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Signature 49 Café in Ipoh Old Town might catch your eye because it is next to other cafes. This is a new café too.

But what is there to order here?

Read about our experience here and see photos of the food and dining environment in this post!

About Signature 49 Café

Opening early this year:

Signature 49 Café is one of the rare cafés that’s open after dinner hours. They open from 11:30am to 9pm on most days.

They are closed on Tuesdays.

Much of the menu features mains. They have some interesting drinks to choose from if you’re not planning on getting coffee.

Menu At Signature 49 Cafe

Ease Of Parking

Unless it’s peak hours on a weekend:

You can still find parking close to Signature 49 Café if you are patient. Although multiple rounds of the shophouse rows are usually necessary.

Because this café is only a minute’s walk from Concubine Lane, parking here is always in demand no matter which day of the week it is.

Front Of Signature 49 Cafe In Ipoh Old Town


Like its neighbors, Chloe Co and Flufff, this café is aesthetically pleasing inside and out.

The interior is bright with natural lighting. And there are a lot of industrial design elements like large windows, black light fixtures, and cement benches.

Front Seats At Signature 49 Cafe
Front Seats

There are slices of cake for sale beside their coffee preparation space. Which is also their counter. Order your drinks and food here after having a look at their physical menu.

Pastries For Sale At Signature 49 Cafe
Pastries For Sale
Cake Display On The Counter Of Signature 49 Cafe
Cake Display On The Counter


Staff is friendly and patient. Drinks came relatively fast even though they got one of our drink orders mixed up – no oat milk as requested. They replaced that drink for free.

Taking Orders At The Counter Of Signature 49 Cafe
Taking Orders At The Counter

Food takes a little longer to come. But it looks like they make the food from scratch.


We ordered a set meal with their smoked duck aglio e olio. This came with a tasty and creamy mushroom soup but no bread to accompany it.

Mushroom Soup (Set) At Signature 49 Cafe
Mushroom Soup (Set)

The aglio e olio is a Malaysian rendition that is spicy. It is not authentic to Italian style, and you can’t taste much beyond the spiciness.

Smoked Duck Aglio E Olio (Set) At Signature 49 Cafe
Smoked Duck Aglio E Olio

We did like the black pepper chicken chop that is on the set and ala carte menu – be sure to request for rice if that’s what you want. Else, it comes with potatoes, broccoli, sweet potato fries, and cauliflower.

Black Pepper Chicken Chop (Ala Carte) At Signature 49 Cafe
Black Pepper Chicken Chop

Their breakfast set is filling and features a yummy omelet.

Breakfast Set At Signature 49 Cafe
Breakfast Set

For drinks, we really liked their charcoal latte – it looks and tastes unique. The coffee that we ordered is rich and not too sweet as well.

Iced Charcoal Latte At Signature 49 Cafe
Iced Charcoal Latte

The lemon tea that came with the set order is good.

We did not manage to try any of their cakes this round but observed that they are mostly local-inspired flavors.

Coffee At Signature 49 Cafe


Prices are about RM30 per person. Which is not surprising for cafes in this area. Their food is of generous portions (can be shared between small eaters).

And they generally use quality ingredients. One exception to this is the thin ham slices that came with the breakfast set.

Cold drinks cost more than hot drinks – Again, this is the same for most cafes in Ipoh. The coffee here is affordable starting from RM10.

Note: There are set meals that include soup and lemon tea.


We don’t find anything at Signature 49 Café to be special except for the charcoal latte. So, we’re not sure if we will be back soon when there are so many options that we can choose instead.

That said, it is a comfortable and attractive place to have lunch, tea, or dinner in Old Town. And the crew are friendly too.

The food is not bad and if you go with the set meals, these are good value for money.

But if you prefer sweet stuff, we recommend Flufff instead. And while Chloe Co’s ambiance beats Signature 49 Café’s, their menu is different (i.e., savory meals vs European pastries).

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