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Ipoh has a new night market location and it’s over at Ipoh Waterfront City. Those that stay in Pusing and Menglembu will find it the most convenient to get to it.

Despite the name, the night market doesn’t immediately face the lake. But the large lake is walking distance from the market.

See what you can try at this market in this post!

Opening Day

The opening day was on Singles Day this year (11 November, 2023). During this day, there was entertainment from a troupe of lion dance performers as well as fireworks. The fireworks lasted close to 3 minutes. And there were 6 “lions” partaking in the lion dance.

Opening Ceremony At Ipoh Waterfront City Night Market
Lion Dance Performers At Ipoh Waterfront City Night Market
Fireworks At Ipoh Waterfront City Night Market

After initiation, the market will be open every Saturday.

Number Of Stalls

Over 100 stalls are at this night market (during opening day, there were 84 stalls). We recognize some of the vendors from our usual night markets closer to Ipoh city.

Ipoh Waterfront City Night Market

Some stalls are brand new to us. Such as one that was selling otak otak. And another that sold pet birds of Japanese origin and hamsters.

Most of the stalls at this night market are operated by Chinese vendors. We only saw one stall run by Malays and they sell satay.

Food And Drink Stalls At This Market

There are multiple fruit stalls

A laksa stall (complete with some tables and chairs) is at one end of the market. Besides this, there is a small food court next to the night market. Here, they sell hotpot and noodles.

A Tall Clown At Ipoh Waterfront City Night Market

This food court offers the largest shelter if it happens to rain during your visit to this night market. Moreover, it has the closest toilet to the market.

Note: For more choices of food, there is a bigger food court across the night market.

The market has multiple drink stalls for sugarcane juice, mixed fruit juice, fresh taufu fa, boba tea, etc.

Cute Food Truck At Ipoh Waterfront City Night Market

There are lots of street snacks and desserts – including Tiramisu, roasted chicken wings, Taiwanese taro balls, fried oysters, and a curious cendol mochi stall.

Roasted Chicken At Ipoh Waterfront City Night Market
Japanese Takoyaki Snack Stall At Ipoh Waterfront City Night Market
Japanese Takoyaki Snack Stall

One notable stall here sells fried chicken. Next to it is a stall that sells fried cempedak.

Winner's Fried Chicken Stall At Ipoh Waterfront City Night Market

Non-Food Related Stalls

Other than food, we saw stalls selling bedding, pajamas, men’s shorts, socks, hair accessories, electric gadgets, toys, and more.


We reached this market at 6:30pm and didn’t have trouble finding parking. After 7pm is when the crowds came in.

There are a lot of shopfronts (many unoccupied) with parking lots at Ipoh Waterfront City. So, if you can’t find side-parking close to the market, prepare to park further away and walk.


If you have nowhere else to go on a Saturday night in Ipoh, the Ipoh Waterfront City night market could be an interesting and affordable place to explore.

But for those in the city, do note that this market is out of town and will take 20 to 30 minutes to reach by car. If that’s too far for your liking, there are other night markets in Ipoh that you can visit instead.

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