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In the dense commercial hub of SS2 is Sushi Hiro. This is a reputable sushi restaurant.

RM1.90 price per plate of sushi may be gimmicky. But it attracts droves of diners every day of the week! They do have delicious ramen and affordable sushi too.

So, if you’re not put off by the queue at peak hours, step into Sushi Hiro SS2 for a delightful and affordable meal.

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About Sushi Hiro SS2

Sushi Hiro keeps its prices cheap, so don’t expect Michelin-starred premium cuisine! Or an elegant setting.

The humble conveyor belt sushi restaurant serves a variety of Japanese dishes. In a simple, air-conditioned environment.

Front Of Sushi Hiro SS2
Front Of Sushi Hiro SS2

They serve fresh sushi and sashimi of decent quality. Reasonable pricing and tasty food make Sushi Hiro SS2 a popular hit among students. As well as families with kids.

Sushi Hiro is a place you can patronize almost every week without feeling a pinch on your budget.

The outlet in SS2 is one of a few branches. There are 2 more branches located in Puchong and Sri Petaling.

Food At Sushi Hiro SS2

Clearly, sushi attracts the crowd. Pricing is as low as RM1.90 (per pink plate) and RM2.90 (per orange plate).

There are many sushi options to choose from too.

You Can Takeaway Food At Sushi Hiro SS2
You Can Takeaway Food At Sushi Hiro SS2

Note: If you go after peak hours, there is less to choose from as the sushi chef pares down the variety. This is to ensure that there are no leftovers.

For starters, there are staples like tamago and ebi maki sushi.

As well as more exquisite options like the Kamo Cheese Inari Sushi.

Assorted Sushi From Sushi Hiro SS2
Assorted Sushi From Sushi Hiro SS2

The menu also includes crowd favorites like pasta, udon soba, omu rice, and donburi (rice bowls) too.

You can’t go wrong with their ramen either as the broth has an authentic umami taste. Each bowl is satiating tasty and worth every slurp. The noodles are delightfully chewy too.

On the other hand, their Japanese curry rice with fried ebi features juicy and huge prawns.

Japanese Curry Rice With Fried Ebi At Sushi Hiro SS2
Japanese Curry Rice With Fried Ebi At Sushi Hiro SS2

Udon soup with seaweed and mushrooms is another popular dish. The udon is chewy with great texture and the soup is delicious. This dish comes with marinated ginger on the side too.

Don’t forget to dig into their spicy crispy salmon. This is juicy and fresh and comes in generous portions.

Takeaway Fried Hotate From Sushi Hiro SS2
Takeaway Fried Hotate From Sushi Hiro SS2

They even have desserts on their kaiten belt, although options are few. There is mochi and pudding:

Red bean mochi has an earthy toasted filling. Honing subtle nuances of a good roast, you know that they make the red bean paste from scratch.

Red Bean Mochi At Sushi Hiro SS2
Red Bean Mochi At Sushi Hiro SS2

Their peanut butter and pandan mochi don’t disappoint either.  The super smooth and soft outer layer crumbles in an explosion of robust flavors.

Their honeydew and mango pudding go off the conveyor belt in a flash too. So if you’re dining in after 8 pm, it’s likely that these desserts are no longer available.

Ambiance At Sushi Hiro SS2

Sushi Hiro has a modern and clean atmosphere.

The sushi conveyor belt takes center stage with seats on the sides.

Interior Sushi Hiro SS2
Interior Sushi Hiro SS2

Ambient lighting gives a warm and soothing light to the lively restaurant. It can be quite noisy during peak periods.

The walkways are narrow too. The clever use of an enormous mirror that spans the length of the walkway makes it appear larger.

Inside Sushi Hiro SS2
Inside Sushi Hiro SS2

Moreover, the tables are squeaky clean and free of oily stains. Which you might expect with many affordable sushi joints.

Despite the crowd, you’re assured of comfort.  As Sushi Hiro SS2 is well-ventilated and air-conditioned.

Even with a full house, there is enough privacy to enjoy your meal.

Service At Sushi Hero SS2

Their quick and attentive service is commendable and one of their strengths.

Customers place their orders by scanning the available QR code on each table. Food typically comes within 15 minutes.

The waiters are mostly natives of Myanmar and Cambodia. Yet they impress with their fluent Mandarin and Cantonese. Besides this, their friendly demeanor adds to the homely charm.

Pricing At Sushi Hiro SS2

A meal for 3 adults with close to 10 servings of sushi costs approximately RM80.

Thus, Sushi Hiro is where you can get your sushi fix every week without worrying about its price tag. This is rare for a Japanese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

Considering that a typical chap fun (mixed rice) takeaway can chalk up to RM15:

Sushi Hiro is a good alternative when you feel like having Japanese food (of decent quality).

Front Of Sushi Hiro SS2 And The Sushi Conveyor Belt
Front Of Sushi Hiro SS2 And The Sushi Conveyor Belt

Ease Of Parking At Sushi Hiro SS2

As a culinary hub lined with durian stalls, bakkwa (dried meat) shops, bakeries, and good Chinese food:

Finding parking in SS2 requires tons of patience and luck. If rounding the streets for a vacant bay is not your thing:

Head towards the non-shaded, open parking bay at the center of the hub. Note that the price per entry will set you back by RM4.

Or, put in some legwork and park within the neighboring housing area. But finding a spot here is also not as easy as you might think. Especially during lunchtimes and weekends.


Sushi Hiro is almost flawless in its food and service. Given its affordability and variety. But if you dread the long queues or the nightmarish parking, look to meal deliveries instead.

If you want to dine in, try going a little earlier before rush hour or rescheduling your meal a little later.

Don’t feel like having Japanese food? Try these other options for the best food in SS2.

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