well-maintained. But it is quite far from the car park. So pack light and bring along a portable trolley if possible.

There are few trees around the campsite, so it can get pretty hot in the afternoon. Electricity is only turned on from 6.30pm to 10pm. Thereafter, you’ll need a torch light to move around in pitch darkness.

This campsite in Selangor has long bathroom queues. Because there are only 4 toilets and 50 campsites.

Staying is GG Retreat is harsher compared to the other sites. But the cool and not-too-deep river compensates for its shortcomings.

5. Kem Anugerah Alam Sg Batangsi

In Semenyih, Kem Anugerah Alam Sg Batangsi draws a close comparison to kampung life next to the river. Wooden villages on high stilts are the neighbors of this camping ground.

Village And Shaded Campsites At Kem Anugerah Alam Sg Batangsi
Village And Shaded Campsites At Kem Anugerah Alam Sg Batangsi – Photo credits to faizlightcatch (Instagram)

Which shows what heavy rainfall can do to the nearby river. Hence, campers next to river will have to evacuate when the water level rises.

As such, opt for campsites on higher ground to save the hassle of moving.

During the rainy season, the unpaved road leading in transforms into a muddy and uneven track. This will be a challenge for smaller cars and anything but pickup trucks.

Constant parental supervision is necessary. Because the river water is murky and the water level is waist-high.

Facilities at Kem Anugerah Alam Sg Batangsi are basic. And toilets far from the campsites (and not so clean), so you will be better off setting up your own mobile toilet.

There is no access to internet service providers at Kem Anugerah Alam Sg Batangsi. Which is an opportunity to enjoy a digital detox . If you need some entertainment, download movies beforehand to watch them offline.

6. Dusun Abu Campsite

This 3.4-acre camping spot in Selangor is in a mature durian (and other fruits) farm.  And thus, you will hear the thumping sounds of durian falling at midnight.

Altogether, there are 28 camp bases (of similar size) priced at RM70 per night.

Campsite And River At Dusun Abu Campsite
Campsite And River At Dusun Abu Campsite – Photo by Badut Vtec

For shade, pitch your tent under the luscious trees for all-day breeziness.

The largest site close to the hill is a double-edged sword. Because while there is privacy, it’s far from the toilet and sink. So it can be tiring to go up and down the hill to get chores done.

If you do choose this particular site, bring along a portable toilet to spare you the hassle.

On the plus side, the lazy and calm river with gentle bends is great for tubing and splashing around. The river is not shaded so the water is warm and soothing.

Kids will love rafting in small boats too. Bring water guns will amp up the fun!

7. Sojuk Riverside

Sojuk Riverside at Genting Highlands is a mixed bag of hits and misses:

Sojuk Riverside Campsite At Batang Kali, Selangor
Sojuk Riverside Campsite At Batang Kali, Selangor – Photo credits to khairulrazdi (left) and mikeychin (right)

There are 9 new modular chalets. These are popular with large families. There is also a shallow river next to the campsites as well.

But uphill construction is affecting the water quality. It now looks murky and muddy. For those with sensitive skin, the water can cause outbreaks and skin rashes. Some parts of the river have strong currents too.

Note: Bring ear plugs as there may be a blower machine in operation during the early morning around 6am

There are only 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets (per gender) so queues are unavoidable. More so during weekends and public holidays.

Camping at Sojuk Riverside is not without perks. They have a helpful and courteous team of caretakers.

8. Damai Riverview Langat

Damai Riverview Langat is a beautiful, private camping site with nice landscaping. The camping ground is behind the entrance, with a calm river next to it.

Surroundings And Terrain At Damai Riverview Langat
Surroundings And Terrain At Damai Riverview Langat – Photo credits to shidasahari (Instagram)

Note: Some parts of the camping site are not covered by trees. Hence, it can be hot during the day.

Facilities at Damai Riverview Langat include enough bathrooms and a clean kitchen. There are games and toys for the children to play with, and a large field to run around. Or play a game of frisbee or football too.

Apart from the provided food and drinks, there’s also an area to park bicycles. Security is tight and it’s safe to let your kids roam around.

The friendly staff is willing to take guests to the river. But the water is murky due to local development and occasional floods.

Other than this, it’s hard to fault this camping site in Selangor for the things it has little control over.

9. Hammocks By The River

On the way to Ajin Campsite in Hulu Langat, you’ll pass by Hammocks By The River on your right.

Sandy Campsite And River At Hammocks By The River
Sandy Campsite And River At Hammocks By The River – Photo credits to sjnkiki (Instagram)

This privately-owned camping site has zones catering to beginners. They even provide tents and gear.

Tip: Bring earplugs if you’re a light sleeper as it is not quiet at night (e.g. sounds of insects and other night critters).

Camping newbies can enjoy an exotic glamping experience. Including aesthetic tents, inflatable beds, chairs, and coffee tables.

Recent upgrades to the toilets include a rain shower feature.

Additionally, there’s a specific area designated for intermediate campers.

Most of all, this campsite welcomes pets of all kinds. Although dog owners have to leash their dogs.

And during durian season, campers get to pick and eat the thorny treats scattered on the ground.

Note: This campsite is only for those above 17 because the river is waist-deep and has strong currents.

10. Teratak Tok Alang

Under an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur, Teratak Tok Along is a scenic private campsite. The private property has durian, rambutan, mangosteens, and other tropical fruits.

Bridge And River At Teratak Tok Alang
Bridge And River At Teratak Tok Alang – Photo credits to wafiynorazdi (Instagram)

As such, Teratak Tok Along opens its doors to campers looking to harvest fresh fruits all year long too.

For RM30 per tent and RM5 per car, campers have access to a clean camping site beside a crystal-clear 3km long river.

The length of the snaking river makes it a tubing paradise (not for the faint-hearted). This is best done with a group of able-bodied men.

Note: The currents are strong at some points. They will sweep you close to the river bank where you’ll have to dismount and reposition yourself.

You can also rent an ATV to explore pockets of the secondary forest and fragrant fruit trees in full glory.

Camping Ground At Teratak Tok Alang Campsite
Camping Ground At Teratak Tok Alang Campsite – Photo credits to wafiynorazdi (Instagram)

Toilets on site are clean and there are ample sinks. The parking space is spacious too. The only downside is the lack of electricity. But, solar-powered lights on at night.

Teratak Tok Alang is one of the most popular camping sites in Selangor for its cool nights.

11. Rumah Kebun Camping Ground

Staying at Rumah Kebun Camping Ground offers a close connection with nature. And the joys of sleeping under the stars with all the comforts you need for a glamping experience.

Raised Campsites And River At Rumah Kebun Camping Ground
Raised Campsites And River At Rumah Kebun Camping Ground – Photo credits to yujunrna (Instagram)

Premium Tents come with pre-pitched tents spacious enough for a family of 3. Together with mattresses, pillows, and blankets too.

Other facilities include gazebos, toilets with hot water, a kitchen, sink, fire pit, and an open pool.

Pool And River At Rumah Kebun Camping Ground
Pool And River At Rumah Kebun Camping Ground – Photo credits to teratak_trigona (Instagram)

Note: The environmentally-conscious management have litter rules in place. And they carry out periodic river clean-ups and fogging activities.

This relaxing riverside campground is only a 45-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur.

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Bored of prowling the malls or café hopping week after week? Try these camping sites in Selangor for a shakeup in your weekly routine.

Besides spending time outdoors, you can bond over wholesome activities with like-minded people.

Hence, many of these camping grounds are often booked one month in advance. Especially for weekends and public holidays. So to secure your next campsite, book in advance.

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